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Weekly Youth Pay Scam – NOI

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Weekly Youth Pay Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

Weekly Youth Pay is definitely a bad company. We declare it 100% scam. There are many reasons to declare it as a scam. We have pointed some of those reasons as below. However, before you view those reasons, if you want to take a look at the detail review of top online work company known as Wealthy Affiliate, then you click click this link:-

weekly youth pay scam

  1. The datas that WeeklyYouthPay is showing in its website are completely fake. They are showing that there are more than 100,000 employees (users), total amount of work completed by those users are more than 200,000,000 USD, total amount paid to the members is already more than 200,000,000 USD. Well do you believe in this ? This figure is just like a joke. If that company has already paid more than 200,000,000 USD to its members, then that company should be renowned and must be known as one of the richest company. Even when we checked their website ranking, the members’ number didn’t match with actual visitors’ numbers of the website.
  2. None of the legit websites will ask you to deposit money in order to cash out. You just think why we need to deposit our money, when we already earned cash from it. If they are legit, then they can just cut the money from what you have earned and pay you the remaining balance.
  3. They give you $25 just to sign up and then even guarantee you to earn 1,500 USD within a week. None of the legit company can give $25 just to sign up and can guarantee to earn 1,500 USD within a week. There are so many such kind of companies around the internet. Whenever you see such kind of offers given by any company, it is better to back off because they are 100% SCAM.
  4. They even put the name of people whom they paid more than 8,000 USD, but we find that all those names are fake and they didn’t send any cash to any of those people.
  5. Weekly Youth Pay doesn’t provide any security measures which means they don’t care about their website. If any legit website which deals with money, 1st thing they do is secure their website. But here, they have not use any security measures, and why should they, because they are SCAM. 

There are other so many reasons which we can keep on pointing here to declare Weekly Youth Pay scam. But sorry guys, we are little bit lazy to write too many things about Scam websites. Because if it is a scam then it is just a SCAM. No further explanations. So just back off from it. 


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