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Karatbars Scam Alert, Karatbars International Review

Are you searching for the Karatbars International reviews so that you can find out either, is Karatbars International legitimate opportunity or, is Karatbars International Scam? If so, then you are in the right place. You will find here all the truth about Karatbars International, both pros and cons, such as about Karatbars International compensation plan, Karatbars International complaints, Karatbars International official site location, Karatbars affiliate program, etc. In short, it's business model is risky. So, although Karatbars is paying to its members, still we don’t recommend you to work with it. Even there are some members who have complained for not getting paid by the company. That is why we have listed Karatbars within our Not Recommended sites list. Not only that, you can find much more reasons for not recommending Karatbars as below within our Karatbars review. Actually we always recommend only those kind of companies which are established from long time and have proven track record of success and where there is almost zero risk, such as Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find in detail by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/

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Karatbars login link:- http www karatbars com,

Neither - wwww karatbars international com, Nor - www karatbarsinternational org

Background of Karatbars International

KaratbarsInternational was founded by Harald Seiz in 2011. Karatbar International deals with products like Karatbars International gold bullion and Karat gold bars, so it is also known as Karatbars Gold International. The address of the company is very confusing because some reviews claim that Karatbars is from Stuttgart, Germany, but Karatbars claims that they are not from Germany, but from Switzerland. But in their website registration data (WHOIS), you can find the phone number which they have provided is from Stuttgart, Germany. So, if they are not from Germany, why are they using phone number of Germany? Its business model is almost like a Pyramid scheme because it sells gold to its members with 25%-35% markup, means the gold price of Karatbars are 25% to 35% more expensive than the current market rate and the reason for that is because they need to give commission to the sponsor who refer people to buy these gold as per Karatbars compensation plan. So, the gold here is only to show up the product, the company is playing game with 25% to 35% markup to pay its members. On top of that, in 2014, AWF, organization responsible for financial regulation in the Canadian province has already warned that there is a risk for investors to work with Karatbars because they are not reporting to issuers and they do not hold AMF registration or authorization. But, Karatbars International is still promoting and selling their products. We don't understand why these concerned authority just warned people and then do nothing about it. Even the most of time they take some action only after some years till when companies like Karatbars will already make enough money for them.



How to earn money from Karatbars International?

Before we begin with system to earn money from Karatbars International, we want to inform you that it seems company is not paying as it suppose to pay to its members because you can find lots of Karatbars International member's complaints against it around the internet for not getting paid by the company. However, if you still want to know what Karatbars offers to its members to earn money form it, then below you can find the brief description about it.


Gold business is one of the good way to earn money in the real market, but not with Karatbars because it is really hard to earn money from Karatbars International. In order to earn money from this company, first of all we need to purchase its gold and recruit people to do the same. However, the price of gold in Karatbars International is 25% to 35% higher than the retail market price. On top of that, Karatbars International is not licensed legally to sell the gold. So, it is really the waste of time working with Karatbars International because if the products have high price comparing with the market price, then no one will buy those products and if we are unable to sell the products, we will earn nothing from Karatbars. 



Drawbacks of Karatbars International

  1. Aforementioned, the address of the company is not clear, it is confusing either they are operating form Switzerland or Germany or somewhere else.
  2. AWF, organization responsible for financial regulation in Canada has already warned investors about the risk to invest in Karatbars International.
  3. Karatbars International is selling gold, but they are not licensed to do so.
  4. Price of the product, gold offer by Karatbars is very high comparing with the retail market price of the gold. So it is really hard to recruit the members and sell products of Karatbars to them.
  5. Many members had complained about the refund system of the company because if the member wants to be out of the company and if he/she wants his/her investment back from the company, then he/she needs to contact his/her sponsor instead of company and most of time sponsors stop responding to his/her recruits when they ask for refund instead of providing them the refund.



Aforementioned, it is clear that it is better to avoid to work with Karatbars International. Product price is very high and the company is not licensed legally to sell its products, so it will be difficult for us to sell its products and if we are unable to sell its products, we will earn nothing from it. There is a big risk to join in this company and it is also difficult to get back our investment if we want to out of this company, because for refund, we can't contact company directly, but need to contact our sponsor and most of time sponsors are not willing to refund. Like this, there are lots of issues with this company about which we have clearly mentioned as above within our Karatbars International review. So, we don't recommend this kind of risky company to work with because we only recommend the top rated companies like Wealthy Affiliate where there is almost zero risk and from where you can established the full time income for your lifetime, for more details, click this link:- newsonlineincome.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/


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