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What is An Easiest Website Builder or Not? is a website builder package which includes almost everything that normally website needs. For example, domain, web hosting, email hosting (known as Jimdo webmail service), SSL security, e-commerce store with payment gateways, very easy to use interface, various themes, full SEO optimization, blog features, visitor statistics, contact forum, password protected pages, and so on.

Jimdo provides elements that is compatible to add almost all kinds of HTML codes which allow you to add other widgets and tools.

In order to use all the features offered by Jimdo, you don't have to do anything. You can get all of these features just by registering with Jimdo.

So, if you ask us what is Jimdo, then we can say that the Jimdo is a most easiest website builder platform where anyone without any website knowledge can make a professional website. Once you join with Jimdo website builder platform, you can log in to your website and you will find everything ready for you. There you just need to choose the themes that you want to use for your website and start to post the contents (articles, pictures, videos and so on) as easy as using Microsoft Word.

The knowledge that you need to create website in Jimdo is not more than using Microsoft Word documents.

However, there are still some drawbacks of Jimdo about which we are going to explain later in this post. You will also find the ways to earn money from Jimdo later in this post.

We know WordPress is much more popular website building platform, but still we can say that Jimdo is the easiest one. If Jimdo has launched before WordPress, may be till date it has become most popular website building platform. But also Jimdo is growing day by day.

WordPress was launched in 2003 where as Jimdo was launched in 2007. But also by the end of 2012, 5,000,000 Jimdo websites went online. Later in 2013, numbers increase to 10,000,000 websites. Until 2017, 20 million Jimdo sites have been reported to be online. [Source: Wikipedia]

Jimdo also provides its service free of cost and upgraded version provides you much more flexibility. So, instead of just following our Jimdo review, you can even try it by yourself free of cost. More than that, you can use your free websites that you create in Jimdo for your lifetime.

What is Create Website Free. Build Website Online. Jimdo Mail. Jimdo Website Builder.

Background of Jimdo

Jimdo is operated by Jimdo GmbH company which is from Hamburg, Germany. It was founded by Matthias Henze, Christian Springub, and Fridtjof Detzner in 2007.

When Yahoo announced the closing of GeoCities sites in April 2009, Jimdo helped GeoCities users to transit to Jimdo and also provides 10% discount to the users who moved from Google Page Creater and Geoties to Jimdo Pro service. This step helps Jimdo to grow up more vastly and also help to increase the trust. Like we have said before, by the end of 2012, Jimdo manage to online 5,000,000 Jimdo sites. Until 2017, Jimdo manages to online 20 million websites.

In June 8, 2015, American company Spectrum Equity had invested 25 million Euros in Jimdo. So, now 26.7% of Jimdo GmbH is hold by  Spectrum Equity. Currently, Jimdo has head office in Hamburg, Germany, subsidiary in San Francisco, United States and office in Tokyo, Japan. [Source: Wikipedia]

Pros and Cons of Jimdo

Pros of Jimdo

Very easy website builder hosting:- Aforementioned, Jimdo can be categorized as one of the easiest platform to create website. Because, once you register with Jimdo, you just have to log in using your email address and password and then you will be landed directly in the website. There you can easily post pictures, text, videos, change themes, add codes of services like Google AdSense, open online store just from menu within one click, write something and save it instantly directly on your website.

In another word, if you have basic knowledge to run Facebook and create Microsoft Word document, then you can make highly professional website with Jimdo. It is pretty much like drag and drop concept, packed with innovative features together consisting of website builder, blog, domain name, email addresses and web store.

Making website with Jimdo is like you eat in the restaurant than cooking in home because they make your website dish ready for you, you only have to eat it.

That is why it is categorized as an easy website builder or even can say easiest website builder. If you are searching for the queries like how to build a website for dummies, then Jimdo is the first choice for that. However, it is also useful for the experts because for experts, it is a quick easy website builder platform to save their time and effort to build a professional website.

Full access to almost everything within free version:- The basic Jimdo service known as Jimdo Free is completely free. However, free users can only have website available under subdomain ( If they want their own private domain, they need to upgrade, but no need to purchase domain because upgrade version includes domain in the package.

Unlike other competitors, Jimdo free version also allows the user to build basic online store, but if they want to list more than 5 items, they need to upgrade.

