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How to Know Scams? How to Check a Website Scam or Not?
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How to Check and Differentiate Scam and Legit Online Businesses and Activities?

Are you tired of scams? Want to find out how to avoid the scams or how to find out if something is a scam? Then you are in the right place because here we are going to reveal you some points which will help you to identify the scams, especially help you to spot work home scam. These days there are so many work home companies turning into a scam. So, we hope this post will help you to find out how to spot an online scam.

Online Check Scams, How to Avoid the Scams? how to find out if something is a scam?

Actually, most of the time, you can find out the warning signs of a scam within a scam website itself. Here, we are going to provide you the detail information about those warning signs of scams. These days most of the people are being frustrated by joining scam companies. There are so many scam companies and they are fooling the people by showing so many fake things on their websites. So, we are here providing you some important points which will help you to find out how to identify the scams.

When there is no means of contact like who is the owner and who is operating the company and from where they are operating their website, then that is one of the signs of a scam company. So, it is always better to avoid those online companies in the first place if there is no way to contact the team of that particular company.

However, there are other kinds of websites that try to trick you by providing fake contact details. So, you need to do further research on those contact details. For example, you can cross-check the same owner name and address has been mentioned either in their WHOIS detail or company registration detail or not.

Customer Support

If customer support of some company is not responsive, then that is another sign of a scam. So, before you join any company, you can send them an email asking anything related to their company. If you don’t get a reply within 7 days, then better just leave that company there.

Huge money claim

When any website or company claims to pay you a huge amount of money, the unbelievable rate for simple tasks, claims to make you rich overnight and so on, then that is definitely a scam. You can’t expect to earn more than 3 digits of income from any legit companies within your first month, even most of the time you can’t earn any income within your first month by working in most of the legit companies. More than that, none of the legit companies can afford to pay you a huge amount or make you rich overnight for doing simple tasks or without doing anything. So, those companies which claim those things, are the ones who are scams. So, if you find something is too good to be true, then in reality that is not true.

Too Good to be True

Like we have said before, if some company is claiming something which is too good to be true, then in reality that is actually not true. For example, companies like 1DollaradzWeb Selldiam, FourDollarClick, SevenDollarPTCThreeDollarClickTwoDollarClick, and so on are the sites that claim to pay $1 to $7 just by viewing 1 ad for some seconds. So, sure that is too good to be true. The same way companies like Razzleton, Tree7, and so on providing a huge amounts of ROI within a short period of time on investments, so sure that is too good to be true. If some companies claim that they can double your money within some days, then sure that is too good to be true. You can think yourself, if some companies can make that much profit by doing legal businesses to pay their investors in long term, without following Ponzi Scheme, then why they need to collect the investment from many investors when they can take a loan from any local bank in much more low rate than what they offer to their investors. 

Sharing with you information which nobody knows with limited offer

If some companies or personnel claim that they are going to share you some secret formula to make money and you need to hurry to grab that opportunity because that is a limited offer, then that is 100% scam. If you check that website after some months, you will find out there is still those offers and secret formula that they are selling for a limited time to limited numbers of people. First of all, there is not any secret formula to earn money without working or doing anything. However, even if someone wants to teach you the formula to make money, then they can explain to you first of all what they are going to teach you so that you can decide yourself either you want to join with them to learn those stuff or not. There is no need to make their offer limited to certain numbers of people because every company or personnel can earn more money if more people join their system. So, why will they offer their services only to certain numbers of people and not to others? Are they your relatives or friends or what? So, if you find such companies, it is better to stay out of them.

More than that, if you asked to keep something secret, then that is a warning bell. Legit companies or offers never need to hide with the public and you can discuss that with your friends, families, or independent advisors openly. So, asking to keep a secret is only because they don’t want you to share their details with others and find out their reality.

Claiming to have magical products to cure diseases that medical doctors can’t

There are some MLM companies which are claiming they have some magical health and wellness products that can cure even cancer or other such big sicknesses that even medical doctors can’t solve. They claim that they have found such secret ingredients to make their products very effective. But, if you check on the bottom of those websites, even some of them have mentioned by themselves that their products have not been verified by concerned authorities like FDA. So, how can we believe those products if some concerned authorities haven’t validated them? We are not saying those companies will not pay if you work with them to sell their products. But, do you really want to make money by selling such kinds of health-related products? From our side, that is also one kind of scam.

