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What is InvestBank? Is Invest Bank a Scam? – NOI

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What is InvestBank? Is Invest Bank a Scam or a Legit?

If you are here because you were searching for the Invest Bank reviews in order to find out either is Invest Bank scam or legit, what is Invest Bank in real, then you are absolutely in the right place because you are going to find out the complete truth about Invest Bank within our Invest Bank review here. Actually, we have listed Invest Bank within our Not Recommended sites list. If you want to find out why, then you can find the details within our InvestBank review here. So, let’s begin with our review as below in order to find out what is in real. review, What is Is scam? reviews. legit or not. Invest Bank Online. Invest Bank Login.

InvestBank login and join in link:- http:// invest-bank. info/ (Not Recommended to join)

What is InvestBank and why don’t we recommend is a fake bank, not a real bank like it is claiming. Yep there is a real Invest Bank, but is not one of them. It is actually a Ponzi scheme which means neither a legal, nor a sustainable business. It is not a new thing. In the past many sites have already scammed people in the name of bank, such as NewAgeBank, ChinaConstructionBank, AurumBank and so on. So, whenever you see any sites which are claiming to be a bank and offering unbeilable rate of return, much more than what your local bank can offer you, then you must know that is not a real bank or real business.


Let’s think generally. How can any bank pay 2.5% daily interest rate upto 12 months on deposit money? The bank runs by taking deposit and lending the loan in much more interest rate than what they offer to deposit amount. So, in order to make this system sustainable, Invest Bank need to find the client who is willing to take a loan in the rate much more than 2.5% daily interest rate, which means at least 75% monthly interest rate. So, why anyone will take a loan in such high interest rate when they can get a loan in much more lower rate from any local bank around them. So, how the is making money to pay back 2.5% daily interest rate? Well, it is not. Like we have said before, InvestBank is just a Ponzi scheme. So, it will pay only few members at starting using the money invested by other members in order to lure more people into their scheme and will stop paying all of sudden when they collect enough money from several people as per their greed due to which majority of members will lose their money in this site.


If you check the WHOIS details or official site of, you can’t find any information about who and from where is running and operating the InvestBank. You should know the fact that legit online businesses never hide their owner details, only scam companies do. So, there are lots of fake claims made by InvestBank which only proves that it is an upcoming scam. So, we don’t recommend anyone to invest or deposit their money in InvestBank.


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