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Are you searching for GSniper reviews or Google Sniper 2 reviews or Google Sniper 3 reviews or simply Google Sniper reviews and trying to find out what is Google Sniper, scam or legit? If so, then you are in absolutely right place. Here we have revealed all the truth of Google Sniper, both pros and cons such as Google Sniper complaints, about owner George Brown, Google Sniper System review, about scam claims etc. So, is GSniper a scam? Actually we can’t call GSniper a scam because some of its training works and helps you to earn money from it. But we can’t call Google Sniper legit as well because some of their trainings are outdated and even can harm us than doing good in the present market. So, it can also harm some people if they are not upto date themselves as per current changes in the market. But, most of time, people who doesn’t know about those skills are the people who actually join these kinds of programs. So, considering that fact, we have listed GSniper in our not recommended sites list. Actually there is much more better alternative of Google Sniper in the market known as Wealthy Affiliate which is more cheap to join than Google Sniper, actually free to join for basic courses, where there are no upsells, where the courses are upto date and from where both beginners as well as experts can take benefit and plan for their full time online career for their lifetime. For more details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link:-


Ok let’s begin with our review, GSniper 2 review, GSniper 3 review as below. Actually either it is called as GSniper 1, GSniper 2, GSniper 3 or Google Sniper 1, Google Sniper 2, Google Sniper 3, it is almost same thing, only just an updated version and marketing strategies to show people that they are updating their system, but still their system is not enough upto date. 

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Google Sniper login URL:- googlesniper com,,

Background of Google Sniper

The owner of Google Sniper is George Brown. The joining cost for this company is $ 47 per month and after being member, there are few optional upsells which will cost around $187. The first version of GSniper was launched in 2009. As per WHOIS record, GSniper is registered under GDMB Enterprises Ltd. located at HongKong. 


What is Google Sniper? Is Google Sniper Scam or Real?

GSniper is a series of online training program based on videos and contents which will teach you on how to make niche website which is targeted to a specific group of people and make money out of it.


It is not a scam company and many people are referring this company for their online work but, what to note here is that some of the training programs or lessons this company offers do not work for you as some of the lessons of GSniper are outdated. Even we feel it is an incomplete program as many of the latest information about online market are missing in the program. We can say that the updating section of this company is not succeeded to keep the pace with Google updates due to which some of the trainings of this company may harm you instead of doing good.



Does Google Sniper work?

Of course, it Google Sniper works, but you should be able to find out some of its out of date strategies which can harm you if you follow them.


Google Sniper was one of the effective training courses in the earlier days, but now as there are drastic changes in online affiliate marketing strategies, specially new changes and updates made by Google regarding its indexing strategy in search engine, this program is not much effectual.


Although the training program is updated by the owner from time to time basis, but it seems he is not able to keep the pace with the faster changes in Google algorithm.


Even some the courses of GSniper suggest us for adapting backlink strategies which are old method to rise in Google search pages, but now if you follow that strategy, you will be penalize for such adaptation by Google Bot, even it may completely dis-rank your site from Google search engine. So, you must know which strategies works and which does not while following Google Sniper lessons. And we know that it’s not an easy job for anyone to find out without going through it. The outsourcing section of this program is also incomplete as varieties of outsourcing options are available in the market now a days.


So, this company does not teach you the effective way to get ranked in Google search engine and if you cannot get highest ranking in search engine, you are doing everything for nothing because GSniper is all about making website in your niche and make it rank well in Google in order to earn money from that website.


But some of the principles taught in this program still work, such as finding profitable ClickBank products and make a niche website to market those products, best ways to do keyword research etc., but the question here is, what is the use of such course which will teach you how to walk in the path but which will not teach you how to reach the destination? So just walking in the lane without knowing how to obtain your objective is completely useless.


Google Sniper 3 has been considered as more updated version, but that also failed to include all details according to the current market changes. However, it seems now they have taken out name as GSniper 3 and once again it is called as GSniper only.




Overall, GSniper is not a scam, but also we simply don’t recommend it because some courses there are not upto date as per current market. So, if you don’t know which lessons to follow there and which not, then you can be pendulum and not the achiever. So, why to go for such courses when you have better options in the market?  However, if GSniper is working for you, if you already know which lessons to follow there and which is not, then you can simply work with GSniper. But, if you are regretting from its purchase, then it’s a Clickbank product, so you can apply for a refund if you have already purchased it. Another thing we don’t like about GSniper is their upsells which can cost you upto $187. Actually if there was not any alternative, then also we will have recommended you GSniper. But, there is much more better alternative than GSniper where all courses are upto date, in which even you can join free and take 10 basic lessons free of cost, where there is not any upsells than membership fee, where there is 24 hours support to answer your queries even within a minute, where the success rate of members is very high. Well, the name of that company is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


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