Special Discount at the end

If you landed in some company’s website where you find out there is a huge price to join that company according to your budget and if you try to leave that company’s website, then all of sudden the special discount offer pop up for no reason claiming you can get a huge discount if you join right now and that is a limited offer and your last chance and so on, then that is also another sign of scam because that means that company doesn’t want you to do the research on them and want to make you hurry to join with them. But, in the reality, each time you check such websites, you will find the same offer which is going to expire soon, even you will find that same offer if you check that website after 1 year.

Autopilot earnings claims, Passive Income without any work

If some companies claim that you can earn money by doing nothing, completely on autopilot and that is also in huge amounts which can make you rich overnight, then that company is lying about everything, because such system hasn’t existed till date. For every business or work, you must do hard work for some months in order to start to earn a decent amount of money, and without work, expecting spoon-feeding is surrendering yourself in front of the scammer. So, if you fall for that, that is your mistake as well.

Screenshots and payment proofs are not the way to judge the business

First of all, any companies can make fake payment proofs and screenshots very easily. More than that, some company’s website doesn’t give any information and only keeps on showing they earn this much amount within a day or a month and keep on showing lots of payment proofs without any information on how they make that money. Most of the time those sites show the fake payment proofs or even if they show the real ones, then also maybe they earn that money by doing other works, but not by working on those companies which they are claiming. In most of the cases, those testimonial is provided by hiring some actors/actress from sites like and so on. So, you can check those people can be found selling testimonial services on respective sites or not.

Sometimes even people show the screenshots of payment that they got 5 years before. So, if that product is working now, why are they still showing old screenshots? We are not saying every site showing payment proofs are a scam. But, if payment proofs are the only things that they can show instead of showing how they earn that money, then there is definitely something fishy going on there.

And if some companies’ business model is not enough to earn a huge amount, but also they are showing bank statements or payment processor accounts with very high payment claims, then those are also one of the bad and scam companies.

Sales page only showing money, but not the way to earn it

If sales pages only show the things like you can earn this much money, or they earn that much money, they buy an expensive car or a huge villa and become rich overnight and so on without explaining how that system works and how they earn that much money by working with that company, then that is also the sign of scam company.

Another kind of sales videos that you can find out is claiming to reveal to you the system to make a huge amount of money without investing anything. Those kinds of videos suggest you watch their videos until the end. But, after watching that boring video for several minutes, in the end, you will find out there is nothing than the guidance to register in some company where you need to pay money in order to register. How funny? First of all, they claim you to reveal the formula to earn money free of cost and then ask you to pay for that formula. So, when you find such a video, then that is the right moment you need to turn back and run away from that company.

Actually, if you watch some videos in some companies’ websites for more than 3 minutes and till that time you didn’t find any information than they have earned this much or become rich overnight, then better you save your time by simply canceling that video than watching that till the end.

Money-Back Guarantee

When a company claims to provide a money-back guarantee, that sounds very good, isn’t it? But, if those companies are not using payment methods like ClickBank, Paypal, etc., then we can’t trust about their money-back guarantee because if some company wants to provide a money-back guarantee, they will use the payment system from where in reality we can claim for return. However, this doesn’t mean we are saying companies like ClickBank is 100% legit. Actually, they have their own problems, but also at least you can claim your money back from those systems. Actually, lots of online money making schemes listed in ClickBank are scams, however, still, they will help you to get back your money if you claim on time.

But, if some company is not providing those payment methods, then believing in their money-back guarantee is…., hmm…., don’t know what to say, you can think yourself.

However, remember, those payment processors also have their own rules, like Paypal will not help to get a refund for non-tangible goods. So, before you think those companies are secure because there are those payment processors, first of all, find out the details about those payment processor’s rules and regulations for a refund.

The company claiming you to join in low price and hiding about upsells

If some company claims that you can use their services by joining them just in $1 price and after that, you don’t have to pay anything, but once you join them, if they ask you again to pay more in order to earn real money, and when you pay that, again they ask for more and about those upsells if they haven’t mentioned in their website at starting before anyone join with them, then that is a sign of scam company. Legit companies never hide any payments that you need to pay in order to use their services.

Contacted out of the blue?

