What is Empowr.com? Is Empowr Legit or Scam?

Is Empowr a scam or a legit?  Are you searching for the Empowr reviews in order to find out what is Empowr, a scam or a legit? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here, within our Empowr review, you will find the complete truth about Empowr, its both pros and cons, such as about Empowr complaints, Empowr customer service, Empowr compensation plan, background of Empowr, Empowr scams claims and so on.

Before we begin with our www.empowr.com review in details, in short we want to make it clear that we don’t recommend this company because they are cheating their members by showing big earnings, but only paying around 1% amount of that earnings and that is also only if those members pay money first of all from their own pocket for the fees as required by the company and wait for 3 months to get the payment which is very complicate to understand. So, we have listed Empowr within our Not Recommended sites list.

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OK, let's find out what is Empowr, review on Empowr as below.

Empowr scam, What is Empowr review, what is Empowr a Scam?

Empowr Login and Join in URL:- http://www.empowr.com/

Background of Empowr

Empowr was founded by Brandie Williams and Michael Pousti and the company domain www.empowr.com was registered back on 2003-06-11, but the Empowr was start to operate from 2014, before that they were called as Fanbox and Project Uplift. However, there is not any information about the owner of this company within the WHOIS record, we can find the name of the founders only from their website. As we have mentioned before, Empowr use to be known as Fanbox and Project Uplift in the past days, but now they have changed their name as Empowr and the reason for changing this name is nothing more than to hide the negative feedbacks and complaints in the name of their previous companies.

Empowr is a kind of social media website like Facebook, Google Plus etc. which offers you to earn money just by completing simple tasks like commenting on posts, sharing posts, liking posts etc. Unlike in other social media sites like Facebook, here you are free to share almost everything, even your affiliate links. That is why there are some members who are actually more into this site for getting free advertisements for their website/affiliate links than actually making money from it. As you more share, comment, post through your Empowr profile, you can make more money from this site. When you get engagement in your posts, you can earn money on that as well. However, the most bad point is their compensation plan which is not clear and even sometime it will be hard for you to find one piece of information that clearly outlines the payment plan and actually, when you try to withdraw, first of all they will ask you to pay money from your own pocket for their fees and after that also you will be not able to withdraw your all earnings and they will let you use those earnings for the advertisements and the amount you can withdraw will be only around 1% of what you will earn in Empowr. In short, you can't make good enough money from here and to earn pennies, you have to invest in dollars.

How to earn money from Empowr? Actually we don't recommend it

Actually we don't want you join Empowr to make money. After paying in dollars, you will end up earning in pennies and even sometimes, you will have chance to lose more money than what you can earn from here due to their complicated compensation plan.

As per the company claims, you can earn huge 1000s of dollars by doing simple tasks. All you have to do is just sharing the post, comments, etc. same like in other social media sites like Facebook. But, they haven’t mentioned clearly how much you can earn by those sharing and posting. Their compensation plan is one of the most complicated compensation plan compare with every other online work companies which is very confusing for most of the people to understand.

In order to cashout your payment, you have to provide your Paypal account with your payment details and also have to pay the fees from your side first of all. They claim that you can earn free of cost and even show you big earnings, but when you request for the payment, you have to pay from your pocket first of all and after that also have to wait for 3 months to get the payment and on top of that, when you get the payment, you will receive only around 1% of your earnings and if you ask where is your rest of the earnings, then you will end up knowing that those all cut in their various plans and fees and most of your earnings only can be use in advertisements. So, if that is the case, why they show that big amount of money in the front of people in the first place and make them feel that is easy platform to earn money? They are doing that because they know they can lure people by showing big amount of money for doing simple tasks. But, if at the end, they are not paying that much amount of money, then that is kind of cheating people and wasting their time, don't you think? Everyone has right to know everything before they start to work with any company, not after when they think they have earned $1000 free of cost, but getting only 1% of that earnings and that is also by paying from their side first.

For example, if you make $10 and check your Ad Credit balance, that will show that you have utilized around $9 of advertisement fees from your earnings, which means your net earnings will be only around $1. On top of that, in order to cash out that earning, you have to pay 2.9% of Ad platform fee on a monthly basis. So, now how much you can earn from there, you can calculate yourself. Sometime even it seems we will end up spending more here than earning from here.


Aforementioned, their compensation plan is complicated for most of the people to understand and their customer service never guide people properly and they show you big money first of all and keep on cutting your earnings in the name of adcredits. Once you provided your payment details, they will start charging your credit card or Paypal once you start using more than $2 worth of fees and even they will do it without notifying you. You will know it when you see the fees are cutting from your Paypal or credit cards. On top of that, they have provided fake testimonials on their site. We have never seen any legit online work companies providing the fake testimonials. More than that, they keep on changing the name of their company from Project Uplift to Fanbox to Empwor and the reason for changing the name is only because there are already lots of complaints from many people against those previous company names. So, they just want to clear those complaints against them by changing the name. Otherwise everyone knows that none of the legit company need to change their name. Even the legit company want to established the brand name by putting the same name, not always want to keep on changing the name and become the unestablished brand. Not only that, they only change the name, but company business model is same. Aforementioned, even you have to pay money from your own pocket first of all in order to get the payment and after that also you have to wait for 3 months to get the payment and you will get only around 1% of your earnings, other all will be cut in fees and adcredits. So, do you want to take a risk of your time and investment for pennies of earnings? Anyway, we don't know about you, but we don't recommend this company due to those reasons because we recommend companies like Wealthy Affiliate which have shown everything clearly before joining the company, where percentage of successful members are in very high amount, which business model is sustainable and not risky, which is established from 2005, from where you can earn in dollars to make a living, not in pennies. For more details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link:- newsonlineincome.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/

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