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Terms and Conditions


This is a binding agreement (the “Agreement”). By using our site (hereinafter referred as “our website”) or anything or everything connected with our website, you must agree to abide our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, overall our Legal Notice even if the team of (hereinafter referred as “we”) amend this agreement. To enter legally into this agreement, you should be at least 18 years old. You will be responsible for yourself to pay any prices as listed and none of those purchases are refundable. If in the condition where we need recurring billing, you should authorize us to initiate debit charges from your supplied payment source.


It is not allowed to use or copy the content, property, images of our website without our consent. We maintains full ownership of everything or anything within our site. We own trademarks, copyrights, and certain technology used in making our website and service available. Any violations of this license will result in immediate termination of use.


Sometimes we provide our clients with some confidential information verbally or in writing by labeling them as confidential at the time of discussion. You must agree you will never slander or make that information publicly available without our consent.


You can’t use any services of our website, overall anything related to our website to engage in shady marketing activities, including without limitation spamming our contents, posts, blogs, comments, etc. You are also not allowed to misguide our visitors by emailing them or replying their comments without our consent and also are not allowed to post any other websites link, disrespectful comments targeting anything or anyone, misleading information which may harm other as well as us, etc. within our website or within our social media pages and profiles. If we find such behavior, we can delete all those kinds of posts, and if need, we will take legal action in the worst conditions.

It is not allowed to post more than 3 comments or send us more than 3 emails in the row by the same person. If someone starts to keep on posting several comments or keep on sending several emails without waiting for our reply to their existing comments or emails, we have the right to mark those comments or emails as spam and even have the right to delete them.


We are not responsible if you misunderstand our marketing strategies. However, we will be always upfront about the amount of work that you have to do within any internet business, but to achieve success is in your hand, we can only guide you, but can’t guarantee you can gain the same amount of success by working in those companies because it depends upon how you perform work in those companies according to your individual skills.


We do not issue warranties or guarantees of any kind.


We are not liable for damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, loss of profits or investment.  We request you to read and understand the Income Disclaimer and Liability listed below on this same page.


We are not responsible for the content or the actions of anything or anyone of any external websites which are linked from our website or are linked to our website.


You should know the fact that any outgoing links from our website to any other website, products, services, or anything are most likely our affiliate/referral links or partner links and we will earn a commission if you join and work in those companies/websites or purchase those products or services or anything. So, there are biases exist and it will be better you perform due diligence before joining or working or making purchases with any of those companies through our affiliate/referral links. You can also find some advertisements within our website and when you click those advertisements, you will be directed to the respective other websites and we take no responsibility or liability of any behavior, actions, or anything or anyone related to those advertisements or advertisers.


We always try our best not to violate copyrights of anyone or anything. However, if you believe we have violated your copyrights and you want us to delete or edit or disable those things, then you can simply request us by providing the exact URL where the infringement has been taken place with proof and clear description. If you take any legal action against us without informing and requesting us by using the medium as we have mentioned below in “NOTICES” section to amend those copyright violation and provide us at least 30 days time to amend those, then your legal action will not be applicable for us and will be void as per legal notice here.


To give notice to us, you will use the contact mediums as provided within our website such as comments, emailing us through our social media pages, and “contact us” section.


In the case you broke our any terms and conditions or any other legal notices, you agree to indemnify us and ready to pay the charges needed for all actions, claims, demands, proceedings, liabilities, damages, judgments, settlements, fines, penalties, costs, and expenses, including attorneys’ fees and related costs, regardless of attributing circumstances or actions.


We can amend these Terms and Conditions or even discontinue our website or services at any time. Any revisions will be posted immediately and will take effect at the time of publishing. If you want to continue to use our website or services, you should agree to follow all those revisions.


This agreement doesn’t create or intend agency, partnership, joint venture, or employee-employer relationship.

Content Disclaimer


The content, sources, links, and information may change over time and our team members (the team of (hereinafter referred as “we”) accept no responsibility or liability for any of those changes. Sometime we may be unable to update our contents according to the new changes and we are not responsible or liable if we can’t update those contents on time.


We are not responsible or liable for any good-faith inaccuracies on our website ( as a whole. However, we will try our best to provide accurate data as far as possible by involving ourselves with those companies which review we post on our website. If we can’t involve in those companies, then we do research on those companies by checking the owner background of those companies, by checking other reviews on those companies from trusted sources, by checking the business model of those companies as per our experience and expertise level, by checking the product that those companies offer, by checking the price of membership and products that those companies offer and so on. But, also we are human and sometimes we can do mistakes. So, we suggest you do your own research before completely following our reviews.

We are also not liable for our grammatical and spelling errors within our contents because none of our team members are native English speakers. However, we will try our best to make our content understandable by everyone who can understand English. But, if you get some misunderstanding due to those grammatical or spelling errors, then we are not liable for that. We hold ourselves harmless from prosecution for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. We are also not responsible for the translation of our content through any means.


You can find some links to other websites within our contents, images as well as within the advertisements of our website. However, providing external links or referral links of those companies doesn’t mean we are recommending those companies. We have clearly mentioned in our review which companies we recommend and which we don’t by giving a clear explanation. So, if you join in any of those companies, even the recommended ones, or buy any products by clicking external links as provided within our content, images, advertisements, etc., we are not liable for that. 

We are also not liable or responsible for any other website contents, activities, behaviors, or anything which is linked through the content, images, comments, blogs, advertisements, etc. of our website.

