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Make Money Online with a Foodie Website – NOI
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Why Foodie website for your online business?


Everyone is foodie. Yes you read it right, everyone is foodie. Have you ever heard someone saying I don’t like to eat at all? They may like or dislike something but it’s not possible they don’t like foods by any means. Being foodie means loving and enjoying different varieties of foods and beverages. Everybody has their own interest on foods and beverages. Some like veggies, some like non veggies, some like fruits and some like chocolate, some like fried and some like boiled, some like bakeries and some like sweets, some like spicy and some like mild, it all depends on individual’s taste and origin. Their choice of foods highly depends on the place they are born and what kind of taste they are intaking throughout their life.

Make Money Online with a Foodie Website.

Yes we agree that many people are not interested in cooking but those who are lazy cook are even more foodie. So they are always seeking to try new foods and beverages.


However, the niche market for this foodie category is tremendously huge to start up your online business. You can choose any topic for any particular target group as you can serve anything for those groups. You can choose any category i.e. you can write about dumpling or hotdog, pizza or spaghettis, wines or beers or any other recipes you know well. Due to the accessibility of internet worldwide, foodie people are interested in searching about the foods and beverages in the internet and social medias like twitter, Instagram, even in Facebook pages, Youtube channels on foodie topics are lined up. People search for cooking methods, ingredients and availability so that they can try it at home or for their business purpose. The effect of this foodie business is so much that the tourism sector of any country can be explored with the popularity of their originated foods and beverages i.e. Italian cousin, Chinese cousin, Japanese cousin etc. are so famous worldwide that people specially visit these countries to taste those foods. So you have huge potential market to make handsome money online if you go for this foodie topic for your online affiliate business.



How to make money from your own Foodie website?

After knowing your business topic on foodie and getting your own website you can choose any of the below listed business model for your selected niche market. This foodie industry has incredible online business potentiality that you can go for any topics and anyone could be your niche. You just need to reach to your target audience with right approaches.


Affiliate Marketing: This is the most recommended business module for any online business type. Make your own website where you can blog anything about foodie topics and keep affiliate links to your relevant products. Just write articles about the foods and beverages and put in your website. Low investment with high rate of return. Just blogging, blogging and blogging. Because these contents you write are your actual selling products. People buy your product because of getting influence from your articles. So, writing contents with research on your product is most important as it will help you getting traffic to your website. And getting traffic means making sales and making money online from your foodie website. Just remember that your contents shall be reasonable and to the point to your target group. You don’t need to dig big nose for excellent writing.


You can also promote other supplementary foodie items in your website. You can recommend such products to your viewers, with affiliate linking promotional contents or advertisements to seller’s website. And you will get paid for every sales made through your affiliate links in your website. You can also place the paid or sponsored advertisements or contents or the food related products for promotion in your website for the income as a part of your additional income from your website.


Youtube Channel: Start up your own Youtube channel about foods and beverages where you can provide free visual guidance and instructions to your very targeted audience about recipes, cooking procedures of any foods and beverages. You can also prepare small documentary or video on special foods and beverages of any place, its originality and taste etc. You can add little creativity on your channel by making video on your own invented dish if you are also a foodie category. You can find many such videos which are showing same foods and beverages but with different recipe and cooking methods. Thus you can also repeat the same recipe with different cooking approach. The thing is you need to give little extra and continuous rapport in your videos. This way, you can get large no. of subscribers in your Youtube food channel. You can also earn from advertisements and sponsorships that you get in your food channel from Google.


Sells through Amazon or eBay: You can also sell your food related products i.e. kitchen utensils, spices, food photography, the food items which have long expiry dates, through the Amazon or eBay. You ship your products in their warehouses and when people buy your product through them, they will deliver your product to the buyers within certain time frame. Their shipping is worldwide popular due to their fast service and easy ordering anything available in their website. But here you need to manage your inventory in the warehouses for which you need pretty good investment as well as time.


Selling your own Website: As soon as your website gets large number of traffic and faithful visitors, from which you are making enough money online, you can find affiliate marketers who are willing to pay handsome amount to your website.


Your own digital info Product: You can create your own digital info product i.e. prepare your own ebook or video on any fitness and weight loss issues i.e. healthy diets to healthy body, 7 healthy breakfasts, special recipe for your kitchen, healthy diet for your child, special cooking recipe for sick people or how to cook pizza in pan, Italian foods recipes and so on which you can sell through your own website, Amazon or JVZoo etc. People are very interest on foodie topics that you can also get paying customers for your ebook or video though there are so many free videos in the market but most of the free products are made either for earning through advertisement in it or of less quality products which do not satisfy the enthusiastic customers. And you can encash their anxiety by selling your info products and make money online.