If you get a call or email from strangers or from some company’s representative whom you never have contacted by yourself before, then that call and email may be a warning sign. However, even you get emails or get contacted by some person from the company in which you are working with or have a connection with, then also first of all take your time to check the email address. If that email address doesn’t belong to the corporate domain address of a particular company, then better you don’t reply to those emails and try to contact the company by yourself first before you give any your personal details like payment details or bank account details to that person. The same applies if someone calls you. It is always better to cross-check before you provided any personal details.

Ponzi, Pyramid and Cash Gifting Schemes

Ponzi and Pyramid schemes are very controversial because some of those companies even pay for many years. But, those businesses are illegal and unsustainable. If some companies offer a very unsustainable rate of return, such as 110% ROI within a month without doing any work with them, then that is 100% not a sustainable business and is the real Ponzi scheme because if some companies can afford to pay 110% ROI within a month in real without working with them, just by investing in their schemes, then why they need to collect the investments from lots of people because they can easily get a loan from any local bank at a much more low rate to invest in their project. You can find more details on Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes by clicking the following respective links:-

Ponzi Scheme:-

Pyramid Scheme:-

Cash Gifting Schemes are easier to spot because those kinds of companies don’t offer any products except gifting money from one member to another member. If you find some companies are following such kinds of business model, then it is better to stay out of them because they are not a sustainable business and not legal. Some examples of Cash Gifting Schemes are MMM, Zarfund, and so on.

Phishing emails scams

If you get contacted out of blue from any companies or personnel by claiming to give you a big amount of money, then that is a scam. You can find more details about Phishing emails in our other post by clicking this link:-

Scam Online Stores

If you find some online store site giving a huge discount on some products, up to 90% discount, then you should be cautious about that site. If you further check on such site and found that the trust seal logos like McAfee or VeriSign provided on that site are not clickable, then you must know that one is a fake online store site and you should not purchase anything from such online store.

Is there detail information about the products or free trial offer for products?

Before you decide to purchase any products or services, can you find the detail information about them or not or at least can try them for free or not? If not, then you should be more careful with those products because most of the legit products and services always show in front of what you can get from them. But, if some products are not explaining what you can get from those products or how their services work, then that is another sign of a scam. If you want to work with some companies in which products and services are not clear, better you do deep research on those companies first.

Misleading reviews

Now, this is the last part of your investigation. When you get confused about some companies and try to do further research, such as by searching for information on Google search page, then you will bet more confuse by getting mixed results. There are always both positive and negative reviews for the same company. There are some people who think scam companies are legit and also have other people who think legit companies are a scam. So, that makes you more confused when you try to do the research. So, how to identify those reviews websites are giving real information or not?

Well, in order to check the review website, first of all, try to find out the reviews of some companies, products, or services that you already know within that particular review website. If you see that the review website is writing the review exactly as per your experience on that particular company, product, or service, then there is a maximum chance that the review website is providing the real information. However, if you find completely opposite reviews within that review website as per your experience with that particular company, product or service, then it is better not to believe in other reviews of that website as well.

If you don’t find the reviews of companies, products or services that you already know within that review website, then you can check the number of positive reviews and negative reviews on that particular company, product or service. If you find the number of positive testimonials and reviews are more than the negative complaints and reviews, then sure that company, product, or service is good. You must know the fact that there is always someone who say bad about something. So, you must do research in deep and collect several information and sort them. If the numbers of positive results come up more than the negative ones, then that is a green signal to involve with that company. If the numbers of negative results come up more than the positives ones, then we are sure now you know what to do, right?

Some more suggestions

In order to know more about scam companies, unsustainable companies, and risky companies, we want you to take a look at our Bad and Scam Online Works section as well as Not Recommended online works section by clicking the respective red letters as mention here. If you read the reviews on those scam companies, you will have more ideas about different kinds of scams. You can also find out the list of legit companies with our Good and Trusted Online Works section. If you read the reviews of both good and trusted online works companies and scam online work companies, then you will have more ideas to differentiate them. Among all online work companies, our No.1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to find out why we choose Wealthy Affiliate as a No.1 online work company, then you can click this link in order to read its detail review:-

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 It is our pleasure to have a comment from you. So, please feel free to leave your comment below if you want to add any more points about scams or want to report about any scam companies.

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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