Jimdo free version also offers SEO optimization for limited number of page, for unlimited number of pages, user need to upgrade. So, at least free version of Jimdo give access to almost all function of Jimdo with limited use which is enough for many users.

For those, who need unlimited use of those features, they can upgrade. So, before you upgrade in Jimdo, you will get full idea how it works and how to use its all features which makes you more easy to decide either you want to upgrade or not. More than that, the users can use the free website of Jimdo as long as they want.

Domain and Email Address:- Aforementioned, unlike its competitor like WordPress, Jimdo has included email hosting and domain within Jimdo Pro and Jimdo Business packages. Once you register with Jimdo, you can use webmail Jimdo service (Jimdo mail) through URL for Jimdo webmail login.

Jimdo pricing:- Aforementioned, it is now clear that Jimdo offers all in one package solution to build a website due to which the price of the upgrade version of Jimdo becomes extremely competitive because you don't have to pay any additional fees for those extra features, like email hosting, domain, SSL security, online store, website storage, website hosting and so on.

SEO Optimization:- Jimdo's big strength is full features for SEO optimization. You can optimize your Jimdo website with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing as per your need.

It gives you full control over the elements like page title, description, URLs, image ALT tags to optimize with search engines. Jimdo upgraded versions includes SSL-encryption which will give you additional boost in the search engine. Jimdo also offers Jimdo paid ranking coach tool to assist you more about SEO. You can also exclude certain pages from search engines and can set 301 redirects using Jimdo business.

Fully optimized Mobile Version for your website:- Jimdo mobile version are fully optimized for speed without loosing aesthetic beauty of site. They will set good looking themes for mobile automatically from your chosen theme.

Jimdo App:- Jimdo has provided the application for creating a website within a tablet or mobile phone which is very easy to use compare with any of its competitors. App is available for both iOS and Android.

Combination of Blog and Online store:- Unlike other competitors, you can use both blog and store features together, or just a blog feature only or online store feature only as the way you like within Jimdo. Due to its full SEO optimization features, you will get very good SEO optimization for your blog and connecting those blogs to your online store within same website make you very easy to make good amount of sales.

Very less chance to tear your website:-  Unlike other competitors like WordPress, Jimdo provides all elements and plugins in-build and in readymade format so that you don't have to add any plugins which makes you to have less chance to rot your website.

If you want to add the codes of Google Analytics or Facebook or so on, you can just copy paste those codes on the head section as they have provided within your website setting section, so you don't have to be worried too much about making mistake while pasting those codes.

If you want to advertise some banners or put advertisements of services like Google AdSense, you can simple paste the codes as provided by those platforms exact in the place where you want just by using the elements of Jimdo. So, there is very less chance to tear your website in JImdo.

Customer Support:- The support of Jimdo is very friendly and although they have said they will only reply in office hours, but also they always provide on time support for urgent cases like website hacked, become offline or so on, but there is very less chance for having such big problems with Jimdo because it is almost impossible to tear your website by yourself within Jimdo.

Feedbacks:- If you search around the internet, then you will find more positive Jimdo reviews by its users than the Jimdo complaints which proves its good quality service.

Cons of Jimdo

Flexibility of Jimdo templates and elements:- Although, Jimdo has tried to provide high flexibility to use its templates, but also sometime you feel you can't move things around the way you want. However, good part is that before you decide to purchase Jimdo service, you can try its all templates/elements free of cost using its Free version.

Online store payment gateways:- Although, Jimdo has provided very good online store which is very easy to manage, but also you can use only Paypal as a payment option, there is no credit card gateway directly available. But, still the store it offers is far more better than any of its competitor.

Content publish directly (Build website online):- While you are writing and working with your content, it will be directly publish which is good in one way because that makes your content soon index by Google, but in another case bad as well, because some of your visitors may be will land in your those pages and see how you are developing your content.

But also, still you can hide the page from your menu until you complete your content, but still that makes your content publish online. But, this is the main feature due to which you can make website very easily with Jimdo. So, the best way to mitigate this problem is by developing contents within Microsoft Word at first and then once you complete, start to copy paste from Microsoft to Jimdo platform.

However, if you don't care what other see while you are developing contents, then you can directly start with Jimdo pages as well.

Back up your website:- You can't back up your website within Jimdo platform, but normally it is hard to happen anything bad to your Jimdo website. But also, if in the case you want to back up your Jimdo website, then you can use free tools like HTTrack for windows or SiteSucker for Mac which is very easy tools to back up your Jimdo website within your computer, just in few minutes.

