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How to Make Money from Google?

There are lots of scams out there which claim that you can earn money by doing certain tasks or offers or surveys for Google. Well, we are not talking about those scams because those are not the real ways to earn money from Google. There are only three ways to earn from Google, two are direct ways and one is an indirect way.

The direct ways to earn money from Google is either by applying with Google AdSense and displaying the ads of Google in your video contents like YouTube, in your website's contents and so on or another direct way to earn money from Google is by working as an employee of Google for which you need to be a qualified person. Well, here we are definitely not talking about working in Google company as a staff. However, we are explaining here in detail the direct way to earn money from Google AdSense and also the indirect way to make money from Google by utilizing Google for your web business. Here, we are not talking about any illegal businesses, but talking about 100% legit and proven ways to make money from Google.

How to Make Money on Google? How to make money from Google? Ways to make money from Google.

Indirect, but 100% legit way to make money from Google.

OK, first of all, let's talk about how to make money on Google by indirectly utilizing it.

Google search page is the mainstream of income for any online business. If your content (video, article or post) can rank in the first page in Google, then from that content you can definitely make money, either by selling your own stuff through that content or by selling the stuff of third parties like Amazon, eBay, JVZoo and so on by recommending the products of those third parties through your content and so on. You can also earn money from your content without selling anything or recruiting anyone, just by displaying the ads of ad network services among which Google AdSense is the most popular one and after that and so on.

Now maybe you are thinking it is very difficult to rank on the first page in Google and even it is hard to write content. Well, writing content is not writing a novel or poem. You can write content very easily in the same manner as you are posting on your Facebook profile. Your content only needs to be original, means not copied from another place, but written on your own and need to provide factual information which people are looking. For example, if you are writing content about some product, let's say about "iPhone 7", which topic can be either "what is iPhone 7" or "iPhone 7 review" and so on, then your content must be able to answer what is iPhone 7, as much detail about iPhone 7 as you can provide. So, writing content for a web business is not an artistic thing, but just a factual thing. For example, we are writing this content "How to make money from Google" where we are just trying to explain the ways to make money from Google. So, this is how you should write content. In a similar manner making video content is also not a big deal because in video content also you just need to provide the factual information and the correct answer which your visitors are looking for.

So, now you have found that it is not a big deal to make content. So now maybe you are thinking how to make your content appear in the first page in Google, right?

How to make money from Google by doing proper keyword research

Well, to make your content appear on the first page in Google, the first thing you must do is to write quality content and we have already explained to you how to write quality content. Next thing you must do is the proper keyword research, means you need to find out the exact keyword terms that people are searching in Google and also need to find out how many people are searching that keyword, means the traffic number and how many contents are already there for that keyword, means the competition number.

If we write content by choosing the keyword which has less competition, then definitely our content will appear on the first page in Google for that keyword. Even for highly competitive products, you can find good keywords, which means a low competition keyword. For example, if you are writing content about iPhone 7, then you can find the people are searching in several ways in Google search page to find out the information about iPhone 7, such as the terms like; "iPhone 7 review" or "what is iPhone 7" or "iPhone 7 information", or "comparison of iPhone 7 with iPhone 6" or "is iPhone 7 better than iPhone 6",  or "iPhone 7 features" and so on. So, when you do the keyword research using the "Keyword Tools", (If you don't know what Keyword Tools means, then you can find out about it later in this post) then you can find some keywords which will fit for your content's topic with low competition and fair traffic number. You just have to pick up that keyword exactly and write the content by putting that keyword within your content. For example, if you find "iPhone 7 information" has less competition than other keywords related with your content, then you can choose "iPhone 7 information" as the topic of your content and also put that keyword one more time in the first paragraph of your content, but do that in a natural way so that looks like as a part of your content, not that you just inject the keywords. After that, the rest of the content you can write on your own. But, remember the quality content. If you are writing content picking up "iPhone 7 information", then there should be the information about iPhone 7, nothing other than that.

To be more clear, here we have another example for you:-

You have landed in this content from Google search page because you were searching the terms like "how to make money from Google" or "how to make money on Google" and find out this content on the first page of Google. But, after you landed in this content, if we have written other stuff than guiding you "how to make money from Google", then would you have read our content this far? Of course not. The same way your content should be relevant to the keyword terms that you have targeted to get traffic/visitors in your content.

