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What is USA Bank Corp? Is Bank of America a Scam? – NOI

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What is USA Bank Corp? Is Bank of America a Scam a Legit?

Your search for the reviews ends here because here, within our USA Bank Corporation review, you can find the bitter truth of USA Bank Corporation, the detail on what is, either is a scam or a legit. Actually, USABank Corp is not a good company, so we don’t recommend you to invest in it and have listed it within our Not Recommended sites list. If you want to know why, then you can find the details as below within our USABankCorporation review. But, before that, if you want to check the list of our recommended online money making opportunities, then you can click this link:-


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OK, now let’s dig out the reality of through our review as below.

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USA Bank Corporation login and join in link:- http:// usa-bankcorp. com/ (Not Recommended to join)

What is USA Bank Corporation and why don’t we recommend it?

Bank of America is definitely not a scam, but the website which has opened in the name of USA Bank Corp and used the picture of Bank of America in its website to show itself as a real bank is definitely a scam. is not a site from any real bank, but is a site operating an illegal scheme known as a Ponzi scheme.


The intention of site is to scam people, means make them believe that they are the real bank and show them huge amount of interest rate on their deposit amount and even pay few members at starting in order to lure more people into their scheme. But, at last they will completely stop paying and will run with money of the members. It is not the first time that the Ponzi scheme is pretending to be a bank. There were lots of sites like New Age Bank, China Construction Bank, Aurum Bank, Solid Trade Bank, Crypto Forex Bank and so on which use the name of real bank to scam people. Unfortunately, those sites succeed to scam lots of people and the concerned authorities unable to catch them because the owner details of those sites were fake, as same as in USA Bank Corporation. Since these scam sites always register by providing fake owner details or hiding their owner details, it is difficult to find them and catch them. So, before they can scam you, it is better you don’t follow them.


Don’t go after their lucrative promises. If you don’t believe us, then you can ask with the real “Bank of America” which picture they are using in their site to show as their own company. More than that, the site is claiming to be a USA Bank Corp and using the picture of completely different bank, known as Bank of America is already a proof of their fake claim.


If you check their “About us” page within their website, then you will find out the information as shown in the screenshot below which we have taken from their website’s “About us” page.

Screenshot taken from USA-BankCorp site indicating its headquarters address

But, if you check the WHOIS detail of, means the website domain registration data, then you will find out that the is registered from Bangkok, Thailand. Well, the company which is claiming to be from USA, claiming to have European headquarters in London and Asian headquarters in HongKong, registering their official website using address from Bangkok prove that they are lying about everything regarding their office and address.


In their “About us” page they have also claimed they are the real bank operating from very long time in USA as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot taken from USA-BankCorp website from its about us page claiming itself to be a bank

But, within their same website, in their “Rules” section, they have mentioned by themselves that they are not a licensed bank which screenshot you can find as below.

Screenshot taken from USA-BankCorp website's Rules page where it claims it is not a real bank.

So, claiming to be a real bank from USA in almost every pages of their website and at last in small letter within their “Rules and Agreement” page mentioning that they are not a licensed bank prove their intention of scamming people. Even they write that in “Rules and Agreement” section only because if concerned authorities able to catch them, then they can file a lawsuit against them and fight in the court saying they have mentioned they are not a bank within their website.


After this review, USA Bank Corporation can make changes within their website, so below is the full screenshot that we have taken from their website at the time of this review.

Aforementioned, we have already provided you lots of proofs to prove that USA Bank Corporation is not a good company. But, without providing all those details also we can prove they are not a real bank or real company which will pay their members as per their claims because if some bank really can pay 1000% ROI within a day like is claiming, then that bank will be in the breaking news of the big news channels because none of the legit bank can afford to pay such huge rate of ROI in so much short period of time. In order to pay 1000% ROI within a day, bank need to find the people who are willing to take a loan from a bank by paying 1000% ROI per day rate. Will you take a loan from any bank in such a high rate? So, that already proves their business model is a bogus and they are nothing other than a Ponzi scheme. So, we don’t recommend USA Bank Corporation. If you don’t know what is Ponzi scheme, then you can find the details by clicking this link:-


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