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AllAdsWork Review: Not Recommended – NOI

AllAdsWork Review: Not Recommended

We don’t recommend AllAdsWork and we are going to explain why within our review here. So, if you were searching for the AllAdsWork reviews to find out either is AllAdsWork a scam or a legit, then you have landed in the right place. So, let’s begin with our All Ads Work review to find out what is All Ads Work and why don’t we recommend it.


What is Either is a scam or a legit?

AllAdsWork is a revenue-sharing advertising company which is already a proven failed business model. All the sites similar to AllAdsWork have been already collapsed due to an insufficient fund to pay the majority of members. Many members lose money in these kinds of sites at the end. Even some of these kinds of sites have been seized by legal authorities, such as TrafficMonsoon has been facing legal charges by SEC.


So, due to the unsustainable and failed business model, we don’t recommend AllAdsWork. Since these kinds of business model is not legal and many members will lose their investment in the end, so even we can call these sites a scam. But, since they never agree they are investment companies and they always make people believe they are purchasing AdPacks, not the investment plans. So, considering their tricky claims, we can’t call them scam but definitely, these kinds of companies are not legal. So, you can decide yourself either is All Ads Work a scam or not.

AllAdsWork complaints. AllAdsWork fake or real? AllAdsWork legit or fraud?

AllAdsWork login and join in link:- (Not recommended to join, it’s not a legal & sustainable)

Why don’t we recommend All Ads Work? Is AllAdsWork Scam?

Actually, we already told you that we don’t recommend All Ads Work because its business model is unsustainable and illegal. Now, let’s find out why it’s business is not sustainable.


It claims to pay the profit to the members who purchase AdPacks. However, it doesn’t have any other source of income than the sales of those advertising packages. Yes, it also sells other advertising services, but trust us, only less than 5% members are gonna purchase those other advertising services and even will stop purchasing later because those members who purchase those other advertising services, they will find out that they can’t get any good benefit by advertising in the sites like AllAdsWork. So, at last only those members will remain in AllAdsWork who purchase ads not to advertise their products or services but just to earn the revenue which All Ads Work has promised to pay. But AllAdsWork isn’t able to make sales of its other products, so it will pay few members at starting by routing the money between the members who have purchased those AdPacks which makes it a Ponzi scheme.


Yes, it denies in its FAQ page to be a Ponzi scheme. It has claimed that it is not a Ponzi scheme because it has a product to offer which is AdPacks. But, like we have said before, no one can get any benefit by adverting their products or services using that AdPacks, so those who are purchasing the AdPacks, they are only purchasing to earn some revenue. So, it is actually an investment scheme with the face of the advertising program.


The sites like AllAdsWork are not a new thing. Previously, 100s of sites with the same business format has been already collapsed or shut down by the legal authorities and those are MyPayingAds, TrafficMonsoon, MyPayingCryptoAds, GetMyAds, My24HourIncome and so on. Since all sites with the exactly similar business model have been already failed or seized by the legal authorities in the past, which prove AllAdsWork will also either collapsed or seized by the legal authorities.


Yes, we agree that if they have some additional income source to make the profit, then we can believe they will share that revenue with those who purchase AdPacks. But trust us, they don’t have any additional income than the sales of those AdPacks which makes those AdPacks the ROI plans, not the real product.


The product value of those AdPacks is worthless because no one can get any benefit by advertising their products or services with those AdPacks credit. So, it’s product is nothing other than the ROI plans. It is selling such useless product to mask its reality and also paying referral commission on the sales those ROI plans and that is also up to 5 level of referrals same like MLM companies. But since its product has no real value, so its referral commission structure makes it another illegal scheme is known as a Pyramid scheme.


Although it denies being an investment scheme, in its AdPacks plan it promises to share up to 120% ROI which is definitely a promise for return on investment. So, it is an investment plan, an HYIP company, a Ponzi scheme either it accepts or denies, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t believe us, ask with the legal authorities like SEC which have already seized lots of similar kinds of sites.


So, now you find out why we don’t recommend AllAdsWork and you also find out its reality. So, now you can decide yourself either is AllAdsWork a scam or not.


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Now you know the reality of AllAdsWork and find out either is All Ads Work scam or not. So, please spread this truth about AllAdsWork by sharing this AllAdsWork review with your friends and families through your social media accounts:-

Please feel free to leave your comment below if you want to provide your own All Ads Work reviews or want to report something about AllAdsWork or need our help in relation to online work and business industry.

