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What is Is JVZoo a Scam? JVZoo Review

Are you searching for the JVZoo reviews in order to find out the answers of the queries like what is JVZoo, either is JVZoo scam or legit, either is JVZoo's business model legal or not, either is there any complaints or not, what is the problem in JVZoo refund policy, why is there some negative JVZoo product reviews, can you make money on JVZoo or not, either is JVZoo products good or not, either is JVZoo affiliate program good or not, either is JVZoo customer service good or not and so on, then you are absolutely in the right place because here, within our JVZoo review, you are going to find out the complete truth about

Before we begin with our JVZoo review in detail, in short we want to make it clear that JVZoo is not a scam company, but still there are some things that you need to take care of, otherwise you will lose your money instead of earning from this company. If you already know what is ClickBank, then it is not difficult to understand what is because both are similar kinds of programs and like we have said before, in both programs you need to be very careful, otherwise even you can get scammed although these both programs are legit.

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What is JV Zoo?

JVZoo is a marketplace to promote and sell the digital products online. Members of JVZoo can easily list their digital products to promote and sell within a website where as affiliate marketers can make money with JVZoo by marketing and selling those listed products. JVZoo has provided huge marketplace to promote all sorts of digital products in a wide variety of niches. domain was registered in 2011-03-28, while JVZoo was launched to the public in 2012. JVZoo is a subsidiary of BBC Systems, Inc which was founded by E. Brian Rose, Chad Casselman and Bryan Zimmerman. The main headquarter of the company is in Oviedo, Florida, United States and has offices in Mississippi and South Carolina.

What is JVZoo? JVZoo Affiliate Reviews. Both JVZoo Affiliate Login and JVZoo customer Login is from official website of JVZoo.

Either JVZoo's business model is legal or it is a scam?

JVzoo's business model is 100% legal because it is simply an affiliate program where anyone can earn commission by selling its listed digital products or just by listing their own products to sell. So, there is nothing illegal in this business model.

But, you can find many members have listed scam products to sell within JVZoo due to which it increases a risk factor to work with JVZoo about which we have explained in detail as below.

Can you make money on JVZoo or not? Yes, but you need to be careful

Yes, of course you can make money on JVZoo if you are expert affiliate marketer, if not, then you can first of all join a top rated affiliate marketing training program known as WA about which you can find details by clicking this link:-

However, even if you are expert affiliate marketer, then also there are some risk factors involve to work with JVZoo specially if you are only working to sell its listed products than selling your own products because there are lots of junk products listed in JVZoo.

JVZoo doesn't filter their products for scams, so if you want to promote the listed products of JVZoo and want to earn commission by selling those products, it is better first of all you do some research on those products and find out either they are scam or legit. We don't mean that you will not earn money if you sell scam products, but once you sell junk products, from next time your clients who purchase those products from your recommendation will never buy any further products form you due to which you will loose your business as well as reputation.

For example, you can find tons of binary options products within JVZoo which are nothing but the scam products. Buyers of those products even have reported losing more than $10,000 on those products. This is really a bad side of JVZoo because JVZoo doesn't care to filter any products and allow to list, promote and sell all kinds of products. So, if you start to do the marketing of those products, may be at starting you will earn some commission, but in long run, you can't survive as an affiliate marketer because you will lose your reputation and people will not trust you to buy further products from you. So, if you want to make money as an affiliate marketer by promoting and selling the listed products of JVZoo, then do deep research on those products first to find out either they are scam or legit.

There are also other kinds of products listed in JVZoo which doesn't mentioned about upsells at starting and when members purchase those, later on they will find out that they need to pay more money in order to take full benefit of those products, due to which many members will feel that they are cheated. So, although you can promote and sell any JVZoo products free of cost and earn commission, but also it is always better to test the products fully by yourself first by purchasing them, or at least do deep research on them.

However, if you want to make money from JVZoo by selling your own digital products like ebooks, video tutorials, software, apps, plugins, and so on, then you don't have to worry at all because you know better about your own products and you never need to be worried about getting paid because JVZoo is paying on time from years.

Either is there any complaints or not?

Sure, every business will have complaints, even the most good ones and like we have mentioned before, in the case of JV Zoo, you can find lots of complaints regarding its products. However, those complaints are not related with company itself, but are related with the quality of products which are listed within JV Zoo because JV Zoo doesn't filter its products due to which you can find lots of scam products listed there. So, if you want to do the marketing of JVZoo's products, do the deep research on each of those products first of all.