How to earn money from Jimdo?

The direct way to earn money form Jimdo is by taking part in its affiliate program under which you will earn commissions by selling its Jimdo Pro and Jimdo Businesses services as shown in the screenshot below.

Another way to earn money from Jimdo is by making website in your own subject of interest and driving traffic in your that Jimdo website and converting those traffic into sales or showing them advertisements of services like Google AdSense. OK, we will explain about this part later, first of all let's talk about Jimdo Affiliate program.

Jimdo Affiliate Program and Jimdo Compensation plan.

As you can see in the screenshot above, even as a free member you can sell the products of Jimdo known as JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness which are the website builder services as we have explained before and can earn 10% to 20% of the sales amount as recurring commission if you apply for recurring commission, means each time your referral renew his/her subscription, you will earn commission on regular basis, or you can earn one time $20 to $40 for each JimdoPro sale and $70 to $120 for each JimdoBusiness sale if you apply for one time commission.

You need to choose either you want the recurring commission or one time commission.

The commission amount varies according to the amount of sales that you can make. For example, If you can make upto 4 sales, you can earn either 10% of sales amount as a recurring commission or $20 for each JimdoPro sales and $70 for each JimdoBusiness sales as a one time commission.

Similarly, you can earn 15% recurring commission if you can make 5 to 49 sales and 20% recurring commission if you can make more than 50 sales or, you can earn $30 one time commission for each JimdoPro sales and $100 one time commission for each JimdoBusiness sales if you can make 5 to 49 sales.

If you can make more than 50 sales, then you can earn $40 from each Jimdo Pro sales and $120 from each Jimdo Business sales as a one time commission. So, it is upto you either you prefer one time commission or recurring commission.

But, it is not as easy as it seems to earn money from Jimdo Affiliate program. Selling website builder, domain, web hosting services like Jimdo web hosting is not a cup of tea for everyone. For this you should have enough knowledge about affiliate marketing.

If you are expert in affiliate marketing, then sure you can earn very good income from Jimdo affiliate program. Otherwise, we suggest you to take internet marketing training where you will not only learn to earn by making affiliates in affiliate programs like Jimdo, but will also learn the ways to make money by creating website in your own subject of interest, driving traffic to your that website and converting those traffic into sales or earning revenue from those traffic views by placing advertisements in your website by applying with services like Google AdSense, and so on.

Within same training program, you will also learn the ways to make money from any legit online work companies. So, if you want to earn money by making website within Jimdo or in any platform like WordPress or taking part with affiliate program of Jimdo or with any other affiliate programs, we suggest you to take that training. The name of that training program is Wealthy Affiliate which does not only provide the training, but also provides the opportunity to earn money from its affiliate program. For details, click this link:-


If you are looking for the platform to create website easily for you or for your company, or for your local store, or for blogging business, or for e-commerce store, you can definitely choose Jimdo because it is very easy to build website with Jimdo for which you don't need to have any technical knowledge than writing documents in Microsoft Word or posting contents in Facebook.

But, since its main focus is to provide easy platform for everyone to create any kind of websites, blog or e-commerce which includes several plugins, SSL security, domain name, email hosting and so on in one package due to which may be sometime you may not feel flexible to make a website in this platform as the way you want.

But, the good news is that you can create website free of cost in Jimdo and try its all elements and templates within its free version as long as you want. Once you feel you have find everything that you need by using Jimdo Free version, then you can decide by yourself either you want to upgrade to Jimdo Pro or Jimdo Business or not.

But, if you are looking to make money from Jimdo affiliate program or blogging through Jimdo website, then you must be an expert in Internet Marketing.

If you are beginner in Internet Marketing, then first of all we suggest you to take an Internet Marketing training from Wealthy Affiliate where you will learn to make money by creating your own website within your own subject of interest using any platforms like Jimdo or WordPress or so on, learn to make money by making sales by joining affiliate programs like Jimdo, Amazon and so on or making referrals in any kind of online work companies and so on. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-

Please feel free to share this Jimdo review with your friends and families:-

Hope you are able to find out what is from our Jimdo review. If not, then please feel free to leave your comment below if you have to say anything about Jimdo or want to provide us some suggestions or feedbacks or want our help in relation to online business. We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.Good Luck!

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