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Morinda Review, Is Morinda Scam or Legit? Genuine?

Morinda is a MLM company with the products of wellness and body care. Morinda MLM program is paying to its members on time, but also still we don’t recommend you to work with this company because it has lot of complaints from the consumers regarding Morinda products and Morinda customer service, even Morinda products are not certified by FDA, so it will be very hard for us to convince people to buy Morinda products and the only way to earn money from this company is by selling products or recruiting people to do the same.

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Background of Morinda, What is Morinda and where is Morinda office?

Morinda was founded by Kerry Asay, Kelly Olsen and Stephen Story. According to WHOIS record, the domain is registered in 1997 under Morinda Inc., located at 737 E 1180 S, American Fork, UT84003/USA. It is also known as Tahitian Noni international.

Morinda is MLM company with health and wellness products such as, Tahitian Noni, Truage, Hiro, Morinda Wellness, Shop home as categorized products and you can also find other products like Whole Food Blends, Essential Oils, Age Defense, Anti Aging Body Care, Sales tools, Nutritional Products, Superfruit Beverages, Supplements and so on.

Since Morinda is MLM company, it claims you can earn money by selling its products or recruiting people to do the same. But the problem is that their products are not backed up by any kind of scientific measures. They are from USA and offering health and wellness products which should be certified by FDA, but FDA hasn't certified the product of Morinda. You can also find complaints from so many consumers for not being satisfied with their products.

Actually Morinda had already got a legal problem in the past. They got charges for providing false claims, testimonials and advertising materials such as their Tahitian Noni juice could treat or cure various diseases, but was not backed up by FDA or neither was scientifically proven.

So, at last they did a multi-state settlement on August 26, 1998 according to which they can't claim their products can cure or prevent any disease until it is proven by FDA, they can't do any health claim until approved by governing bodies, they can't use testimonials until all customer experience same results.

According to the settlement, even Morinda need to refund if any customer requested in writing, but Morinda hasn't mentioned about it well to their customers. Morinda also had to pay $100K legal cost but that was nothing for Morinda when company had already made millions. Many customers don't know about this legal issue with Morinda

However, now a days, although Morinda is not claiming directly to cure diseases from their products, but their affiliates and members are still claiming to cure diseases, providing fake testimonials to sell the Morinda products and Morinda knows about it very well.

But, they let it happen because they know the only way to sell their products is by providing false claim. Without false claims, it is hard to find any customers who are willing to buy the products in so expensive price just because product has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc. For example Morinda is selling Noni Juice Tahitian now by saying that it will give you more energy, and help strengthen and includes minerals, vitamins, antioxidants etc. which will cost you $140.

More than that, before you able to buy any products of Morinda at the price points of the products, first of all you have to join company by purchasing $300 starter kit. Do you really want to buy some juice without any magical claims by signing up with a company by paying $300 for their starter kit? So, in order to sell these products you must make some fake magical claims, otherwise it will be very hard for you to sell its products.

On top of that, even Morinda claims their products are clinically tested, they are unable to provide actual test results and still their products are still not approved by FDA.

How to earn money from Morinda?

In order to earn money from Morinda, first of all we have to join the company by paying $300 for starter kit. Actually it is an expensive amount for everyone to spend at the starting point in any kind of online businesses. Morinda is a MLM company, so to make money out of it, you have to sell its products by convincing people to pay $300 for its starter kit in order to sign up with company.

But, it is really hard to convince the people to buy its products because its products haven’t certified by FDA or any other concerned authorities. So, after paying $300 to work with Morinda, there is not any guarantee that you can make money from it because it is very hard to recruit people and sell the health and wellness products which are comparatively very expensive and also are not backed up by authentic scientific measures.

There are other several risks involved to work with Morinda about which we have pointed out within our "Drawbacks of Morinda" caption as below. So, we simply don't recommend anyone to work with Morinda, however final decision is yours.

Drawbacks of Morinda

  1. The only way to earn from Morinda is by recruiting people and selling them products of Morinda, but the products of Morinda is not certified by concerned authorities like FDA although its products is related with health and wellness niche. So, it will be very difficult to convince people to buy its products.
  2. In order to work with Morinda, you have to purchase $300 starter kit and let your recruits also do the same which is very expensive rate to start any online business. It is hard to recruit the people who are willing to pay $300 for the products which has no guarantee.
  3. The only way to sell the products of Morinda is by convincing people to sign up with Morinda first of all by purchasing their $300 worth products. It is very difficult to find such kind of people who are willing to pay $300 just to sign up in some company to buy the products or to make money where there is not any guarantee that you can even make the amount that you have invested in the company.
  4. In the past, Morinda used to claim that Tahitian Noni juice could treat various diseases, but FDA has found its products hasn’t backed up by any scientific measures yet. Even Morinda face charges for that and at last they made a settlement by doing agreement to stop doing such false claims.
  5. But still lots of affiliates of Morinda are advertising Morinda products by claiming to cure various diseases about which Morinda is not taking action because they simply knows their product can't be sell without those kind of claims since their product price is very high just to sell as simple health supplement and even are not certified by any concerned authorities.
  6. You can also find lots of complaints by the customers about the Morinda products and services. You can find the complaints like Morinda has never delivered their products on time and even some of their customers had found that they delivered the products which was going expire soon.
  7. When customers asked why they send the products which date was going to expire when their products usually have 2 years expiration time, then they simply replied that according to the Moridna policy, they can ship out the products if those products still have 2 months time to expire. Do you really want to buy some products which are 2 years old and going to expire soon in a month?


Aforementioned in our "Drawbacks of Morinda" caption, there are lots of issues with Morinda company and its products. So, we simply don’t recommend you to join and work with Morinda. However, they are paying to their every members who can sell their products and make money from this company. So, if you want to take a risk, it is all upto you, but we have listed this company in our Suspicious category and will not recommend such kind of risky company to anyone.

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We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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