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What is Is Pip Logo a Scam? – NOI

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What is Is Pip Logo a Scam or a Legit?

Are you searching for the Pip Logo reviews so that you can find out what is Pip Logo in real, either is Pip Logo scam or legit? Well, then you have landed in the right place because here, within our Pip Logo review, you can find the real face of PipLogo, the complete truth. Actually, we have listed PipLogo within our Bad and Scams section list because it is a fake company. For details, you can check our PipLogo review as below. But, if this initial verdict on PipLogo is enough for you and now instead of finding out the details on PipLogo, if you want to find out the real opportunities to make money online, then you can find that by clicking this link:-


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OK, let’s begin with our review as below in order to find out what is PipLogo in real.

Ads by Media

End of Ads by Media review, What is, Is scam or legit, complaints, reviews.

Pip Logo login and join in link:- http:// piplogo. net/ (Not Recommended to join)

What is PipLogo and why we have listed it within our scam sites list?

PipLogo is definitely not a website that we can trust because first of all its business model is completely bogus and secondly no one knows who and from where is operating Pip Logo. The owner detail of PipLogo is not specified in website and is also hidden in WHOIS details.


PipLogo is a company which claims to pay you $0.30 to $1 for very simple job that you need to do on their website. The kind of job they allocate you doesn’t make any sense of paying that much amount to you. What you need to do is to select a company logo among the different companies’ logo which they provide you for selection. After that they will give four types of similar logos for which you have to rate the quality of each of them. The rating categories are of eight qualities and your job is done. You get paid. Now think how the company can sustain if they really pay you the quoted amount for such a simple work. None of the legit company can get any benefit by paying $1 just by letting people to rate the quality of their logos. Even, one company only wants to make logo for one time, it is not a continuous process. So, how they can find lots of companies willing to rate the quality of their logo everyday. More than that, even if they pay more than $1 to design a logo, then that may sound realistic. But, just paying $1 for rating the finalized logo doesn’t make any sense. If some companies have already designed a logo, they will finalize that on their own, why they have to pay $1 to several people to do that? Even the logo which they let their members to rate hasn’t much more difference, only just color. So, if some company has already finalized the design of their logo, why they want to pay $1 just to finalize the color of the logo. They can do that on their own. If you don’t believe us, go and ask with any company around your place, ask them either they will list the job in the website like PipLogo and pay $1 to several people just to final the color of logo or not? Then you will find the answer. So, the business model of PipLogo doesn’t make any sense.


Not only that, but they also claim that they will pay you $ 5 just for signing up in their website, $1 for your each referral sign up and 30% of your referrals’ earning amount. None of the legit company get any benefit by paying money free of cost just for sign up. So, the nature of their business modality in itself seems to be scam or fake. All of their claims are too hard to believe because paying that much amount of money to their affiliates for such a simple task, a company must earn incredibly a large amount and we do not get any signal of that by analyzing their business potentiality and modality.


The claims that Pig Logo has made about its payments or number of users or any other statics, which you can find in its Project Statics section, all seems extremely unrealistic and there is not any definite evidence as well. This is all its strategies to attract more and more people in its website, specially its target group is newbie who are searching for easy or short term or fast return ways to make money online. PipLogo is simply making money from those kinds of people. When PipLogo can engage many people in its website, it can easily earn money from the Google AdSense ads which it has placed in its website. But, that is not enough source to pay its members and PipLogo doesn’t care about that because it is not here to pay its members as per its claim. PipLogo is just online to make money for itself. So, before choosing the online work, you must analyze these factors to stay away from these kinds of scammers because they can also misuse your personal information like your email address, credit card number, payment details and so on to make money out of them.


There are other lots of sites like which are scamming people. These kinds of sites are not a new thing. In the past there were tons of sites like these which have been already closed by now. Sites like PipLogo is just a waste of your time to make money for the owner of the site. More you engage on their sites, more they are going to make money, not you. So, we don’t recommend sites like PipLogo. That is why we have listed it within our Bad and Scams category.



Our Final Verdict

Never believe such companies which offer you high returns and earnings for simple task. For any business, they need to earn themselves to pay you and long term sustainable earning is possible only with hard work, dedication and intelligence. So learn to figure out the trustworthy and legit companies for your long term sustainable earnings from online work and avoid the scam companies like Pip Logo.


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