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EarnVenture Review. Scam or Real Job? – NOI

EarnVenture Review. Scam or Real Job?

Are you searching for the reviews to find out either is EarnVenture a scam or a legit, either can you really make money from Earn Venture or not, does EarnVenture pay or not and so on? Well, then you have landed in the right place because through our Earn Venture review you are going to find out what is and either you should work with this company or not. So, let’s begin with our review.


What is Earn Venture? Either is a EarnVenture scam or legit?


EarnVenture is a website where members can make money by watching videos with ads and by completing surveys. Now whenever we encounter with these kinds of sites, we directly place them on our Not Recommended sites list because the amount of money you can make from these kinds of sites are very small. Even we have listed the popular sites in this category such as Clixsense within our Not Recommended sites list. But, in the case of EarnVenture, we have even found out some red flags which make us easy to list it in our Not Recommended sites list. So, let’s continue with our EarnVenture review to find out what are those red flags which make us not to recommend EarnVenture.

EarnVenture complaints. EarnVenture fake or real? EarnVenture legit or fraud?

EarnVenture login and join in link:- (Not recommended to join from our side)

Why don’t we recommend EarnVenture? Is Earn Venture a scam?

Well, we will not call a scam because it is paying its members as per its promise until the time we are writing this review. But, we don’t recommend it due to the following reasons:-

  • No one knows who and from where is operating and running the EarnVenture because it hasn’t provided any owner information and company’s location on its website and also has concealed those details on WHOIS. In online work and business industry, we should never trust any company who hides their owner details because all those sites which didn’t reveal their owner details had now already turned into scams. Even there is no reason for any legit businesses to hide their owner information. So, this is the one reason which makes us not to recommend EarnVenture.
  • We also don’t like the idea of signing up to this website only using Google account. That makes them easy to access our personal information save in our Google account. Instead of that, why they can’t simply provide the option to register with an email address like lots of other legit sites do? This makes us little doubt because, in the online business industry, the personal information is a fuel. If you can collect the personal information of various people, then you can sell that to the third parties to make money. If they are not interested in collecting personal information then why they are not letting people join by simply signing up with the email address. Signing up with Google account, they can access to your profile picture, information that you have recorded in your Google account such as your Google Play Store account, your YouTube account and so on. So, why they need that instead of simply one email address to register an account? This is another reason we don’t recommend Earn Venture.
  • We didn’t find any privacy policy for EarnVenture within its official website. However, providing a privacy policy is a vital component to run an online business. If some site is not open up with their privacy policy statement, that is not a good sign.
  • The amount of money that you can make according to the time and effort that you need to spend on EarnVenture is very less. For example, watching 3 video ads gives you 7 credits and each ad is around 1 minute. In order to cash out, you need to have 4500 credits because 4500 credits equal to £4. So, that means you need to watch 1500 minutes of videos just for £4. So, this is definitely not worth. Instead, at the same time, if you do other work such as blogging by creating your own website, you can earn much more income and that is also for a long time from one-time blogging. It sounds difficult but it is not. It’s very easy to create your own website these days. You no need to have any technical knowledge for that. If you want to learn how to make money from blogging by creating your own website in your own subject of interest, then you can join Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find the detailed review by clicking >HERE<.

So, we have already explained you the four reasons why we don’t recommend EarnVenture. However, the complaints against EarnVenture is very less (maybe because it is a new site), it is free to join, it has a forum where members can interact with each other (lots of scam sites don’t have forum), the admin of website is active within the forum to solve the problem of members but the real identity of owner is unclear and owner details are concealed in WHOIS details as well. Now it’s up to you either you want to work with EarnVenture or not but from our side, we don’t recommend it and the main reason for that is the amount of money that we can make from any ad viewing or survey sites. We believe we should do the work there from where we can make a decent income, not just a few cents. For example, you can find the list of genuine and trusted online works and businesses by clicking >HERE< from where you can make much more than what you can make from Earn Venture by spending the same time and effort.


If you are still interested to join EarnVenture, then you must know the fact that you can join Earn Venture only if you are from United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Germany.

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Good Luck!

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  • #1

    Anonymous (Sunday, 04 November 2018 04:43)

    Hello, I would like to give some feedback about this post. If you are interested in knowing more about EarnVenture, please consider contacting them first before jumping to conclusions. About the part that it is hard to earn money. You have only mentioned ads, but there is so much more than just ads. Surveys can grant you up to 1500 coins per survey and take about 7 minutes to complete. They also have offers which pay out up to 10000 coins with no payment! And anyone from anywhere is able to join EarnVenture, the countries stated are only the countries that have video advertisements.

  • #2

    Heart (Tuesday, 20 November 2018 00:10)

    Hello, I am heart, an Admin on Earnventure.
    I would like to clear up a few things regarding your post.

    To clarify, the owner of the site is named Ant, and he is in chat quite often. He is very open about this fact and even has it listed on his Twitter account.
    Also, it does not take long to make money. Yes, you get 7 coins per 3 ads, but what you failed to mention here is that you can watch up to 3 videos at a time on up to 3 different devices. Users can earn several dollars a day just from videos alone, depending on their Country. We also offer things like mobile games and surveys. We have regular users who easily make over $20 a day just from doing a few surveys for a few hours a day.

    I would be happy to answer any other concerns or uncertainties regarding the site. We strive for customer satisfaction and making our users (or potential users) feel safe with our site. Thank you for your article, and for taking the time to read this.

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