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Weeklyfixpay Review, Is it Scam or Legit? – NOI

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  • April 12, 2020

Weeklyfixpay Review, Is “Weekly fix pay” Scam or Legit?

Weeklyfixpay is scam website run and operated by serial scammer group. If you search around the internet, you can find many websites which look same like “Weekly Fix Pay”. The only difference you can find between these kind of websites is domain name and website name. For example, you can view our review on “Weekly Youth Pay” in which everything is same like “Weekly Fix Pay” except the name and domain of the website. This group is scamming people from many years and still they are opening new site with same business model and script with different name and domain in order to scam people time to time, specially beginners in online work. Any website belong to this group has never pay to their members. So, it is worthless to work in Weeklyfixpay and in any other site belong to this group.

Weekly Fix Pay Review, Weeklyfixpay is scam or legit?

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If you want to find out why we declare Weeklyfixpay as Scam website, then you can view our review on another site which is similar to this site and run and operated by same group. In order to view that review, please click the link as below:-

May be you are thinking why are they opening this kind of sites and how can they scam people if everyone can join and work free. Well, only cheating money is not a scam. Cheating people’s time and effort is also scam. However, this website is cheating members by selling their information to 3rd party (like email address of members) and also cheating money of members when they request to cashout. As we mention before, they will never pay to anyone. So, when someone email them in order to ask why they don’t get their payment, then they will tell them that as a free member it may takes many months in order to receive your payment, so it is better you pay some fees or upgrade your account in order to cashout. Mostly, beginner online workers fall into this scam and pay them money in order to receive their earnings. But in the reality neither upgraded nor free member will get payment from them because they didn’t open this website to pay to anyone. They open this website with intention of scamming people. They can also earn from advertisements agencies when they can make many members and increase the traffic of the website. Like this there are many ways this website can earn for themselves, but they will never pay to anyone. 

Conclusion about “Weekly Fix Pay” :

As we explain above, Weeklyfixpay is 100% SCAM company. So, we don’t recommend anyone to work in this company or any other company related with this same group.

If you are searching for legit ways to earn money online, then you can visit our “Good and Trusted Online Works” page by clicking the following link:-

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