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What is Tree7? Is Tree 7 a Scam or a Legit? Review

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Are you searching for the Tree7 reviews in order to find out the complaints, Tree 7 scam claims, either is scam or legit, and so on, overall about what is If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here, within our Tree7 review, we are going to provide the complete truth about Tree7. Actually, we don’t recommend anyone to invest in Tree7 because it is not a sustainable company and they are not providing the real details about the company. OK, more explanation about it you can find below, but before that if you want to take a look at the list of our legit online work companies, then you can find those by clicking this link:-

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OK let’s begin with our Tree 7 review as below in order to find out in detail what is Tree 7.

What is Tree 7 Review. Is legit or scam?

What is is a HYIP program which is offering highly unsustainable rate of return to their investors which is 3% daily on the investment amount for unlimited time. So, this proves that this business will not sustain for long time and even we can categorized it as a Ponzi Scheme because the only way to pay that much amount to the existing investors are using the money investment by the new members which will soon make the system unsustainable. But we are sure that before it start to become unsustainable, they will either shutdown the site or just stop paying. In that sense even we can say Tree7 is a scam company.

Why don’t we recommend anyone to join and invest in

The straight simple answer for not recommending anyone to join and invest in Tree7 is simply because its business model is unsustainable which can’t be sustain for a long run. These kinds of companies will pay at starting, but all of sudden sooner or later will stop paying. On top of that, the most of the claims that they make in their website seems to be fake which we have pointed out as below:-

  1. In their website they have claimed that they are in timber/wood business from 1997 and supplying wood from Finland to Europe. But, as per the registration certificate, it is just registered in September 2016. So, if they are in business from 1997, then why aren’t they showing the certificate of that company which is in the business from 1997? It is simply because if you try to do the research on Tree7 in Google, you will find nothing about the company name Tree7 which was established from 1997 in timber business. You can find Tree7 results only pointed to their current website. So, that makes it confirm that there is not any Tree7 company in large scale like they have claimed.
  2. Since they have claimed that they are in wood business from 20 years, but even there is not any phone number in the name of their company, isn’t that strange? Don’t you think they should provide the phone number on their website?
  3. The company registration address is also found to be just a postal address for new company registrations.

and so on……

If we start to point out on these things, we can say many, but we don’t think that is necessary to explain here because its business model is already enough to list it within our Not Recommended list.

You can think by yourself for one time. They have claimed that they will pay 3% daily on the investment amount invested by the members. That means they are paying 30×3 = 90% around one month and then after that those members will start to get profit and even for their lifetime as they have claimed in their website.

When they say they are in wood business, do they mean they have a tree where grows money? From the rate of return that they are claiming to their investors, it seems they have tree where grows money.

Before jumping in this kind of business model, think twice by yourself, then you can spot a scam by yourself because if any company can generate 3% profit daily, then why they need to find lots of investors when even they are established company from more than 20 years as per their claim. They can simply take a loan from a bank in less than 10% per year interest rate and can back within some months.

Anyone who can make such massive profit in certain period of time, never need other investors to grow their business and here Tree7 is even asking for very little investment from members, like $10. Come on, that much amount anyone can take out from their credit cards. So, even if we assume 20 years old established company can’t take a loan from the bank, at least they can take some thousands from their own personal credit cards and then start to multiply money by themselves. So, why they need other people invest in their project? It is simply because they are not making real profit here. They just want to play some money between the investors. They will start to pay 3% at starting to the members who have invested first using the money invested by the new members and then once they realize they able to get enough amount of money as per their target, they will not pay anymore and will run with a money. That is the main motto of this kind of company. So, stay away from these kinds of companies.


Aforementioned, it is clear that there is no way that going to be sustain for a long run. Actually, every company who claims to pay 3% daily and that is also for unlimited time frame from one time investment, then that is 100% unsustainable illegal Ponzi business. So, we suggest you not to fall into these kinds of easy money claims, otherwise you will lose lots of money there. If you really want to make money online, then you need to work such as, you can make money by creating your own website in your own subject of interest and writing articles in your that website as per your interest. You can make money by joining the affiliate programs of reputed companies like eBay, Amazon etc. You can earn money by working with companies like Google AdSense and so on. Actually these kinds of businesses only need to do hard work at starting, but later you can earn money continuously for your lifetime just by relaxing with your friends and families. If you don’t know how to start these kinds of businesses, then you don’t have to be worried for that because it is not difficult like you think, actually it is as easy as posting on your Facebook account and there is one training program where you can learn about all of these stuffs with step by step video lessons. The name of that training program is Wealthy Affiliate where even you can earn money within itself. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is like an university for everyone who want to make money online. You can find our detail review on WA by clicking this link:-

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