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What is & ZukulAdNetwork? Is Zukul a Scam – NOI

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What is & ZukulAdNetwork? Is Zukul a Scam?

Is a scam? Is Zukul Ad Network a scam? Are you searching for Zukul reviews and Zukul Ad Network reviews in order to find it out? If so, then you are in the right platform because here you can find all the information about Zukul and Zukul Ad Network, both pros and cons. Although Zukul and Zukul Ad Network are paying to their members, but also we have listed them within our Not Recommended sites list and you can find the reason for that within our detail Zukul review and Zukul Ad Network review as below. Actually, we only recommend you those kind of companies which has been established from very long time, which has proven track record of success and much more important is from where anyone can make good amount of money on regular basis and can established their business for their lifetime. One of such recommended online work companies is Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find detail by clicking this link:-


Let’s begin with our review and Zukul Ad Network review as below in order to find out either Zukul or Zukul Ad Network scam or not.

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Background of Zukul, What is and

Zukul is a MLM company that offers different kinds of training packages which help us to earn money online. So, do really those training packages help us to earn money? Not exactly and about it we have explained in detail within our “How to earn money from Zukul” caption as below. On the other hand, the sister site of Zukul, known as ZukulAdNetwork is a revenue sharing advertising platform where you can earn upto 150% of the Adpacks value that you can purchase there to advertise your online business.


The founders of both companies, Zukul and Zukul Ad Network are Michael Bloom and Jeremy Rush and they have launched Zukul in 2014 and ZukulAdNetwork in 2016. As per WHOIS record of both sites, the address of owner Jemery Rush is 57 Hill Ave, Amersham, UK. Michael Bloom is not so well known but, Jeremy Rush is a bit known man in online business sector. Rush is affiliated with so many kind of online businesses such as, Penny Matrix (Recruitment Scheme), AdhitProfits (ROI Profit Scheme), MMO Cashout (Recruitment scheme), DS Domination (Drop Shipping related business), Banner Broker (Canadian Ponzi Scheme) and so on. Most of these companies in which Jeremy Rush is affiliated has very bad reputation, lots of complaints and bad reviews against them. 


Zukul was planning to launch Zukul gold program which would let their affiliate join in Karatbars International and Karatbars itself is a bad company. Why? You can find that within our detail review on Karatbars by clicking this link:-


So, it is clear that the Zukul Gold was a flop idea and it seems the launching of Zukul Gold is taking forever. Instead in April 2016, they have launched revenue sharing advertising platform known as Zukul Ad Network about which we have explained in detail below.



How to earn money from Zukul and ZukulAdNetwork?

There are 3 ways to join in Zukul. First one is Beginner Level which will cost you $19.60 per month, second one is Intermediate Level which will cost you $54.50 per month and the last one is Advanced Level which will cost you $272.50 per month.


But what are you paying for?


You are paying for the packages which includes their so-called training program, marketing tools, softwares like capture pages, auto responders and a blogging system which you can find free of cost easily just by searching in Google and Youtube. Simply, those packages are useless. After you take all those trainings, you will end up knowing the fact that the only way to earn from Zukul is by recruiting other and letting them buy any of those 3 packages by showing them the dream which you had seen before joining the Zukul such as claiming them that they can earn very good income by purchasing those packages.


You can earn upto 3 level referral commission which will goes upto 10 levels for higher level. So, do you really want to earn money in that way, just by lying other because someone lie you and let you join this company? Anyway, sure we will never recommend anyone to do such things.


The sister site of Zukul known as “Zukul Ad Network” offers revenue sharing advertising platform where if you purchase Adpacks, you can advertise your online business and will get the return of your purchase amount @120% to 150% ROI. So, now here comes another issue. Most of the sites which are offering ROI in Adpacks are not sustaining for long run and most of them had already shutdown or having problem in payment because 150% rate of return is very difficult to manage for any business and on top of that, they are paying 10% to the sponsor when their referral purchase Adpacks, means company need to payback 160% ROI in total which is almost impossible to manage.


So, it is risky to work either in Zukul or in Zukul Ad Network because in Zukul you have to invest at least $19.6 per month just to recruit more people who is willing to pay the same amount to work with Zukul so that you can earn commission from their those purchases or you have to purchase Adpacks to get 120% to 150% ROI or recruit other to do so to earn 10% commission from their purchase within Zukul Ad Network. Actually due to the 150% ROI, the Zukul Ad Network itself is not a sustainable platform. So, we don’t recommend anyone to work in both companies.




We don’t recommend you to work with Zukul and Zukul Ad Network because there is very high risk to work with both companies. The 150% ROI of Zukul Ad Network is not a sustainable business model and in Zukul you have to risk minimum $19.6 per month just to purchase the worthless services and need convince other to do the same in order to earn money from it. On top of that, you can find lots of complaints by the members of Zukul about their products as well as also for not earning as per their claims. Even many members have lose their money instead of earning from Zukul. So, we have listed Zukul and ZukulAdNetwork within our Not Recommend sites list. However, if you want to take a risk, then that is completely up to you. But if you are willing to earn money in a legit way by working with established company where there is almost zero risk and where there is high record of success and from where you can earn full time income and established your online business for lifetime, then we recommend you to join the top rated online work company known as Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find details by clicking this link:-


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