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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  • #1

    hflachs (Thursday, 06 September 2018 18:55)

    you wealthy affiliate fanatics bag everything ,according to you everything but wealthy affiliate is a scam wealthy affiliate is a load of garbage,FYI revenue sharing is a legitimate business methodology and has been for years,companies fail because they have poor management and yes i agree with you on one point they have no other revenue sources

  • #2

    News Online Income (Monday, 10 September 2018 15:45)

    Well, Wealthy Affiliate is online from 2005 with the bunch of successful members without any legal issues which is enough to prove it is a legit company. So, we don’t think it is bad to promote a legit company. However, there is no reason to promote Wealthy Affiliate by saying AllAdsWork is bad if it was really good because instead of saying AllAdsWork is bad and recommend people to WealthyAffiliate if we directly promote AllAdsWork, we can make more money. So, why aren’t we doing that? It’s simply because AllAdsWork can’t sustain for a long run because this is completely a failed business model.
    You are saying advertising revenue sharing company is a legitimate business model which has been for years. OK, then at least show us one advertising revenue sharing company similar to AllAdsWork which has been surviving for more than 2 years. And, also can you show us how this business model become legal when the many similar kinds of companies are already seized by legal authorities?

  • #3 (Thursday, 13 September 2018 04:42)

    AllADsWork is an Advertising Network, AllAdsWork is the best platform to earn money in easy way.
    Here you can Advertise your Network and Get Exposure
    As well as you can buy Ad Packs and Earn More. AllAdsWork is one of the best suitable place to advertise business online. At the same time ,giving you an opportunity to earn money by simply participating in our traffic exchange and revenue share services .it’s excellent opportunity that has ever comes my way. I am getting profit 24×7 on affiliate side. I highly recommend this network .AllAdsWork is a great platform,AWW ��

  • #4 (Thursday, 13 September 2018 04:43)

    its a 100% paying sites your article is totaly wrong becoz i am earning from it till now i have earned 5000$

  • #5

    News Online Income (Friday, 14 September 2018 14:02)

    Dear Bablooroy4,
    We haven’t denied that AllAdsWork has been paying at the moment. These kinds of companies always pay at starting because their target is to get the big amount of money by making people believe in them by showing those payment proofs. In the past, similar kinds of sites such as My24HourIncome, MyPayingAds, TrafficMonsoon and so on also used to pay at starting. Even MyPayingAds kept on paying for more than a year and after that, all of sudden stop paying and more than 90% of members lost their money there. TrafficMonsoon was seized by the legal authorities and now having the court case which proves this kind of business model is illegal as well.
    So, before you say our article is wrong, we request you to read the article word by word once again, we haven’t denied that this company is paying at the moment.

  • #6

    shravan kumar (Wednesday, 28 November 2018 08:26)

    as i heard we can earn money in alladswork ..but it isn’t true.. such a fraud online site in the internet.. i invested 20k in it. when i requested for withdraw it was showing me that its completed but i didn’t get my money since 13 days.. please dont invest in it. i dont recommend to anyone..i mailed to then alot but they didn’t even respond over it. sponcers also dont respond if u face any problems.

  • #7

    yan (Sunday, 02 December 2018 03:44)

    it is a scam i dont get paid anymore please all report on youtube thjis guy here hes the top promoter of this shit and hes the only one who make money from poor people like myself and others please deslike his videos and report to youtube he promoted icenter/Bitconnect/Westlends/alladswork and he keep doing it and not even helping people to earn please help here is the link

  • #8

    APK (Tuesday, 05 February 2019 19:53)

    It is a really a Ponzi Scheme. They are not at all paying our hard earned money and also not responding to the communications sent.
    2. They have swallowed our huge 50k hard earned money and on my repeatedly asking not replying properly and giving only vague replies repeatedly. Even the mails sent for Personal attention of Annie Madam were not replied and she did not took any cognizance .
    3. I can not withdraw even a small amount out of thousands of Dollars lying in my account .
    When you try to withdraw , instead of paying back you get a message from the system that you purchase more Ad packs by investing fresh funds.

  • #9

    Chethan (Monday, 11 February 2019 22:00)

    I was about to invest in this “All ads work”. Thank God I did not. It’s a fake. Be aware. I think till july,2018 they paid later they didn’t.

  • #10

    p hanumanth rao (Tuesday, 19 March 2019 01:15)

    my wedsite ad packs is more than 1000,how to purchse the and please advaice to me,first i am purchse the ad packs,please help.

  • #11

    Vuong (Friday, 22 March 2019 09:48)

    AllAdsWork Calculator
    Calculate adpack profits by investment amount and time investment.
    You can choose reinvest option or not to calculate your profits.
    Show for you(each day)
    + Daily profit.
    + Total account.
    + Total adpacks.
    + All your money that you will received if you stop investing.


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