However, writing content is not the only way to get relevant traffic by targeting keywords because you can also make the video content and load that into the websites like YouTube and tag those videos with relevant keywords to get traffic from Google search page.

Now, maybe you are thinking where and how to do the proper Keyword Research, right?

How to do Keyword Research so that your content get good rank in Google.

Well, doing keyword research is not difficult. It is very easy. Actually there are both free and paid versions of keyword research tools. You can find lots of free keyword research tools by searching in Google the terms like "Keyword Research Tools". However, we are using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool for keyword research because it is one of the very easy tools where we can do keyword research within a minute. The free version of the Jaaxy is limited to only 30 keyword searches. So, you can try Jaaxy free of cost and if you like it, then you can upgrade by paying money, otherwise, you can just leave Jaaxy and find other keyword research tools. However, we have explained in detail how to do the proper keyword research using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool within this page:-

Although, if you don't want to use Jaaxy, then also we suggest you read our post on Jaaxy by clicking the link as we have provided you before because that will help you to understand in detail what is keyword research and how to do the keyword research, not only using Jaaxy but using any other Keyword Tools, both free and paid ones.

Now you know the two essential parts to get traffic from Google to your content and that is by making quality content and doing proper keyword research. So what next? How can we earn money by getting relevant traffic from the Google search page in our content and where should we post our content?

Well, once you get the traffic (visitors) from Google, you can convert those traffic into sales or display advertisements to those traffic and earn a good income. But how to do that? Well, we will explain that later, first of all, let's find out where should we post our content?

Actually, there are lots of free platforms where you can post your content, even social media sites like Reddit or free blogging services from Google or making free websites with full SEO optimization from platforms like Wealthy Affiliate. You can also make the video content instead of the written ones and upload those videos within websites like YouTube and use the keywords to make the heading of those videos. But, if you are looking for the long term business to earn a good amount of money regularly, then we suggest you make your own website by purchasing your own private domain and blog the contents from your own website.

So, now you understand where you can post the content. Choosing any of those platforms, you can post the content by targeting low competition keywords as we have mentioned before, then you can get a good amount of traffic in your that content. But, you should also choose the right platform which will be 100% SEO friendly so that your content gets index by Google. For that free and best platforms will be Blogspot and YouTube or WordPress blogs created at Wealthy Affiliate. Once you create a blog, you should also apply with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console) to index your content properly in the Google search page. It only sounds difficult, but it is not. You can find how to do that by clicking the following respective links:-

Google Analytics:-

Google Webmaster Tool (Google Search Console):-

If you still get confused about how to add your site in Google Analytics or Google Search Console, then you can place your queries within our comment section as below. We will be more than happy to help you.

However, if you are looking to open a professional online business by creating your own website with private domain in your own subject of interest so that you can grow your business day by day and never have to be worried about getting suspended like in free services such as YouTube or Blogspot and so on, then you can make such professional website and can learn all expert skills to establish your own money-making website in your own subject of interest by following step by step video tutorials within an online business training program known as Wealthy Affiliate. If you join Wealthy Affiliate, all technical part of your website will be handled by the team of Wealthy Affiliate and will provide you all readymade website where you just have to give the name for your website as per your subject of interest and start to post the contents as guided by the video lessons provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

If you join Wealthy Affiliate, you don't have to be worried about all stuff which we have mentioned before because you can find the detail tutorials to do all those stuffs properly and easily within Wealthy Affiliate, such as tutorials to write quality contents, to get good ranking in Google, to make a professional website, to do proper keyword research, to earn money from your website using various affiliate and advertisement ways and so on. If you are interested to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate, then you can find that by clicking this link:-

You will be the full owner of the website which you will create in Wealthy Affiliate. More than that, you will be using WordPress premium themes to build a website in Wealthy Affiliate and you must know how much WordPress is renowned for website building platform. However, if you don't know about WordPress, then you can click this link:-

Once you get the traffic/visitors in your content, the following are the ways to make money out of your content.

How to make money from Google?

