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What is Project Ethereum? Is ProjectEthereum Scam? – NOI

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What is Project Ethereum? Is ProjectEthereum Scam or Legit?

Are you here because you were searching for the Project Ethereum reviews? Do you want to find out either is Project Ethereum a scam or a legit? Do you want to know what is in real? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here, within our Project Ethereum review, we are going to reveal the complete truth about Project Ethereum. Actually, we have listed Project Ethereum within our Not Recommended sites list. If you want to know why, then you can find the details within our ProjectEthereum review as below. But, if you are not interested to find out why we don’t recommend Project Ethereum, but instead want to find out the real opportunities to make money online, then you can find the list of legit online work companies by clicking this link:-


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OK, now let’s begin with our review as below to find out what is ProjectEthereum in real. review, What is, Is scam or legit, complaints, reviews.

Project Ethereum login and join in link:- https:// projectethereum. com/ (Not Recommended to join)

What is and why don’t we recommend it?

Project Ethereum is 2×8 matrix cash gifting scheme which is neither a legal nor a sustainable business model. John Johnson is claimed to be  the CEO of the company who was previously affiliated with cryptocurrency platform, but the owner details are hidden within WHOIS details where public can verify. As per the company claims, ProjectEthereum is a MLM company, but it hasn’t any real products or services other than affiliate membership itself which makes it Pyramid scheme, not legit MLM.


This company offers 2×8 matrix based ether gifting payment scheme instead of bitcoin which most of similar kinds of Pyramid schemes are using. Their membership also provides access to Crypto University which is a collection of cryptocurrency ebook guides which is just a show off product to claim themselves as a MLM company, but in real, that product doesn’t have any value, means you can find the content of that product free of cost if you search around the internet.


The 2×8 matrix in Project Ethereum is structured as below:

They use ether gifting payment scheme via 2×8 matrix where affiliate is placed at the top of the matrix having two positions directly under them in level 1. Then level 2 has four positions, Level 3 has 8 positions, level 4 has 16 positions and so on to level 8. Means, in same manner each new levels will have twice positions as the previous level.


The 2×8 matrix compensation plan in is operated as:

The affiliate signs up and gift $90 equivalent ether to an existing affiliate, the one which recruit him/her, which qualifies that affiliate to receive $90 equivalent ether from two subsequent affiliates that he/she will personally recruit known as level 1 referrals. Then in level 2, gift $180 equivalent ether and qualify to get $180 equivalent ether from four affiliates, means from level 2 referrals. In level 3, gift $360 equivalent ether and qualify to get $360 equivalent ether from eight affiliates, means from level 3 referrals and this gifting payment system continues till level 8 in same manner. This way the 2×8 matrix is operated gifting payment in each level before payments to be received from recruited affiliates. However, day by day the number of recruit will be less and the last one who join the system will be unable to get any referrals for him/her and will lose money he/she invested in this program and will leave the company, then the one who refer him/her will unable to earn from him/her and he/she will also leave the company. In this way, at last whole matrix will collapse and company will completely failed. It is not only a theory, there were already tons of sites with this business model which have been already failed, such as, Zarfund, MMM and so on.



Our Final Verdict

Project Ethereum is the cryptocurrency gifting scheme which has been always failed and from where people lost the money rather than earning. The cash gifting scheme only sustain till people can get new recruits, when the last one unable to get the new recruits for him/her, then he/she will leave the company and then his/her sponsor will leave the company and ultimately the whole system will be collapsed. That is why cash gifting schemes are considered as scams and declared as illegal by many concerned authorities. Actually, the CEO of Project Ethereum, John Johnson himself has lost money in Bitcoin Funding Team and he knows well that this system will not sustain for long run. But, he also knows the fact that the owner of this company will never lose the money and is the one who will earn good income from this company. That is why he opened Project Ethereum, to make money for himself. Yep, some people argue with us that all payment are directly gifted from one member to another, so how can owner of the company make more money. Well, in cash gifting scheme, the owner of the company is always the top recruiter of the company. Not only that, the owner of the company not only opens one account, but opens different accounts in different names and pretends to be the member and recruits people to earn as many as they can. 


In this type of matrix model payments, up positions are likely to earn more money and down levels earn very less, even sometimes nothing or even loses the money. This way large mass loses money and only few from up positions get some money. And if you cannot recruit two new affiliates within thirty days, then you will start losing money and your chance of earning will be zero. So we don’t recommend you such company which business model is illegal, unsustainable and where your chance of loosing is more than earning anything. Rather you can go for better options available in the market.



Our Recommendation

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