About Us: What Makes NewsOnlineIncome Team Expert Reviewers?

We are a team of experts in the field to investigate online work and the business industry. We have been involved in the online business sector since 2009. So, using our expertise, we want to help people to identify the online scams and save them from those scams.

If you want to know about the people behind NewsOnlineIncome.com (News Online Income) and where they are from, you can find all the details here. Below are the administrators/founders of NewsOnlineIncome.com along with their full information.

1. Suman Roka (Deroka)

Suman Roka aka Deroka, Founder, Researcher, Writer, Editor in NewsOnlineIncome

Deroka (Suman Roka) is one of the founders of our website "newsonlineincome.com" holding the major shares of News Online Income.

Suman Roka serves as an editor at NewsOnlineIncome. He actively involved in writing posts, conducts research, and manages comments for News Online Income. Additionally, takes care of the technical side of "NewsOnlineIncome.com."

If you want to get in touch personally with him, then you can follow him through his Facebook page by clicking this link:- https://www.facebook.com/rajde029

Suman Roka, from Nepal, often travels to China, India, Thailand, and the USA because he loves exploring new places. This not only satisfies his passion for travel but also contributes to our business. Since we review websites for a global audience, his extensive travels offer valuable insights.

Suman Roka's Early Background

Earlier, Suman Roka used to be involved in many kinds of businesses, such as he was the founder of many businesses like Smart Support Services Pvt. Ltd. (ATM lounge services for banks), Cinema hall in Guangzhou, China, The Trading company in Guangzhou, China, Machine Made Brick factory known as Sun Bricks Industry, Construction company known as S Square Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Finance company known as Amardeep Co-operative Ltd. and Interior Decoration company known as SDI Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal.

However, he is/was more passionate about online business and doing online businesses side by side along with his other businesses since 2009. But, he failed multiple times in online businesses due to lots of online scams. And, finally from 2011, he got the right path to make money from online businesses.

Then from 2013, he started to earn a very good income from online businesses. Afterward, he decided to launch his own website known as NewsOnlineIncome.com in 2014.

The Beginning Of NewsOnlineIncome.com

Once Suman Roka started this website on March 20, 2014, he slowly sold his old companies. First, he sold his construction company, then his brick factories, and finally, his finance company as well as ATM lounges by the end of 2014. Afterward, he put all his money into online businesses in various sectors, earning a good profit.

Since 2014, Suman and his good friend Zhang Long worked together in three businesses. However, in 2016, they realized that online business holds the most potential and profitability. Consequently, they sold the cinema hall and shifted their focus solely to online ventures, operating multiple sites like De-Reviews.com and NewsOnlineIncome.com. In 2019, Suman stopped trading, while Zhang Long still occasionally engages in significant deals.

Academically, Suman Roka was a science student who earned a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a master's degree in Environmental Engineering. Later on, Suman pursued various online training programs in Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, Disruptive Strategy, and more.

Now, Suman Roka is giving full time to operate his sites De-Reviews.com, and NewsOnlineIncome.com.

2. Zhang Long

Zhang Long, Founder, researcher in NewsOnlineIncome

Zhang Long is another founder of our website "newsonlineincome.com". He is actively involved in doing researches to find out scams, and report them to Suman Roka. He is also very capable of handling the marketing part of our website.

Zhang Long is from China and staying in Guangzhou, China, but frequently travel to Hong Kong, Macau, and his hometown, Zhangjiajie, for his business.

He has his own hotel and resorts business in the beautiful place of China, known as Zhangjiajie where famous movie Avatar was also filmed for its beautiful "Hallelujah Mountains" scenery.

Zhang Long was passionate about online business, so he was doing online business since 2011. In 2014, he partnered with Suman Roka to engage in various online ventures, including NewsOnlineIncome. Until 2016, Zhang Long, alongside Suman Roka, managed a cinema hall and trading business in Guangzhou, China. However, now he focuses solely on online and trading businesses, as well as his hotel business.

Zhang Long is also a good singer and does the live shows in China. Academically, Zhang Long has done bachelor degree in Interior Designing. He has also taken multiple online trainings related to cybersecurity and digital marketing.

You can find more information about Zhang Long through his Facebook profile, which is this one:- https://www.facebook.com/long.roker

However, he is not very active on his Facebook since Facebook is not accessible in China. So, it may take a while to get a reply from him if you want to contact him on his Facebook. He only uses his Facebook when he is out of Mainland China, such as in Hong Kong, Macau or in other countries.

3. N.B. Roka

N.B. Roka, Founder, Researcher in NewsOnlineIncome

N.B. Roka is also a founder of NewsOnlineIncome. He also helps Zhang Long and Suman Roka to handle their jobs on busy schedule, specially when there is heavy work loads. Most of the time, he helps them to check the new online companies by involving in those companies by himself, which helps the team of NewsOnlineIncome to conduct researches of particular companies to do the accurate reviews.