Foodie Website.

Get your own Website – It is very easy, not technical

To start your online affiliate marketing business, you first need to have your own website where you can promote any products you go for your online business. Reaching to wide range of people who are using internet world will be a lot easy for you with your website who can actually be your potential customers. Either they be of any age or gender, of any culture or religion, anyone can be your target audience. Reaching them through your own website can create a brand of your own and ultimately you can make remarkable amount of money online through your referrals in your website. You can promote and recommend any foodie items, foods or beverages or any other relevant products to your niche marketing through your website in terms of articles you write or advertisements you display or affiliate links you put on the concerned products to your website.


And getting your own website is the easiest part of your business nowadays and for that you can simply join the companies like Wealthy Affiliate. Actually, Wealthy Affiliate is the most trusted and proven company that will provide you complete guidance to start up your online business from keyword research to find traffic sources to your website, a forum to help you on your business and establish you as successful affiliate marketer, online entrepreneur and earn good income from your own niche website, means from your own subject of interest. You can find detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-



Driving traffic to your Foodie Website

Having your own website is not enough to make money from your online business but the key to success is driving traffic to your website. If there are no traffic to your website, then how can you make sales? You need to have thousands of traffic in your website for highest Google page ranking. That is why Keyword research is the king in online affiliate business. Keyword research can be done through some keywords research tools or programs available in the Google Search Engine, from which you can find about the highly searched keyword phrases or terms in the Google Search Engine for the foodie topic. This will help you in knowing what exactly people are searching in the internet and what exactly you can write and blog about to satisfy your niche market. Hence, the easiest way to reach to your target audience with your foodie website. Google will display or pop up your website for the viewers who are searching for those keyword phrases. And Google itself has made it easy to find such keyword research. You just need to know how. Click >HERE< to know all about Keyword research for your contents and products. Always go for highly searched keywords with low or medium competition which help you to start your online business and drive people to your website. After knowing such keywords, keep on posting your contents on such different keyword phrases thoroughly and regularly or you can also create videos and upload in your website or YouTube. You must be conscious on the fact that what you write is your opinion and review on your recommended product based on the research which you can do either by involving with that product by yourself or by reading other contents or trusted sites like Wikipedia or so on. Such articles shall contain basis as well as detailed information so that your viewer can get fully informed and influence to buy your recommended products. If they buy your recommended product, then you are successful in making money out of that sale from your website.



Creating your own online business

You can start your own online business picking any business topic you are interested in or you have little knowledge so that you can elaborate your search and write articles to blog in your website. Affiliate marketing has something amazing feature that you can start your business of any industry of your choice in which you can do well i.e. video games, fitness, health, weight loss, art, sports, heritage, culture, gardening, interior designing, fashion, beautifying products, home appliances, gym products, medicines, software or hardware programs, tours and travels, ticketing, toys, photography, scenery, transportation or anything else which have business potentially. You just need to select the right topic of your own interest finding the highly searched keyword phrases lined up with low or medium competition.


Now you can create your own website where you can blog your focused product’s articles or upload videos to the target clients. Afterwards, you also need to response to the queries of your potential customers through comment section to satisfy their curiousness or clarify their confusions. And blogging is not possible without Keyword research. Keyword research is the crucial point through which you can drive traffic to your website as you will get knowledge what your potential viewers are looking for and what exactly you have to offer them. It provides us knowledge on which keyword phrases have high traffic or on which line people are searching for particular products in the Google. So that you can target those people and drive them to your website for that particular product.


Website making these days is not a big issue as many companies are offering the service over the internet. But your choice should be very concentrated and cost effective so that you can completely rely on that company for your website making as well as online business boosting. As per our research, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best company which will provide you the complete course of action on how to start your website and online business i.e. from choosing the topic for your business, Keyword research to finding traffic sources to your website, Google ranking of your website, finding associated products to promote your online business to increase your sales and revenue. So, this is the right platform for you where you can get complete source of actions for your online business, which will help you establish as successful online entrepreneur and that is also you can try for free to see it by yourself.


In order to know every details on Wealthy Affiliate so that you can find out how Wealthy Affiliate really works, then click this link:-


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