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What is OneAD App? Scam or Legit? – Review – NOI

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What is OneAD App? Scam or Legit? – Review

OneAD complaints. OneAD fake or real? OneAD legit or fraud?

Well, here is our OneAD app review to make you clear either is OneAD a scam or a legit. So, let’s find it out through our OneAD review here.


What is One Advantage (OneAD) app?

  • OneAD is an app which claims members can use it in various ways such as:-
  • Members can play hand-picked board, Ludo and racing games.
  • Members can read the news directly on the lock screen of mobile. 
  • Members can pay their bills, recharge their phone.
  • Members can get exclusive offers and deals from which they can save money.

Well, considering its feature, it is not a bad app. Actually, OneAD is a legit app but we don’t recommend it to make money from it. Yes, OneAD also offers its members the opportunity to make money online which is worthless. Now, let’s talk about that.



Why don’t we recommend OneAD as an online earning opportunity?

Aforementioned, we already made you clear that OneAD is a legit app with good features to use. But, we don’t recommend its one feature and that is to make money from it. Yes, OneAD provides the opportunity for its members to make money by promoting this app to their friends and families, means by making referrals. Members can make money when those friends and families (referrals) stay active using this app. Now, the big drawback here is the meaning of active referral.


According to OneAD, those referrals are active who view ads on their lock screen. However, it provides the option to turn off those ads. If your referrals turn off those ads, they are not considered as active referrals, so how can you make a good amount of active referral. You can think yourself, why anyone will view ads on their lock screen when there is an option to turn off that feature?


Well, let us explain you in detail so that you will be more clear how this works.


OneAD displays real-time news, events, exclusive offers and deals on the lock screen of the user’s mobile as per their preferences and interests so that users can stay updated and get the discount on the products of their choices. However, before it shows those offers and deals, it shows the ads on the user’s lock screen. However, those users who don’t like to view those ads, they can simply turn off that but they will get 75% less income from their active referrals. But, the main thing we don’t like is what it calls an active referral. According to OneAD, only those referrals are active who view ads on their lock screen before they can view offers and deals. So, why anyone will like to view ads if there is an option to turn off that? So, how can you make money from this app when it is very hard to find active referrals, means the people who love to view the ads on their lock screen before viewing deals and offers even when there is an option to turn off that.


Not only that, even if you manage to get a good amount of active referrals who view ads then also you can’t earn any good income from this app. The money you can make from your referrals is very less, even it will be hard for you to make a pocket money from this app. So, now you can decide yourself either you want to stick with this app to make money or not but from our side, we don’t recommend it as an earning opportunity. Because we always recommend only those kinds of earning opportunities from which you really can make a good amount of money and those we have listed in our Good and Trusted Online Works category which you can find by clicking >HERE<


You can also make a little money from OneAD by spinning the wheel, but it will be very difficult to win that prize as that will be a lucky draw between the members who spin the wheel. Even the prize money that you can win will not be enough for your one-day pocket money. So, definitely, it is better not to waste time with OneAD to make money.




If you aren’t using OneAD as a way to make money but just using it to take the benefit of its features, then definitely OneAD app is a legit app and you can use it. Anyway, OneAD is free to use and it is a legit app, so if you want to try your luck from its money-making opportunity, then you can try that as well, but don’t expect to earn any good amount of money from it. However, from our side we definitely don’t recommend any online earning opportunities from which even you can’t make a pocket money, so we don’t recommend OneAD (One Advantage).


There is the list of permissions that OneAD asks you for access on your phone. Actually, lots of legit apps do this these days. However, if you give them permission, then you are letting them accessing your that personal information. So, we suggest you at least take care by allowing permission only to those operations which you need to use with OneAd and with which you are comfortable with because these days personal information is a fuel and that can be sold to other companies due to which you might get lots of unwanted emails, SMS or calls and so on. Actually, legit companies should not sell personal information but who knows. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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