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What is Vidoza? Is Vidoza Scam or Legit?

What is Vidoza? Either is Vidoza a scam or a legit? Are you searching the Vidoza reviews to find out the answers to these queries? OK, then let’s find out the answer of these queries through our Vidoza review here.

What is Vidoza? Is Vidoza a scam or a legit?

Vidoza is a video hosting and sharing service where members can earn money on per view basis on their videos for which members need to upload videos and share the link of those videos in other websites, blogs, and forums. It is completely free to do that. So, it sounds an easy way to make money, doesn’t it? Well, not so fast. Although it provides a free way to make money online, still we don’t recommend it as a platform to make money online. We don’t mean it is a scam but it is not the best way to make money online.

OK, let’s find out why we don’t recommend Vidoza as a platform to make money online as below within our Vidoza review.

Vidoza complaints. Vidoza fake or real? Vidoza legit or fraud?

Why don’t we recommend Vidoza to make money from it?

We don’t recommend Vidoza as a platform to make money online because of three reasons. The first reason is due to the low earnings. You can’t make a good income from this site because the earnings are very low compared with the work and effort you need to put. The highest-earning you can make is from Tier 1 countries which is $33 per 10,000 views or downloads. The Tier 1 countries include the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany.

You can earn $22 per 10,000 views or downloads from Tier 2 countries which include Canada, Australia, Portugal, Norway, Denmark and Finland; $11 per 10,000 views or downloads From Tier 3 countries which include France, Japan, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands and Belgium; $5.5 per 10,000 views or downloads from Tier 4 countries which include Serbia, Colombia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Brazil, Poland, Mexico, Romania, Hong Kong, Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, and India; $1.5 per 10,000 views or downloads from Tier 5 countries which include all other countries.

Now you find out how much you can earn from Vidoza which is definitely not easy to make a good income. You can’t upload pirated movies or TV shows or any other copyright materials. So, in order to earn, you must upload original videos. Now you can think yourself how much it is difficult to get 10,000 views for new videos and even if you manage to get 10,000 views, maximum you can earn is $30. So, to make a decent income from this company you must be very good at making an interesting video. But, if you are really good at making a video, then why even you need this site. You can make money easily from the popular site like YouTube if you can make a good video which can be popular in short period of time. However, it is not a cup of tea for everyone to make a good video. So, Vidoza is not the platform for everyone to make a good income online.

The second reason we don’t recommend Vidoza is due to the lots of copyright materials that we have found in Vidoza. We have found lots of movies, TV shows and so on shared by members of Vidoza without following the copyright terms. We have found such videos are not deleted by Vidoza even for months. We have found many sites that have shut down due to the copyright problems, video piracy problems. If Vidoza doesn’t take this copyright issue seriously then they may get the serious legal problem in the future.

The third reason we don’t recommend Vidoza is due to its anonymous owner. It hasn’t revealed who and from where is operating Vidoza on its website and that information has been also hidden within WHOIS. In online business industry, only scam sites have found to be hiding their owner details, not the legit ones. After all why anyone needs to hide their identity if they are confident in their business. So, we never recommend anyone to rely on any online business with hidden owner details.

Now it’s up to you decide either is Vidoza scam or not. However, it’s free to upload videos on this site, so you can try your luck by uploading the video on this site. But don’t rely completely on this site for your online earnings. From our side, definitely, we don’t recommend it due to the aforementioned 3 reasons.

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