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Yoli Review, Is Yoli Weight Loss Program Scam? – NOI

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Yoli Review, Is Yoli Weight Loss Program Scam?

Is Yoli Safe or is Yoli Scam? Are you searching for the detail Yoli reviews which include all the information about Yoli like where is Yoli office located, who is the owner, about Yoli distributors, both pros and cons about Yoli such as Yoli diet reviews, Yoli bad reviews, Yoli diet plan reviews, yoli recipes reviews etc., the complete truth about Yoli? If so, then you’re absolutely in the right place. In brief, Yoli is not a scam, Yoli is MLM company with health and wellness products like better body system, also known as either better body Yoli or Yoli better body, single products like minerals, vitamins, Omegas and kits like Transformation kits, Life Long kits etc. However, we still don’t recommend Yoli because first of all there is no any authentic scientific measures which can confirm or deny the health benefits as claim by Yoli products due to which you can find too much mix reviews on about Yoli products and secondly it is difficult to sell products of Yoli due to less demand in the market and high competition with other Yoli members as well as we also have to invest at least around $300 in order to work with this company which added high risk if we can’t make money on time. Actually we always recommend only those kind of companies where there is almost zero risk and from where we can definitely make money such as Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find in detail by clicking this link:-


Ok, let’s begin with our detail review on Yoli as below.

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The URL to join in and log in to Yoli website:- http:// www yoli com /

Background of Yoli, What is Yoli?

Yoli was founded by Robby Fender, Corey Citron, Daren Falter, Bobby Jones and Michael Prichard in November, 2009, located at 2080 S Industrial Road, Suite B,Salt Lake City, UT 84104, Utah, USA. It has been providing health and wellness products such as Better Body System, Single Products, Transformation Kits, Lifelong Kits and so on. Yoli even has claimed that you can use their products instead of taking your daily meal. Seriously? Will you do that? It also provides Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business opportunity under which you can earn money by selling its product and recruiting people to do so. But there are some legitimate problems with their products because there is not credible scientific measures which can confirm or deny the health benefits of Yoli products as claim by the company and also doesn’t recommend by any doctors till date or certified by any concerned authority. So, it will be hard for us to sell such products which are not so popular and also have not guarantee to work as per its claim and also have to take a risk of our investment because to work with this company, we must at least invest $300. So, from both point of view, either to make money from this company or to buy products of this company, there is a risk. So, we can’t recommend you this company, however final decision will be your to take risk because if you can take a risk, there is chance you can make some money because they are paying to every members who can sell their products.



How to earn money from Yoli?

Aformentioned, Yoli is MLM company, so to make money out of it, you have to sell its products. For that, first of all you have to purchase retail packages with the fee of $300. If you are preferred member, then company will give you a discount. But for that, you have to purchase either Diamond Packages or Long Life Membership which will cost $1000. It is expensive, isn’t it? Yep, most of people don’t want to spend that much amount at the starting point in any of business at all. On top of that, after taking risk of that investment, there is still not any guarantee that we can make money out of it because it is very hard to sell the products of Yoli as it is not proven that these products will work, it will be hard to convince people to buy such products and there will be tough competition with other members of Yoli to sell these products due to which supply will be high than demand.


Like in other MLM companies, to make money from Yoli, you should have to recruit the members and have to sell the products of it. But aforementioned, it is very difficult to recruit members and sell the products of Yoli because Yoli itself can’t give guarantee that their products will work about which they have clearly mentioned in their disclaimer section at their official website.



Drawbacks of Yoli

  • In order to work with Yoli, we need to purchase the package which cost minimum $300. So, it will be hard for us to recruit members who are willing to invest at least $300 at starting point of that business which products are not so popular and even not sure to work. 
  • Products of Yoli are not certified by concerned department such as FDA in USA and it is very important things to sell the products which are related with the health and wellness niche, so there will be problem to recruit people and sell the Yoli products in the market.
  • Yoli claims that you can use their products instead of taking your meal and also claims that they transform lives. If their products are so good then why they are selling their products with the MLM business model? Why don’t they directly sell their product in the market by taking certification from concerned authorities and asking doctors to recommend it?
  • Yoli is selling health and wellness related products and in their disclaimer, company itself have mentioned that their products have not been evaluated by the FDA and Yoli products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health related issue. So, they are saying themselves their products might not work. So, now it’s upto you either you want to take a risk to sell their products and make money out of it or not.



Aforementioned, Yoli is MLM company related with health and wellness niche, however they have mentioned themselves within their website disclaimer section that their products may not prevent, cure or treat health related issues, on the other hand they are marketing those products to give health benefits. So, just by observing their own claims within their website, we can be clear how much their products work or not. On top of that, Yoli has lot of complaints from their consumers about their products reporting products are not working for them and that is not surprise if we see what Yoli itself have provided in their website disclaimer section. The only way to earn from Yoli is by selling its product and recruiting members. But, due to the quality of product, many of members are having troubles to sell the products and unable to earn the decent amount. On top of that, in order to work with this company, we have to purchase package by ourself which costs at least $300. So, there is high risk to work with this company because most of members have already failed to earn even that much amount which they have invest in it. But since Yoli is paying as per TOS to those members who can make money from it, so we can’t even call Yoli a scam because they have products and they didn’t have intervention by government yet. So, we have listed it within our “Not recommend” list because we don’t want you to risk your investment to sell something which is not certified by concerned authority and from where there is not guarantee that you can make money out of it. However, if you want to take a risk, then that is completely upto you. But according to us, we will more prefer to recommend those kind of companies where there is almost zero risk and from where we can definitely make money, such as Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find details by clicking this link:-


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