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What is Paid2Youtube? Is Paid2Youtube a Scam?

Is Paid2YouTube scam or legit? Are you searching for the Paid2YouTube reviews in order to find out what is Paid 2 Youtube, either is Paid 2 YouTube scam or legit? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because, here, within our Paid 2 YouTube review, we have provided the complete truth about Paid2YouTube, both pros and cons, such as, about fake Paid2Youtube legit claims, about fake Paid2YouTube payment proof, Paid 2 YouTube complaints, and so on, overall about what is Paid2 YouTube. However, before we begin with our detail Paid2YouTube review, in short, we want to make you clear that we have listed it within our Bad and Scam Online Works sites list because there are lots of negative reviews and complaints from the members of Paid2 YouTube specially for not getting payment and also for suspending the account of members without any valid reasons. If you are thinking if we don't recommend Paid2YouTube, then which companies we recommend. If so, then you can find the list of our recommended online work companies by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/legitimate-work-home-businesses/


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Let’s begin with our Paid2YouTube.com review as below and find out what is Paid 2 You Tube and why we don't recommend it and list it within our Bad and Scam Online Works section.

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Paid2YouTube Join in and Paid2YouTube Log in URL:- http://paid2youtube.com/

Background of Paid 2 YouTube, What is a Paid 2 YouTube?

As per WHOIS record, the owner details of Paid2YouTube is hidden using 1&1 Internet Inc service which is from Chesterbrook, USA . So, from WHOIS details, we only can find that the domain, paid2youtube com was registered in 2009-07-01. They haven’t provided any information about the owner in their website as well.


Paid 2YouTube is a website which claims you can earn money by watching the videos, subscribing other people’s YouTube channel, liking and commenting on their videos, etc.



How to earn money from Paid 2 Youtube? Can you really earn from it?

First of all we want to make you clear that it is better not to expect to earn money from Paid2YouTube because there are already tons of complaints from its members for not getting payment from the company after the cashout request. However, if you still wanna know what company offers to earn money from it, then you can find the details as below.


The membership of Paid 2 YouTube is free. Once you sign up with free account, you can view videos there in order earn money. You can earn 30 cents for watching each video, 10 cents for liking the video, 15 cents for subscribing the video and 10 cents for commenting on video. You can also earn money by referring other people into the site. When you referrals do the same things as you are doing in Paid2YouTube, viewing, liking, subscribing videos, you will earn commission from them. You can also buy or rent referrals within Paid2YouTube.


It sounds very easy to earn money on this site, right? Wrong because the fact is there are already tons of members who haven’t got paid by the Paid2YouTube. Even you can find lots of complaints for suspending the account of members or just giving them strange reason for not paying. More details you can find in the conclusion section as below.




Aforementioned, we don’t recommend Paid2YouTube and have listed it within our Bad and Scam Online Works section because Paid2YouTube is not paying its members and providing fake payment proofs within their forum and also giving lots of excuses for not paying members after the withdrawal request. There are lots of complaints from majority of members for not getting payment and even getting their account suspended by Paid2YouTube without any valid reason or just after when they keep on asking about pending payments. On the top of that, they haven’t mentioned clearly about the owner and their address on their website as well as within a WHOIS details. So, it is better just to stay out of this company.


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