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What is Music Magpie? Is musicMagpie a Scam or a Legit?

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If you are searching for the music Magpie reviews in order to find out either is Music Magpie a scam or a legit, does musicMagpie work or not, what is in real and so on, then you have landed completely in the right place. Through this Music Magpie review, you are going to find out the complete reality of this company, the real truth. Actually it is the sister site of Decluttr about which we have already provided the detail review which you can find by clicking this link:-

If you want to know the short answer either is musicMagpie scam or not, then the straight forward answer is not. It is a legit company. So, does that mean we recommend it? Well, you can find in the end of this Music Magpie review either we recommend it or not. Actually, there are the things you should consider while working with this company about which we have explained below within this review. If you are thinking to make money from its affiliate program, then it is not easy as it seems and for that you should have good knowledge about internet marketing. So, if you don’t have enough internet marketing knowledge, then we suggest you to take a popular internet marketing training program known as Wealthy Affiliate where you will not only learn to make money from affiliate programs like musicMagpie, Amazon, JVZoo and so on, but you will also learn to earn by making your own website in your own subject of interest and also learn to earn from advertising networks like Google AdSense and so on. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-

OK, now let’s begin with our review to find out what is in real.

Music Magpie scam or not? music Magpie app review. music Magpie legit or not?

musicMagpie login and join in link:-

What is

Music Magpie is a company where you can sell your old unwanted stuffs like DVDs, CDs, games, mobile phones and so on or, you can buy those second hand stuffs which other people have sold in it. You can also earn money from the affiliate program of musicMagpie, means the commission on the sales of its stuffs.

Background of MusicMagPie

According to BloomBerg, musicMagpie is registered under Entertainment Magpie Ltd. and was founded in 2007. The registered address is Black & White House, Hulley Road, Hurdsfield Industrial Estate, Macclesfield, SK10 2AF, United Kingdom. So, the registration data of the company is completely fine and they are in the business from 2007 which proves that they are already sustaining from very long time and growing day by day which is of course a good sign. Actually, the USA version of musicMagpie is a which also have good ratings about which you can find our detail review by clicking this link:-

When we try to find out the top level employees, owners, founders of Entertainment Magpie Limited, then we find out the list of top level employees in Linkedin which you can find in the screenshot as below.

Owners, Employees, Founders of MusicMagpie

So, is that means musicMagpie is legitimate, can we trust it?

Aforementioned, in the “background of musicMagpie” caption, the company is sustaining from very long time and completely upfront with its employees details and the address which is definitely a good. However, we further check the customer musicMagpie reviews and find out that it has very good ratings like 5 stars in TrustPilot with 35,000 + reviews, 3.3 stars in Google Play Store with 4,000 + reviews and C rating within BBB about which you can find the screenshot below.

So, considering these facts, we can sure trust musicMagpie. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any complaints. It also has lots of complaints from the customers about which we have mentioned below.

musicMagpie complaints and things to consider while dealing with it

The lots of complaints against musicMagpie is due the the price difference between the price that people find out while entering the barcode of their items within the website of musicMagpie and the revised price which people get after shipping their items to the company. Most of time people have complained when they found out that they are getting much more lower price than what they have expected by checking the price of item within their website by entering the barcode. You can find some of those complaints as listed below:-

In above Music Magpie complaints, you can see that people are angry only because they didn’t receive the price of the product similar to the price that they have find out while entering the barcode of the product within a official website of musicMagpie. But, people should know the fact that musicMagpie is not purchasing those items for their own use. But, they have to sell those items to other customers. So, definitely they will revise the price according to the amount they can sell those products. If you are a buyer, will you purchase iPhone if that has scratch by paying as same as money in which you will get completely good condition iPhone of same model? Yep, those things looks normal when you are selling your products, but won’t be normal when you are buying the products. That is why before you ship your items to musicMagpie, better you contact the support team of musicMagpie to confirm the price according to the damage that has in your items. If your items are really in very good condition without any damage, then you can just ship the items by checking the price by entering the barcode of the items within official website of musicMagpie or within musicMagpie app.

So, actually these complaints are not a huge drawback of the company if you deal it in well manner.

Do we recommend musicMagpie and its affiliate program to earn money?

Yep, we do recommend musicMagpie and have listed it within our Good and Trusted Online Works section. But, that doesn’t mean you can earn huge amount of money from this company. Nope, you can’t make too much money by selling your old stuffs. However, if your those old stuffs are laying around in your home and only taking the space, but completely useless for you, then definitely this platform is good platform to get rid of those kinds of stuffs such as mobile phones, DVDs, toys, games, CDs, and so on.

Its affiliate program is also not bad, but in same time not a platform to earn big money. You can earn 3% default commission rate on the sales of the products that your new customers purchase. However, you can earn 2% on the sales of tech items and 7% on the sales of media items in the case of new customers. However, you will get only 1% commission on the sales volume of your returning customers, means when your referred customer keep on purchasing more items regularly, each time you will earn 1% commission.

Its affiliate program is useless for you if you don’t have any internet marketing knowledge because without internet marketing knowledge, you can’t earn good enough from its affiliate program because in order to earn from its affiliate program, you need to find the people who click your affiliate link and buy the items from this company. It is not necessary that people should instantly buy the products because once they click your affiliate link, that will save for 90 days within their device and any products those people purchase in musicMagpie within 90 days after clicking your affiliate link, you will get commissions for that. But, the main problem is you need to find the buyers, not just the people who click your affiliate link. In order to find the buyers who are interested to purchase the second hand items like CDs, DVDs, games, mobiles phones and so on, you must target your promotion within relevant groups for which you must learn the internet marketing. So, in order to learn the internet marketing to sell the affiliate products of companies like musicMagpie,, Amazon, JVZoo, and so on, it is better you take a training from the company like Wealthy Affiliate where you will also learn other online business stuffs such as to make money from Google AdSense, as well as by making your own website in your own subject of interest and so on. . If you don’t know what is Wealthy Affiliate, then you can find the details on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-

Actually everything about musicMagpie is similar to Decluttr because musicMagpie is the UK version of the company whereas Decluttr is the USA version, means they are sister sites. So, in order to find out more details on musicMagpie as well as the complaints on it, you can read our detail review on Decluttr by clicking this link:-

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