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How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program? Detail About Affiliate Program Amazon
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Before we begin with Amazon Affiliate Program Review, we want to make you clear that there’s no doubt that Amazon is a legit company with large numbers of fashion and brands working here. It is one of the largest online shopping website. That’s why we have listed it within our “Good and Trusted Online Works” section.

Ok now let’s begin with Amazon Affiliate Program Review and find out how to make money with Amazon Affiliate Program.

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Amazon is one of the most renowned companies, so we think we don’t have to give its background because it is already reputed and well known company. Amazon itself is a brand and most of the people already know it.

Now let’s get to the point: How to make money with Amazon Associates?

If you wondering you can or can’t earn from Amazon, then here’s answer: “Yes” you can earn from Amazon and there’s basically, less fear because it has been one of the most popular and trusted website. Actually, there are three methods to make money with Amazon:

  1. Selling on Amazon and Amazon FBA (Difficult and Risky Method)
  2. Kindle Publishing (Difficult and Skilled Method)
  3. Make money with Amazon Associate, Affiliate Marketing (Easy and Low Risk Method)

Method No. 1:- Selling on Amazon, Amazon FBA (Difficult and Risky Method)

Amazon Affiliate Store Builder, Amazon FBA, Fulfilled by Amazon, Amazon UK Store

Actually we are only mentioning about this method, but we are not recommending it as it is difficult and risky method. However, after you get knowledge about this method, if you want to go for it, then that will be completely your  choice.

Everyone know that Amazon is an online shopping website where we can shop, so many people visit here and one way to earn from this website is by buying things and selling it here with good profit. First you have to buy some goods at low price and later sell it on Amazon for adding cost as your profit.

When you start your store in Amazon, you have the option to ship directly from your home or using other storage location or Amazon’s warehouses, means let Amazon store your products and let them take care of all the shipping stuffs. This program is called Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), also known as Amazon Affiliate Store Builder. If you choose your own shipping, you can make more profit. However, if you choose FBA, then it will be less hassle for you.

However, may be you are thinking where can you get all those products and things to purchase in the Amazon store, what kind of products you should purchase and later sell it with good profit in Amazon, what are the best products etc. So, if you are beginners, then in order to buy products and open your store on Amazon here are few things that  you need to consider:

  • You can’t do it without learning first and the course and eBooks which teaches you about it ranges from $150 to $400 and then you have to invest a lot to open store in Amazon and to buy products first of all. So, there is a risk in this method as investment will be very high.
  • However, profit you earn has no limit. It depends up on your sales, more sales then more profit. But, once again, you have to invest a lot amount of money in order to earn good amount of profit.
  • If you can make it and become established store owner in Amazon, then you will earn very good amount of money and fast too. But, it is really hard to earn money using this method due to high competition in the market and since high investment involve, it is risky two. So, why we are talking about this method. Only because so that you will be well aware of every aspect to earn money from Amazon. Actually our best recommended method is No.3, so now either you can directly jump to method number 3 or you can read our method number 2 first of all.

Method No. 2:- Kindle Publishing (Difficult and Skilled Method)

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon Book Publishing, Make Money by Publishing Book in Amazon

Another way of making money from Amazon is by publishing the books in it. Many people have written a book and had published it on Amazon and is earning a good amount of money per month although most of them are not a professional writer. You can also write a book and publish it on Amazon. If you think you aren’t a good writer then, you don’t have to be because if you have attractive topic with just a few experience then you can really earn a good amount of money. Things to remember in this method:

  • If you can write in good way, can format, do editing, upload a book by yourself, then you can do it freely. But, if you don’t have good enough knowledge, then you can write first of all roughly and then can hire other experts for formatting, editing, adding book cover etc. which may costs from $5 to $500+
  • Earning profit will be unlimited, but it depends up on what you publish and it will take lots of time to make good profit.
  • Money investment in this method is less than the first method, so the risk is low, but if your book doesn’t catch the viewer’s eyes, then you may end up with zero sales.
  • Earning good amount of money from this method takes time so, you should have patience.

