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Send Earnings Review, Is SendEarnings safe? – NOI

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Send Earnings Review, Is SendEarnings safe? Is Send Earnings scam?

Is SendEarnings legitimate? or Is Send Earnings scam? Are you searching for SendEarnings reviews in order to find it out? If so, then you are in 100% right place. Here, we are neither promoting nor recommending this site, but only delivering the real truth with both pros and cons about SendEarnings. However, before we begin with our review, if you want to take a look at our No.1 recommended online work company known as Wealthy Affiliate, then you can click this link:-


Ok now let’s begin with our SendEarnings review as below.

Website URL of Send Earnings is

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What is Send Earnings?

Send Earnings is a online company that pays you for carrying out surveys and doing tasks and offers and reading paid email. Send Earnings will also pay you $5 for your initial sign up. But to get that $5, you need to accumulate $30 by completing Send Earnings surveys, SendEarnings offers, playing Send Earnings cash games and reading Send Earning emails. Well, they pay you upto $ 0.20 for reading each email and $ 0.50 for taking each survey. If you are still thinking it’s not a big deal, then let’s tell you that there will be very few paid emails which will pay you $0.20 and you need to spend couple of hours to complete the surveys. Now think how much you need to devote to make that $ 30 and get that $5 with these pieces of works. Although it’s not a scam site, it’s really very difficult to make real money out of this company. Moreover, there is no any guarantee that you will be qualify for the survey works depending upon the company’s each product criteria. You may also kick out in the middle of the surveys lots of time which will waste your lots of time.


So, Send Earning pays you the money but not worth of your time and effort that you dedicate to their specified works. You can make much more money online with same amount of effort and time. If you are really interested in making money online, then there are lots of better options in the online business. And if you devote plenty of time for those works, then you can make quite healthy amount for your living.


So, here the question is not that does Send Earning pays you or not but, the reality is how much money you can make with it after dedicating your valuable time and effort?



Conclusion and our Recommendation

Aforementioned, SendEarnings pays to everyone who can make upto the withdraw limit, and that is also free of cost by doing surveys, reading emails, doing tasks, playing games etc. But also we don’t recommend this company from our side because it is even hard to make that withdraw limit to cashout our earnings. Most of time lots of member just leave this company by working for 2-3 months without cashing out when they feel it is very hard to reach that cashout limit. Yep, sure you can make money free of cost here, but to earn upto withdraw limit, you need waste lots of time and even most of time you will kick out in the middle of surveys, tasks, offers etc. without a payment. So, your work will be total worthless. Most of works here are even targeted for Western Countries than the Eastern ones due to which it will be very hard for the people living in Eastern regions to earn from this company.


Nevertheless, how much you have aimed to earn from your online business? If you are thinking of making your living through online business, then Send Earnings is definitely not your piece of cake. Their specified works does not compensate your time and effort in any means. So, why to dig your nose on such site if you can get way better options to make money online?


We recommend you such site which will guarantee you for your returns and which will offer you the best way to make money from any online business. The name of that company is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find its detail by clicking this link:-


You can also find the list of genuine online work companies by clicking this link:-


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