1. You can sell the stuff related to your content by providing the affiliate links of respective products within your content. For example, if you have written the content related to iPhone 7, then you can put the affiliate link of the iPhone 7 by applying with affiliate companies like Amazon. It is completely free to apply with affiliate programs in companies like eBay, Amazon, JVZoo, and so on. You can find a detailed strategy to work with Amazon by clicking this link:-

2. You can also sell your own products directly from your content if you have your own products. After all the people who have landed to the relevant content related to your product, they have landed there because they were searching the terms related with that product in Google, which means those people are already interested in your product, so there is high chance to get sales of that product through your content. That is why content marketing is so much popular and proven system because it helps you to find out the potential buyer, the complete target group.

3. If you are writing reviews on the companies, such as online work companies where you can earn money by making referrals, then through the content marketing strategy you can get a good amount of referrals in your desire online work companies.

4. You can also earn by selling your content to other websites or you can make a website and make most of the contents of that website rank well in Google and drive a good amount of traffic on that website and can sell the whole website in a good amount of money. After all, everyone will love to buy the website which is getting a good amount of traffic-free of cost from search pages like Google.

5. If you neither want to sell anything nor want to refer anyone, then also you can make a good amount of money from your content where you have visitors and that is by applying with advertisement companies like Google AdSense,, and so on. It is free to apply to those companies and very easy too. Once those companies approve your application, you can place the ads provided by them within your website very easily because they will give you full guidance to do that. You can easily earn passive income just by displaying the ads of those companies within your website because when people landed on your website, you can earn from those ads when they view those ads while reading or viewing the contents or when they click those ads.

The direct way to earn from Google Company known as Google AdSense

Actually, we have already mentioned to you about the Google AdSense within No.5 just above within this post. Aforementioned, it is clear that Google AdSense is the advertisement network where any publisher can apply if they have a right source with full original contents, especially their own website or own YouTube videos and after getting approval from Google AdSense, the publisher can put the advertisements provided by Google AdSense easily within their content, especially in their website or in YouTube video. It is very easy to put those ads in your content about which Google AdSense will give you full guidance after you apply with them.

If you want to find out what is Google AdSense in detail and how can you get benefit from this service, then you can click this link:-


Aforementioned, now you got a clear picture of how to make money with the help of Google indirectly or from Google directly. But, we don't prefer you to follow the free way for that. Yep, you can use the free platforms like Blogspot to write the contents or free channels like YouTube to upload the videos and earn money from there, but if you can make your own private domain website, then no one can take you out of your business ever and you can grow that day by day and can make more earnings by adding more contents.

Yep, there are free services for blogging like Blogspot, but those free services can be suspended anytime even due to the minor mistakes which you can do unknowingly and you will end up losing your all hard work. If you do that same thing using your own private domain website, then you never have to be worried about getting suspended. More than that the free website is not a good option to get approved by Google AdSense because most of the time Google AdSense disapproved free sites even a Blogspot. Other than Blogspot, your free website will be almost impossible to get approved by Google AdSense. However, the free website which you can create in a platform like Wealthy Affiliate can be very useful to make the earnings by selling affiliate products, your own products, referring people to various online work opportunities, and so on. However, the free website will not be a good choice from the visitors' point of view as well because if some people want to buy something from your reference, they will first of all try to find out your credibility by judging your website and most of the people will not believe in free website.

So, if you want to establish your own business online and earn good money by utilizing Google, then it is better you go for your own private domain website than choosing the free options.

However, if you feel this all stuff is very difficult for you, then here comes the easy part.

Like we have mentioned before, if you join Wealthy Affiliate (one of the renowned online business training program), then you can learn about all of this stuff very easily and you can also create your own private domain website as a premium member within the same platform with full SEO plugins to get good ranking in Google. Wealthy Affiliate handles all technical stuff for your website and provides you a very easy website building platform where you can create your own website in your own subject of interest and post the contents very easily like you are writing in Microsoft Word.

You can create your own good traffic website by following step by step video tutorials provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can have everything that you need to earn money from your website, such as, hosting for your 25 private domain websites with full SEO plugins so that they will rank well in Google, the Keyword Research Tool with full training to do the proper keyword research, the detail training to make money from your website in various ways and so on. So, if you want the easy way to establish your own business online so that you can earn money by utilizing Google, then it is better you join Wealthy Affiliate. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate and the link to join it by clicking this link:-

Please feel free to share this information about making money from Google with your friends and families through your social media accounts.

It will be our pleasure to hear from you. So, please feel free to leave your comment below if you have any queries related to our post - "how to make money on Google" or want our help in relation to the online work industry. We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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