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As we all know that search engine ranking is one of the major parts of online business. Your success highly depends on what ranking you get in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Highest the ranking means large number of traffic to your website and huge possibilities of sales through your recommendations and links as well as advertisements revenues.



Why Yahoo Ranking?

The internet is becoming more accessible to the people all around the world. Among the large no. of internet users, more that 10% of users use Yahoo as their search engine. So being highly ranked in Yahoo search engine can provide remarkable opportunities to your online business. Through custom dashboard features, you can find how many visitors you are getting in your website and what kind of keyword phrases they are using to reach to your website. This analysis will help you to get know how you can further drive traffic to your website.


You can get the traffic even when your contents contain not exact but similar type of keyword phrase in your blogging even though those keywords are not your keywords for blogs. But for first page ranking your contents shall be exactly or almost as per the keyword search. What we are trying to explain is that even though your blogs do not focus on certain keyword phrases that people are using to search for certain things, you will get privilege e to be visible in front of them if you have incorporated or used similar type of keyword phrase in your contents or in your content’s title. And if you have focused on that certain keyword phrase, high possibility that your webpage may get highest ranking in search engine. But yet again we focus on quality contents that are valuable and useful to the viewers. However, whatever you blog or write, it should contain commendable information, more of that quality contents to get highest rank in Google analytics which can create a significant turn in your online business.


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