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What is Mannatech? Is Mannatech a Scam or a Legit? – NOI

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What is Mannatech? Is Mannatech a Scam or a Legit?

Are you searching for Mannatech reviews in order to find out what is, either is Mannatech Pyramid scheme or not, either is Mannatech scam or not, do Mannatech products work or not, background of the Mannatech company, either is Mannatech real or not, either there are any Mannatech scam alert and warnings or not, what is the reason for having are lots of negative Mannatech product reviews, either there is any Mannatech lawsuits and charges against it or not, either there is any Mannatech complaints against it or not, does Mannatech pay or not, Mannatech opportunity to earn money according to Mannatech compensation plan is right choice or not, either is Mannatech fraud or not, and so on? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here, within our Mannatech review, you will find all those answers including Mannatech products review, overall complete truth to reveal what is Manna Tech.


Before we begin with our detailed review on Mannatech, we want to make it clear that Mannatech can’t be consider as a Pyramid Scheme because its main focus is to sell its products and also can’t be consider as a scam because it is paying its every affiliates who are earning money from it by selling its products. But also, we have listed it within our Not Recommended companies list. Surprise to see why we don’t recommend anyone to work with Mannatech when company is neither a Pyramid nor a scam? Do you want to find out what goes wrong with Mannatech? Well, it is due to the products of Mannatech which have lots of issues and complaints about which we are going to explain in detail within our Manna Tech review as below. However, before that if you want to find out what kinds of companies do we recommend if we don’t recommend companies like Mannatech, then you can find the full list of our recommended companies by clicking this link:-


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OK, now let’s begin with our review as below in order to find out what is in detail.

What is Mannatech? Mannatech review. Is Mannatech scam or legit?

The picture as above is the screenshot which has been taken from the Mannatech official site.

Mannatech login and join in link:-

What is Mannatech? Background of Mannatech

Mannatech is a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company which is founded by Samuel L. Caster in November 1993, at Texas, USA. Mannatech provides opportunity to earn money from it by selling its health and wellness products and recruiting other to do the same. Product line of Mannatech is categorized as Integrative Health, Targeted Health, Weight and Fitness, Skin Care, Home living. The Mannatech claims that if their products don’t work as per their claims, then consumers can return back their products within 6 months and they will return back money of the consumers. But, in their own website they have claimed in small letter that their products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and it is hard to find those kinds of consumers who are willing to intake their products to test them either that work for them or not. That makes everyone very difficult to sell the products of Mannatech due to which the possibility to earn from Mannatech will be very less because the only way to earn money from Mannatech is by selling its products. More than that, even they have already faced legal interaction from many concerned authorities some of which we have pointed as below (Source: Wikipedia)


Mannatech has already got lots of charges from several concerned authorities and each time they have paid the penalty and keep on running the business. For example, on September 9, 2005, the plaintiff class accused Mannatech for issuing a series of material misrepresentations and a class-action lawsuit was filed against Mannatech for alleged violations of the Securities Exchange Act and Mannatech settled the class-action lawsuit on March 20, 2008 by agreeing to pay $11.25 million to the plaintiff class, but also Mannatech didn’t admit they were doing anything wrong. So, why did they agree to pay $11.25 million if they were not wrong, that only they know. The medical doctors of Mannatech were charged by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott  on July 5, 2007 for operating an illegal marketing scheme and violating the state law. Later on Mannatech settled the civil complaint by agreeing to pay $4 million to its clients and $2 million to the state and $1 million as a civil penalty. That time Abbot also warned the general public to be aware of phony claims of magic cure pills and don’t duped into purchasing something that has no real effect or value. However, even Mannatech agreed to settle by paying penalty, once again they didn’t agree for any wrong doing and just said that settling was easier than debating. Do you really think any company will agree to pay such a big amount of penalty if they are not wrong? Mannatech and its founder have been also charged by Texas Attorney General for the false trade practices like exaggerating the health benefits of their products, such as their product Ambrotose was promoted to cancer patients by claiming that helps to boost the immune system, but the scientific evidence to support those claims was lacking. However, we are surprise to see that they are still in the business after such charges and penalty. We don’t know why concerned authorities think paying penalty is enough to keep on running the business. We are saying this because still they are selling such products, such as, they claim that their Manna Boom will help to ignite the immune system, but within the bottom of their own website in very small letter, they have stated themselves that those claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. So, why people buy such things if those are claimed to do something which has not been verified by concerned authorities. Anyway, we will not test ourselves by intaking such products and we think many people will also not like to test such kind of health related products. Actually, these are the main reasons why we have listed Mannatech within our Not Recommended sites list.



How to earn money from Mannatech? Mannatech Compensation plan

As per Mannatech claims, you can earn money in 18 ways from Mannatech and those are Retail Profit, Member Bonus, Member All-Star Bonus, Direct Bonus, Generation Direct Bonus, Personal Power Bonus, Automatic Order Bonus, Team Bonus, Team Development Bonus, Leadership Bonus, Leadership Generational Bonus, Leadership Level Bonus, Leadership Development Bonus, Presidential Development Bonus, Lifestyle Bonus, Silver and Gold Presidential Bonus, Platinum Presidential Bonus and Incentives.


You can find the full compensation plan of Mannatech within their PDF file by clicking >HERE<


Anyway, even they provide several ways to earn from Mannatech, every plans revolves around selling their products and recruiting other and teach them to do the same. In order to join Mannatech as a distributor, you have to pay $48 as a membership fee and then need to choose one pack from their three options for which you need to pay additional money. You can purchase their Basic pack from $99-$169, All-Star pack in $499 and Premium All-Star pack in $999. Once you purchase any of those packs, you need to start to sell the products of Mannatech in order to earn money form it and recruit other to do the same. But, since their products have already faced lots of issues, it will be very hard to sell their products, even have chance you make zero sales, which means you have to take a risk of your investment in order to work with this company. 




Aforementioned, the health related products of Mannatech has not been evaluated by concerned authorities and they have faced lots of lawsuits and have paid penalty for marketing their products with false claims which makes every members of Mannatech very difficult and risky to earn money from it because first of all you need pay to join its MLM opportunity and after that need to sell its products or recruit other to do the same, but since its products has already faced lots of issues which will make you very hard to convince people to purchase its products due to which even have a chance that you will be unable to sell even one product of Mannatech and lose your investment that you need to invest to join its MLM opportunity. So, there is a risk to work with Mannatech. So, from our side we don’t recommend you to work with Mannatech, but final choice is yours. Actually, we only recommend those kinds of companies where there is not any risk, where it is not necessary to sell anything or recruit anyone in order to earn money and which are established with proven track record of success from many years. For example, you can take a look at our No.1 recommended online work company known as Wealthy Affiliate where you can earn money just by following the lessons and making website very easily within your own subject of interest without having any technical knowledge because you can find the readymade website within Wealthy Affiliate where you only need to provide the website name as per your subject of interest and then need to post the contents within that website in the same manner as you post within Facebook and learn the ways  to earn money form that website, even without recruiting anyone or selling anything or if you want to sell the products of companies like eBay, Amazon through your website, then about that also you can learn within same platform. Actually Wealthy Affiliate is like an university for online business. You can find more details on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


You can find the full list of our recommended online work companies within our Good and Trusted Online Works section by clicking this link:-


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