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How Much Money Can You Make by Blog

How Much Money Can You Make By Blog

Are you here because you are interested in Blogging but not sure how much money can you make by blog and what is the best strategy for that? Do you know top earning blog sites are earning more than $5 million per year? Do you know you can also make one of those top blogging site? OK, lets find out how much money can you make from blogging and for that what is the best strategy.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging

Ok, what is your projection, what you think, how much money can you make blogging? $2,000 or $3,000 or $5,000? Well as a starter, we think you haven’t expected much more than that, right?


Let’s tell you the truth. You can earn unlimited money from this business if you just focus on it and follow the right path which can eventually drive you to the BIG SUCCESS. The main key to success is writing many articles within your blog by doing proper keyword research and you can’t imagine how much money can you make writing. We are one of the example for that. Our this website is founded on March 2014. Now you can check how much our website is getting Traffic and how much we are earning from it. Today is just 29 Feb 2016 when we are writing this article. So, our website is only around two years old, but we already achieve online success. This is the magic of blogging.  The opportunities are numerous in this business. You can have both options whether to earn a short term income or build a foundation to create long term life secured income. Most importantly, in both cases, you must know how to get traffic in your webpage and then how to get first page ranking in Google search page.

This process could be a fast return mechanism in some cases whereas vice versa in the others. You can find our success story which we have achieved within 2 years from this website by clicking this link:-

Our success story can be a motivation for your online marketing journey.

At starting we feel may be blogging will not work for us. Even upto 6-7 months we didn’t find any good results from our website. But, we did not give up blogging until we get higher traffic for our webpages. So, what we exactly trying to say here is you need be patient in this business to move forward. If today you are not getting what you have expected, don’t give up, you just carry on your job and a day will come with bright sunshine.

You can click “News Online Income Blog” tab on the right hand side menu of our website to get more value added information about high traffic and Google ranking in details.

On that note, let’s figure out what is the correct path then? First and foremost, choose the trustworthy online trainer for yourself so that you can get help from them in your difficulties. They will provide you detail tutorials on online affiliate marketing business.

On the other hand, use BLOGGING. One of the most popular phenomenons for online marketing is blogging, blogging about the product/company/website or anything you have offered focusing highly targeted niche. Blogging content has proven to be most effective tool to increase your sales provided that you should learn to use it in proper way. But be sure that your blogging content should be more innovative, factual and catchy for your viewers that could help you to convert into sales. Many affiliate marketers are just using blogs and earning quite a fair income from it. So, this could be one of your prioritized mechanisms on online marketing.

Online affiliate marketing is just rounded on some simple approaches which we have structured here in short. You need to do researches on your offerings and find out the high traffic keywords with less competition for your content. This will ultimately boost your product sales. As a beginner, less competitive keyword (keyword competitiveness value or KC value) phrases could be better for you. Then buy the domain name that just matches your keyword phrase. You also have to build some organic backlinks for traffic in your webpage using multiple sources like blog commenting, Social Media, forum posts and article directories which will help you in getting natural backlinks.

Above formulas will simply work for you!!! Because they are working for many others. But here lies the zest of overall performance of these procedures. The volume of your income depends on how much you have understood and how much you have delivered.

If you are interested to learn real online work business which will provide you detail tutorial to earn from blogging by making your own website and which will guarantee you for your awesome earnings, then Wealthy Affiliate is only the trustworthy platform at the moment which is providing such opportunities continuously from 2005. For more details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click the following link:-

Best of Luck!!!

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