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You-Cubez Review, Is You-Cubez Scam or Legit?

We don't recommend You-Cubez because it is a PTC site and in PTC sites even you work for many years and make lots of referrals, then also you never can earn a good income. Actually, not only You-Cubez, but we don't recommend all PTC sites due to the same reason.


We are here not talking about earnings just from our own clicks, but also talking about the earnings with 100s of referrals. It is because although we able to make 100s of referrals by advertising on various platforms, we never succeed to make those referrals active for a long time. Then we find out the main problem and that is the earnings that members can make from their own click. Most of the people don't like to refer and only want the platform to earn money from their own work. So, when we refer people, they only work for some months and leave the site when they find out it is very difficult to earn from their own click and even if some of them try to refer people, they face the same difficulty to make their referral active like we did face. So, after having lots of referrals, we even didn't make $100 a year, so no one can make a good income here and it is hard to retain referrals as well. So, finally, we decide to list YouCubez within our Not Recommended sites list.


Actually, all PTC sites have the same problem as You-Cubez, so from our side, we don't recommend any PTC sites anymore. From now we will recommend only those companies where people can make decent income, such as our No.1 recommended company known as Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find the details by clicking this link:-

Ads by Media

End of Ads by Media

Before we begin with the review of the You Cubez website, we want to inform you that if you are looking to establish your full-time online career, then You-Cubez is not a platform for that. You can't earn a decent income from You-Cubez.

You Cubez Review, You-Cubez is Scam or Legit? Cubezz. What is You Cubez?

What is You-Cubez? Background of You-cubez

You-Cubez is a PTC site online from January 4, 2007, owned by “TH media” based in the UK.



Drawbacks of You-Cubez

  1. You-Cubez is a PTC site, so from our side, we don't recommend any PTC sites because PTC sites are not a good platform to make money online. If you want to know about PTC sites in details, then you can click >HERE<
  2. Without referrals, you will never reach a minimum cash-out threshold even in a year and even if you make the referrals by following some strategies like we have explained in another post which you can find by clicking >HERE<, then also it will be very difficult for you to make even a pocket money from You-Cubez.
  3. Working in a website like You-Cubez you may only earn pocket money even after making lots of referrals while there are many big options in internet field. One of them is Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn every expert skills of online business such as to develop your own website, to blog, to drive traffic, make money from that traffic, learn to earn from companies like Google AdSense, Amazon, eBay etc. and by learning this you can develop a full-time online career. For further details on it, please click this link:-

Due to the aforementioned reasons, we don't recommend You-Cubez.

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