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What is Is LikesXL a Scam? – NOI

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What is Is LikesXL a Scam or a Legit?

Are you searching for the LikesXL reviews in order to find out the answers of the queries like what is Likes XL, either is LikesXL scam or legit, either is there any LikesXL complaints or not, either is there any negative Likes XL reviews or not, either is LikesXL fraud or not, and so on? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here, within our LikesXL review we are going to provide you the complete truth about LikesXL so that you will find out either is Likes XL a scam or a legit. In short, we want to make you clear that we have listed LikesXL within our Not Recommended online work companies list. If you want to know why, then you can find the details within our Likes XL review as below. But, before that, if you want to find out what kinds of companies we have recommended, then you can find the list of our recommended good online work companies by clicking this link:-


If you want to find out which company is our No.1 recommendation, then that is Wealthy Affiliate because from Wealthy Affiliate you can plan for full time online income for your lifetime and never need to be worried about its business model or about its lifetime because it is 100% sustainable and a legal company. If you are interested to find out more details on Wealthy Affiliate, then you can find that simply by clicking this link:-


OK, now let’s begin with our review as below in order to find out what is LikesXL in real and why we don’t recommend it.

Ads by Media

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What is LikesXL? Is LikesXL scam or legit? reviews. Likes XL complaints.

LikesXL login and join in link:- https://www. likesxl. com/ (Not Recommended to join)

What is LikesXL and why don’t we recommend it?

LikesXL is an advertising revenue sharing company which business model is still a questionable because similar kind of advertising revenue sharing company known as TrafficMonsoon is having the legal issues and fighting in the court. So, until the the case of TrafficMonsoon has been finalized, we can’t comment on the legality of this kind of business model. However, TrafficMonsoon has been seized by SEC, so we don’t think the entities like SEC will take such step unless that business is illegal. So, we don’t think the business model of LikesXL is legal. But, it is not only the business model due to which we don’t recommended LikesXL, but there are other lots of stuffs about this company which make us to list it within our Not Recommended online work companies list and those are:- 


1. Confusing owner details.

As per the WHOIS details, LikesXL was founded by Peter Kolar from Fujairah, United Arab Emirates and the location of website is provided as Germany. In fact, before they have provided an address as Mauren, Liechtenstein, but later on they change it to UAE. Website location is mentioned as Germany in WHOIS, but in their TOS, they have mentioned they are from UAE. But, in some marketing video, they have also mentioned about Austria and even their hosting company is from Austria. OK, now if we believe they are from UAE, then why at starting they make their website in default German language. On top of that no one knows why they have changed an address of the company and it makes more doubt to everyone that may be they have still not provided their real address.


2. Questionable business model.

Like we have said before, the legality of adverting revenue shares are still not confirmed yet. 


3. Fake Marketing startegies.

At starting they said that they are linked with MasterCard company, but later on when we ask with Master Card, they clarify that is not the case. If you don’t believe us, you can also ask with MasterCard by yourself, then you will find the truth.


4. Fake Advertising for show off.

They are using shady marketing strategies and lying people that they are getting advertisements from big companies like Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Volvo, Lamborghini, Ferrari etc. and even have shown some of those ads within their website. But, in the reality, those companies haven’t provided any of those ads to LikesXL. You can think yourself. What is the use of showing such an expensive brand products in the website where most of the members who view those ads are there to earn some few cents by viewing those ads or some dollars by purchasing AdPacks. There is less than 1% chance that those brands get any targeted audience by showing ads in LikesXL. So, either they are showing those ads for free to show they are a legit reputed company or they are displaying those ads using other cost per click services.


5. Very low payment.

After knowing all facts, even if you want to take a risk by working in LikesXL by purchasing AdPacks thinking you can earn back certain amount of ROI within some days, then also it is not the place for you because they are sharing very low amount of revenue. Actually, if you purchase AdPacks there, may be it takes more than a year to mature your AdPacks. There are many complaints from its members for not getting back their break even ROI even after 150 days. If they are sharing revenue by making real profit, not by using money of new affiliates, then that is good. But, also if they are sharing revenue very slowly, then no one can make any profit there. The reason of slowing revenue may be also due to the insufficient fund in the company, which means may be company is going to be collapsed soon. So, it is now very danger to purchase AdPacks within LikesXL if you are purchasing those AdPacks only to earn back revenue.




Aforementioned, it is clear that LikesXL is not a good company, so we have listed it within our Not Recommended sites list. If you are a risk taker who like to take a risk by working in revenue shares, HYIP, crowd funding companies, then also LikesXL is not a platform for you because you will not get any good rate of return from LikesXL. Actually, the way LikesXL is paying back ROI and making excuses for payments, it seems that their funds are dying up. So, they can stop paying or stop sharing revenue completely anytime soon. So, even if you are a risk taker, Likes XL is not a company for you, but if you are interested to find out the list of popular paying HYIP, revenue shares and crowd funding companies, then you can find those by clicking this link:-


But, from our side, we never recommend anyone to involve in any kinds of HYIP, revenue shares and crowd funding companies because how much they are popular or paying on time, they can still collapse anytime in the future. That is why we only recommend 100% sustainable and legal businesses. For example, you can take a look at our list of recommended good and trusted online work companies simply by clicking this link:-


By considering the business sustainability, legality, the numbers of successful years business is running, the amount that members can earn from the company comparing with the time and effort, the rate of successful members and so on, we have recommended Wealthy Affiliate as a No.1 online work company. If you don’t now what is Wealthy Affiliate, then you can find our detailed review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-

Please feel free to share this LikesXL review with your friends and families to warn them about it:- 

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