Either is JVZoo Affiliate Program good or not?

Most of the sellers in JV Zoo are ready to offer upto 50% affiliate commission. So, considering this fact, sure Affiliate program of JVZoo is good. But, like we have said before, you must be able to filter the scam and legit products within JVZoo and you also must have enough knowledge to market and sell affiliate products online. If you are beginner in online business industry, then we recommend you to join highly rated training program where you can learn every expert skills of affiliate marketing about which we have explained within our conclusion section as below.

Is it as easy as it seems to sell JVZoo products and earn money?

Nope, definitely not. Like we have said before, first of all you should have skill to filter the scam products and find out the good ones to promote within JV Zoo. However, if you have your own products to sell, at least you no need to worry about filtering products. But, still you should be expert internet marketer, otherwise even you can't sell one product in this competitive market. So, if you don't have enough knowledge about internet marketing, then we suggest you to take a top rated training program where you can learn about these step by step by following video tutorials. You can find more details on that training program within our conclusion section as below.

Pros of JV Zoo

  • Unlike other competitors, in JVZoo you will get payments instantly in your Paypal account. But, if you are new affiliate, then some vendors will want you to wait till the refund period.
  • JVZoo is free to join.
  • In JVZoo, it is easy to list your own products to sell or to promote listed products.
  • JVZoo uses Cookies for its affiliate links due to which whenever you send clients to buy products in JVZoo, your Cookies will be save so that if same client purchase another product in the future from JVZoo using same device, then you will earn commission on that sale as well.
  • You can get upto 50% commission on the sales of JVZoo affiliate products.
  • JVZoo provides excellent tracking service to see the stats of the products that you are promoting.
  • JV Zoo offers products in a wide variety of niches, so you will have an option to choose various kinds of products as per your interest and expertise to promote and sell the products.
  • JVZoo customer service is good because they are responsive to their affiliates.

Cons of JV Zoo

  • You can find lots of junk products within JVZoo. So, before you purchase products on JVZoo or promote them to earn commission, you must do deep research on them.
  • Some of their good products also offers upsells due to which buyers may feel cheated because about those upsells, they haven't mentioned clearly before purchasing the products. So, once again you need do deep research on the product listed in JVZoo before you promote it or buy it.
  • You need to submit an application to the vendor in order to get permission to promote their products and they have full rights to refuse you without any reason.

JVZoo vs ClickBank vs ClickSure

Like JVZoo, you may know or not, but other two popular digital products networks are ClickSure and ClickBank. When we compare JVZoo with ClickBank, it seems the amount of legit and scam products are almost same in both companies, but there are almost 99% scam products within ClickSure, so we choose ClickBank and JVZoo than ClickSure. But, if you consider the payment term, then JVZoo is much more easy to get paid than ClickBank because in JVZoo you can get paid instantly for each sales directly into the PayPal account. So, may be this is the reason why JVZoo is picking up very high and giving tough competition to its competitors.

What is the problem in JVZoo refund policy

Like we have said before, the major attraction of JVZoo is an instant payment of commission directly into the Paypal account of members. But, same thing makes it little bit problematic as well and that is its refund policy because when affiliates get paid instantly in their PayPal account, then later if someone ask for refund, JVZoo will take out money from their PayPal account due to which it may hurt Paypal account of particular affiliates if they need to refund many times. But, we also should not forget the fact that only the bad products get more refund requests. However, if you are new affiliate, then you have to wait refund policy time until you get paid. So, if someone ask for a refund before the return period, you will not get paid if you are a new affiliate.

Conclusion - If you aren't expert affiliate marketing, get training here

We must say that JVZoo is not a scam because it is paying affiliates on time from many years and even instantly as per its terms and conditions. But, we should not forget the fact that there are lots of scam products within it which are listed by its members. So, either you want to make money by promoting the products of JV Zoo, or want to buy those products by yourself, we suggest you to do the deep research on those products to find out either they are scam or not.

Aforementioned, in order to make good amount of money by selling your own products in JVZoo or by promoting and selling the products of other members as listed within JVZoo, you should be an expert internet marketer. If you are not, then don't worry because there is one top rated training program where you can learn everything about internet marketing so that you can make money online by selling any affiliate products of companies like JVZoo or Amazon or ClickBank and so on, or you can create your own products and sell them through your own website or through affiliate programs like JVZoo, or you can make website in your own subject of interest and make money from your own website and so on. The name of that training program is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find our detail review on it and the link to join it by clicking this link:-

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