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What is PerfectlyPosh? Is Perfectly Posh a Scam Or Genuine?

As per our Perfectly Posh review, PerfectlyPosh is neither a scam nor a Pyramid scheme. But, also still we don’t recommend you to join this company because you can find lots of complaints from the consumers about its product quality.

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Perfectly Posh was founded by Ann Dalton and Andrew McBride. As per WHOIS detail, site is registered under Perfectly Posh LLC, with owner name Ann Dalton and with owner address 2256 S 3600 W, Salt Lake City, USA. Its website, "" was registered in 2007, but the company was launched at 2011.

It is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company with beauty products especially for women such as, Perfectly Posh Lip Balm, Hand Cream, Foot Products, Skin Cream, Bath Bars, Face Wash etc. The company has claimed that they haven’t mixed any irritations and controversial ingredients or fillers in their products. But, many costumers have complained that they are having pink or red irritations on their skin by using the products of it.

You can also find several Perfectly Posh products reviews indicating the bad quality of its products. Even we have find out that some Perfectly Posh consultants have warned the customers that PerfectlyPosh products can bring bad effects for some people on their skin while selling the PerfectlyPosh products to them.

At least it is good to see that some of the PerfectlyPosh consultants are honest. But the problem here is the PerfectlyPosh themselves who deny their products have any harmful ingredients which can have side effect on someone's skin. We know that even we can find the complaints on good products, but it seems the complaints on Perfectly Posh products are out numbers. So, we can conclude that the product quality of Perfectly Posh is not so good.

How to earn money from Perfectly Posh? Its Pay Plan!

First of all you have to purchase starter kit which cost $94 plus shipping and tax to be eligible to work with Perfectly Posh. You can earn commission by recruiting the new people, means making people your referrals by letting them join PerfectlyPosh through your affiliate link. Once you recruit the people and sell the products to them, there you will earn from 20% to 25% commission from first tier and 1% to 6% commission on different level.

That means, you can also earn commission from the recruited members of your downline too, means from the referrals of your referrals and so on up to 3 level. So, more people you can recruit, more money you can earn from this company.

You will earn 20% commission as a starter member from the sales of the products of PerfectlyPosh that you make from your first tier and 25% when you move up to the next rank in the company. They have small items and the prices of the kits are also cheap like around $10 for one soap. It means 25% of $10 item is just $2.5.

It seems you need to sell many products in order to earn good amount of money form this company. But, the problem is the quality of the products is not so good, so it will be difficult to sell the products. It will also be hard to convince the people to work with this company as our referrals.

Conclusion of this Perfectly Posh review

As mentioned earlier in this Perfectly Posh review, people are having pink or red irritation on their skin by using the products of PerfectlyPosh. Those kind of complaints are in large scale. Every product have some complaints, but in the case of Perfectly Posh product, you can find lots of complaints about the quality of the products.

If the products haven’t good quality, it will be very difficult to sell those products and also will be very hard to recruit the people who are willing to earn money by selling those products. Means, if we are unable to sell the products of Perfectly Posh, we will earn nothing from the company because PerfectlyPosh is MLM company where we can earn only by selling its products or recruiting members to do so.

On top of that, we need to risk $94 to start business with Perfectly Posh and even we have find that the maximum number of members are unable to earn the amount that they have invested to work with Perfectly Posh. We are not saying that there are not any members who have earned from Perfectly Posh. There are some members who are earning good income from Perfectly Posh, specially members who are expert in sell anything online.

Therefore, it is completely upto you either you want to take a risk of $94 to start work with Perfectly Posh or not, but from our side, we have listed it in our Suspicious category and don’t recommend you such kind of risky company.

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