Method No. 3:- Make Money with Amazon Associate, Affiliate Marketing. (Easy and Low Risk Method) – The Most Recommended Method.

Wealthy Affiliate, Our No.1 Recommendation to learn to earn money from Amazon, Amazon Affiliate Software

Here’s the answer if your question is “How to make money with Amazon Affiliate Program?” or “How to make money with Amazon Associates?”

Many of you may don’t have real idea about the Affiliate program of the Amazon, it is one of the best way to earn money from the Amazon. For this method you have to create one website by yourself in which you can write different types of articles about the products and goods of Amazon that you want to promote and sale and then you can provide your affiliate link of Amazon which you can get for particular products by applying with Amazon for their Affiliate Program. When, people will read your article and click the link and buy the product from the Amazon, you will earn certain amount of commission.

It may sound difficult, but it is not because there is one company which provide A to Z training to earn from Amazon Affiliate Program as well you can create your own website within same company that you need for Amazon affiliate program. The name of that company is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find its detail review by clicking this link:-

Aforementioned, first of all you need to make website and get traffic into it and after that you need to apply with Amazon for their Affiliate program. Once they approve, you can use the affiliate link for every products in Amazon.

Things to be consider while following this method number 3:

  1. You can’t click the affiliate link yourself neither any of your friends to buy the stuffs of Amazon through your website.
  2. Your website should be strictly marked as affiliate site. In order to know how to make that website, you can take the training about which we have mentioned in the following points.
  3. To take detail expert training for this, you have to pay $47/month for training and $14/year (website domain). The company where you can take such training is known as Wealthy Affiliate and you can find its detail review by clicking this link:-
  4. Profit depends up on the number of customer you attract to the website and you will learn that method to attract visitors by taking training as mention in number 3, 5 and 6.
  5. Money invest in this method is less than other methods and the training for which you invest to learn this method, not only make you expert in this method, but will also make you expert to sale any kind of goods from any other websites like eBay,, etc. and also will teach you the skills to earn form Google AdSense simply by putting the advertisement links within your website and more than that it will teach you every possible ways to earn from your own website which you can create within that training and that is also in your own subject of interest. Aforementioned, the name of that training plus online business program is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find more details about it plus the link to join it by clicking this link:- 


Usually it takes time to earn from Amazon whichever method you choose, but the best one we recommended is the method number 3 because it is low risky and have maximum chance to success. However, in relation to start making money with Amazon, we always encounter with questions like:

  • How can I make money with Amazon fast and easy?
  • Where and how can I learn to create my own website and get knowledge on website and blogging in order to earn from Amazon Associates, Amazon Affiliate Program? 

There are many of people commenting this type of question in our website and you may also have it in your mind after reading this review. So, aforementioned here’s our brief answer on it:

  • To make money from Amazon fast and easy, you have to follow the method number 3 and for that you have to blog the content related with the products you want to sales and should have a great patience. The patience things come from you so, we can’t help on that, but in the blogging sector, getting traffic into that blog and making sales from that blog, we have a perfect solution and that is Wealthy Affiliate which can be consider as Amazon Affiliate Software.
  • Aforementioned, Wealthy affiliate is that training company which teaches you how to open your own website and do the blogging and attract visitors to that website. You can create your own website within Wealthy Affiliate free of cost and learn every skills to earn from your that website, not only by selling Amazon products. Not to forget Wealthy Affiliate has been our number 1 recommended online business since long time and it is also rated as No.1 online business by various medium. It is very trustable and worthy site, it doesn’t only help to create your own website, it will also helps you to learn every professional skill that you need to succeed from any online business and earn good amount of money. For further more details on Wealthy Affiliate and in order to find the link to join it, please click this link:-

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We will be more than happy to help you.

Good Luck!

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