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Romwe complaints. Romwe fake or real? Romwe legit or fraud?

Before we begin with our Romwe review, we want to introduce ourselves to you.


We are the team of experts who are doing the investigation on online businesses from 2013 and have already saved lots of people from 1000s of scams. Whenever we find out the new online businesses, we investigate them and list them either as a scam or legit. Even we have already done the reviews on lots of online stores and have found too many online store scams. But when we did research on, it makes us very difficult to identify either is scam or legit.


So, instead of declaring is a scam or legit, here we are providing you the facts that we have found about online store. So, let's begin with our review to find out those facts.



What is claims to be a global online store for fast fashion. Romwe claims to provide the high-value trendy pieces at incredible prices while ensuring the high-quality service. Romwe claims to design, source, market and sell clothing, accessories and home & living products. So, in short, is an e-commerce website, means an online store.


Now let's find out either is it delivering the goods to its customers as per its promise or is there a different story?


Well, from our research, we find out that Romwe is delivering the items to its clients, so it's better not to call it a scam, however, we don't recommend it because there are some drawbacks about this site which you can find as below.



Drawbacks of

  • The renowned user review website has reported that they have found lots of fake reviews. So, it is definitely not a good practice that any company should follow. You can find the screenshot below which we have taken from the Trustpilot website where they have mentioned about fake Romwe reviews.
Trustpilot report about fake Romwe reviews.

  • You can find lots of complaints around the internet about the quality of products that it is delivering. People have complained that has delivered them very cheap quality products which look very much different than what Romwe has advertised on its website. People have also complained that has delivered them damaged items.
  • You can also find lots of complaints from people for not delivering the products on time.
  • People have also complained that the customer support of Romwe is very unresponsive and they are not friendly for a refund.


Examples of Romwe complaints:-

Above are just a few examples of complaints. Actually, you can find lots of complaints which are almost similar to the above complaints from various users in the renowned sites like


Yes, we know the fact that every company will have complaints. But, if the volume of complaints is larger than the number of positive reviews, then we should be cautious with that company. In the case of Romwe, we found the volume of complaints is larger than the positive Romwe reviews.



Let's dig more into

In "About Us" section of website, you can find it has claimed that it delivers the products from its warehouses in the US, Europe, and China to nearly every country in the world. However, lots of people have reported that their products are shipped from China due to which they receive their items very late, almost after 1-2 months. Even the clients from Europe and USA are complaining about the delay in the shipment. So, if Romwe has warehouses in the US and Europe, then why is it not delivering the items on time to its clients who are from the USA and Europe. So, it looks like it has lied about having warehouses in the USA and Europe.



Conclusion: Pros and Cons of

Lots of new online stores launched almost every day and most of them are scams. Most of those scam online stores even don't deliver any items or deliver damaged or completely different items. However, is at least delivering the items and even some clients are happy with the purchased products which they receive from this online store. But still, there are lots of complaints from its clients for not delivering the good quality items.


Unlike other scam online stores, Romwe has provided the detailed contact information on its website.


Romwe knows that the legit online stores should deliver the good quality items, should deliver the purchased items on time as per their TOS, should deliver the items exactly similar to what they have advertised on their website and so on. We can say Romwe knows these things because Romwe has promised to provide these services on its website. However, by observing the complaints from its users, it doesn't seem is keeping its promise.


So, the pros of Romwe is its clear contact information and some positive reviews from its clients. However, its con is the complaints from its clients about its delay in delivery, low-quality products, unresponsive customer support, and refund service. So, if Romwe can mitigate these problems in a good manner and handle the complaints spontaneously, then it can be considered. Otherwise, at the moment we don't think we should purchase the items from the online store like Romwe when we have plenty of legit and renowned online stores available such as


So, from our side, we don't recommend Romwe and have listed it in our Not Recommended sites list and will list it there until it mitigates its problem. However, if you have a different option for Romwe online store and want to provide your own Romwe reviews, then please feel free to leave your comment below. We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.


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