Affiliate Disclosure


Our team members are affiliated with several tools, products, and services that we have mentioned in this site. So, that means, if you click the links of other websites that we have provided within some contents of our website and join any those websites or purchase something, we will earn some commission from that. We have also provided advertisements on our website. When you click those advertisements, we will earn some money on that. However, we can’t give any guarantee about those advertisements. Some advertisements even can be a scam. So, if you decide to purchase something through advertisements, do at your own risk.


We only recommend purchasing those stuff which we have been already using and are getting good results. We only recommend those companies which we think are good from our own experience and work within those companies or with tons of research that we do on those companies. In addition, we also offer support and bonuses for those who purchase something from our recommendation.

So, our recommendations carry bias.

So, we suggest you to always perform your due diligence before buying anything online.

Income Disclaimer


We can’t guarantee that you can make money even after you join ours recommend programs. We are here only recommending those programs which have lots of positive reviews, in which we ourselves are earning money and where there are other successful members. But, that doesn’t mean you can earn the same amount of money or even some money after investing in those programs or working with those programs. The amount of earning will vary according to your work and effort. If you find any screenshots or testimonials or payment proofs, that doesn’t mean you will also get the same amount of profit. Our success and the success of other clients here are not considered to be an average. So, we will not provide any guarantees or warranties of any kind.


If you will find here some success stories or earning claims of some team members or also from other clients, although we post only true success stories by ourself, but we can’t guarantee about the success stories or earning claims posted by our client and even we also can’t guarantee you will achieve same level of success or earn same level of earnings by joining the same company from which we are earning that income. Our earning claims and success stories are not the indicators of what you can expect to earn. You must know the fact that monetary gains are based on many factors.

We also can’t be sure that either you can work from your country in the same company where we are earning or investing because different countries have different rule. So, please consult your accountant, lawyer, or any professional adviser before you follow our recommendations.

We don’t know about your online marketing skills, neither you mindset or your character, all in all nothing about you. So, for us it will be very difficult to predict how well you can do by joining the same business where we are earning well. So, to be on safe side, you should invest money only that you can afford to lose or simply do your own research before investing in any companies, even our recommended ones. You must know the fact that in every business, either online or offline, there is a risk for investing money, even legit companies can also collapse or fail if they can’t make enough profit.


Our website is intended to make some money.


We are not responsible or liable for anything we say. Anyone reading content of our website agrees not to hold us libel for what we say, write or display. Actually the content of our website reflects our opinion for particular companies, products, and we provide those opinions either by doing extensive research or by involving with those companies and products by ourselves. But, it doesn’t mean what we say, write or display should be applied for everyone. We recommend and not recommend products, companies according to our expertise and knowledge. But, it doesn’t mean if we are not recommending any products or companies means they are completely bad or if we are recommending means completely good. Different products and companies work for different people. So, instead of completely following us, we suggest you do your own research or try yourself.

We are not responsible or liable to any person, entity, organization, company, or anything or anyone if they lose or damage directly or indirectly due to the information on this website and we are not liable to provide any remedies for any damages. However, we always try to provide factual information as far as we can, but that doesn’t mean everything here can be considered as actual fact. So, use the information of our website and opinions at your own risk and always perform your own due diligence.

Our intention is not to harm anyone. We are not here to injure, harm, defame or libel others. Everything written in our website is our opinion which can’t be considered as an actual fact, advice or counsel. If anyone, people/company/organization or any other persons or things follow our advice, tips, guidance, techniques, recommendations, and are injured or hurt or lose the investment, we are not responsible for that.

We also want to mention that we are not intended to malign any ethnic group, religion, culture, club, organization, company, profession, individual, or other any entity(s) or anyone or anything. And, we are not responsible for defamatory statements bound to culture, religions, government, professions, individual, organization, club, ethnic group, or other any entity(s) or anyone or anything from the reader’s country of origin.

We are also not liable for what our visitors/clients/customers/members/friends or anyone posting anything within our website. So, always perform your due diligence before following comments and posts posted by others on our website. We are not responsible for the laws which may break in your country when you post something in our website or when other post something in our blog or in our comments.

We are not liable or responsible for any actions, behaviors, damage, loss, etc. due to the advertisers or advertisements placed on our website. So, we suggest you to do your own extensive research before following any of those advertisements or advertisers.

Your Consent

By using our site, you consent to our site terms and condition, privacy policy and legal notice.

Age limitation to understand the content of our website

Although, our website, products, and services are all directed to people who are at least 13 years old or older, but also we find it will be more understandable for the people who are more than 18 years old.

Privacy Policy


When you register in our site, or made a post or comment or subscribe to your newsletter or social media pages, we will collect the information from you such as when you made a comment, you may provide your name, email address, etc. Any of those information which you provide to us will be collected by us. However, you can visit and read our contents anonymously.


We will use those information according to your needs such as if you have provided information by commenting on our website, then we will just use that information to reply to you or to contact you further to give some updates and news about our website. But we will never sell, exchange or transfer or give any of your those information to any other company privately or publicly without your consent. But this doesn’t include trusted third parties who are assisting us to operate this website, conducting this business, giving service to run this website smoothly, such as our web hosting company, as well as comments and emails service provider companies and the social media sites if you are a member of our social media pages. We will not be liable or responsible if any of these trusted third parties misuse those information. However, those trusted third parties agree to keep this information confidential. We may also release your information when we believe that is appropriate to comply with law, enforce of our site policies, or protect our or others’ rights, property, or safety. If we got some non-personally identifiable visitor information, we may be provided those to other parties for marketing, advertising, and other uses.


If we change our privacy policy, we will update those changes within our privacy policy pages.

You can find additional privacy policy details on our “Privacy Policy” page.