N.B. Roka also handles the social media part of NewsOnlineIncome.

He is from Nepal. He lived in the USA previously for 10 years. So, he knows USA market very well. By profession, he is a Survey Engineer, but is involved in online business since 2013.

Motto of NewsOnlineIncome

The main motto of NewsOnlineIncome.com is to warn people about online scams. We do this by utilizing the experience and knowledge we've gathered over the years through our involvement in the online work and business industry since 2009.

In addition to the founders of NewsOnlineIncome.com, there is another team member, Pooja Ghimire, who actively contributes to NewsOnlineIncome.

Pooja Ghimire:

Pooja Ghimire, Writer/Editor in NewsOnlineIncome

Pooja Ghimire has written many articles/posts on our website. Although she can research scams independently, here, she writes based on research done by Suman Roka, Zhang Long, or N. B. Roka. Likewise, she also edits the articles on our website.

If you want to follow her on social media, this is her Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/pooja.ghimire.1

Pooja Ghimire is from Nepal, and she has lots of ideas and knowledge regarding the online work industry because she has been involved in the online work industry since 2013. Previously, she was a banker, so she also has sound knowledge about investment schemes and text messages scams, which adds extra value to our website's content.

Where do we find online scams?

We find online scams in the following ways:

  1. Online Searches: Scam websites can show up in search results while searching for popular products and services. So, we search them on search results to find them.
  2. Emails and Text Messages: We check emails and text message regularly. Scammers may send emails or text messages with links to fake websites or with fake contact details pretending to be from genuine companies. They create phishing websites that mimic real websites, sharing them through email, text messages, or social media messages.
  3. Social Media: You can find ads of scam online stores on social medias. So, we watch out for multiple ads regularly on different social media platforms.
  4. Online Shops: Despite measures to detect and remove bad sellers, scammers can still be found on platforms like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy. So, we also check those platforms.
  5. Social Media Marketplaces: We watch out on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Hence, some people may try to scam there.
  6. Mobile Apps: Scammers sometimes put fake apps on Google Play or App Store. They make them look real, but they're actually trying to steal your personal and money info. So, we also search for new apps regularly, specially new shopping apps.
  7. Online Ads: Scammers can promote their products using display or video ads on various websites, mobile apps, video platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and so on. So, we watch out for ads on multiple platform regularly to find scams.
  8. Pop-Up Ads: Pop-up ads that show up while you're browsing websites might take you to harmful websites. So, we also regularly monitor such Pop-Up ads.
  9. Online Forums and Chat Rooms: Scammers may promote their product or services in online forums and chats as well. So, we search for scams on online forums and chats as well to find them.

How do we check online scams?

After finding out suspicious websites, emails and text messages as mentioned above, we check them in details in the following ways:

Website’s Quality:

  • We check if the website has a valid physical address, phone number, and email address. Since, scam ones either don't have any contact details or provide the fake ones.
  • Also, websites and apps with spelling and grammar errors, misspelled domain names, or that mimic well-known brands are mostly scam ones. So, we check those details as well.
  • Moreover, we also check if websites have policy pages or not. Since, most of scam websites don't provide privacy policy or terms and conditions pages.
  • And, we look for “https://” in the website’s URL. Since, website without SSL security are mostly the scam ones.


  • We also check for customer reviews and ratings if avaiable any on the internet. Since, we need to pay special attention to websites and apps with lots of negative reviews from customers.

Deals that Seem Too Good To Be True.

  • We check for the deals that wesites, apps, emails or text messages are offerings. Since, scam ones mostly offer too good to be true deals. For example, products on sale at unrealistically low prices, quick rich schemes, high rate of return, lottery win out of nowhere, giveaways of big cash and gifts and so on.

Trust Seal Logos:

  • Genuine websites often display real trust seals from reputable companies like McAfee, Norton, or BBB. But, scam sites display the fake ones.
  • So, we check such trust seals, click them, as real ones lead to official verification pages. But, fake ones either cannot be clicked or lead to random pages.

Payment Method:

  • We check the payment methods that websites and apps are providing. Since scam ones mostly offer unsafe payment methods, like gift cards, wire transfers, and so on, instead of safe payment methods like credit cards or PayPal.

Too Much Personal Info:

  • We also check how much personal information some websites, apps, emails or text messages are asking for. The scam ones mostly ask for too much personal info. Because scammers may misuse your info for identity theft.

Unknown Emails and Ads:

  • We always conduct research whenever we get unknown emails or ads on the websites. Hence, most of time they are scam ones.

New Websites Or Apps:

  • We check as many new websites or apps as possible. Most of the time scammers launch new websites or apps after closing their previous ones within 2-3 weeks to few months.

Stay Safe while surfing internet! If you find a doubtful website, app or message, report them to us using our "Report A Scam Or File A Complaint" section. You can also report them to relevant authorities, such as your country's consumer protection agency, BBBFBIFTC, etc.

Good Luck!