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What is Investment Dragons? InvestmentDragons Scam? – NOI

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What is Investment Dragons? Is InvestmentDragons Scam or Legit?

The Investment Dragons is a combination of two illegal schemes and those are Ponzi and Pyramid schemes. If you don’t know what is Ponzi and Pyramid schemes, then you can find the details on Ponzi and Pyramid schemes by clicking the following respective links:-


Ponzi scheme:-

Pyramid scheme:-


If you want to find out the details why we are saying InvestmentDragons is not a legal company or if you are searching for the Investment Dragons reviews in order to find out either InvestmentDragons is a scam or a legit, then you can find the details within our Investment Dragons review as below. However, before we begin with our InvestmentDragons review in detail, if you want to take a look at our list of legit online work companies, then you can find the list of our recommended good and trusted online work companies by clicking this link:-


Among all online work companies, Wealthy Affiliate is our No.1 recommended online work company and if you want to know why, then you can find our detailed review on Wealthy Affiliate simply by clicking this link:-


OK, let’s begin with our review in order to find out what is Investment in real. review, What is Investment-Dragons, Is Investment Dragons a scam or legit, Investment Dragons complaints, InvestmentDragons reviews.

Investment Dragons login and join in link:- https://investment-dragons. (Not recommended to join)

What is InvestmentDragons and why don’t we recommend it?

Aforementioned, Investment Dragons is a combination of two illegal schemes and those are Ponzi and Pyramid schemes because it offers daily ROI on the investment amount of members for certain period of time, but fails to provide the verifiable source of income to prove that it is really making profit to pay those ROIs. The only verifiable source of income is the money invested by the affiliates. So, it proves that they are paying back existing members using the money of new members which is a Ponzi scheme.


Every Ponzi Schemes pay at starting to lure more people into their scam. Ponzi schemes like Investment Dragons keeps on paying for certain period of time by calculating the daily ratio of withdrawal amount versus the new investment coming into the company. When they realize the withdrawal amount is increasing day by day comparing with new investment coming into the company, they start to make excuses for the payment and at last will completely stop paying and even shutdown their site and run with money of several people.


So, why do they pay at starting if they want to scam later?


They need to pay at starting to gain the trust of people and to show the payment proof so that they can lure more people into their system. The owners of the sites like Investment Dragons have taken a big risk by opening illegal company for which they can have legal issues anytime. So, if someone is taking such high risk, then obviously they are taking that risk for big money. So, they need to pay at starting to lure more investment of more people into their scam so that they can make big amount of money before they completely turn into scam.


Most of time those who join at first in Ponzi schemes make money and those who join at last or invest at last, lose money. But, we never know when will be that last day because some Ponzi schemes shutdown within some days, some within some months and some even last for years. So, there is a big risk to invest money in Ponzi scheme like Investment Dragons because they can stop paying anytime, even just after we invest money. On top of that these kinds of companies are illegal due to which they can have legal issues anytime.


But also, many people promote these kinds of Ponzi schemes and most of them don’t invest big amount by themselves, but let other invest in the company by letting them join in the company as their referrals so that they can earn commissions without taking risk of their own money. That is why you can find lots of people supporting these kinds of Ponzi schemes. For example, Investment Dragons offers the referrals commission upto 8 level downlines. Level 1 means the referrals that you directly recruit, level 2 means the referrals of your level 1 referrals and so on. Like MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies, Investment Dragons offers referrals commission upto 8 levels, but not like legit MLM companies where they offer referral’s commission on the sell of real products. Here in Investment Dragons, they offer referral’s commission on the sell of their ROI plans which makes them another illegal scheme known as Pyramid scheme.


Yep, some of you may be think that they have provided legal registration document from HongKong and their office is located in HongKong, so how they can be illegal. OK, first of all it is not the legal documents which make any business legal or sustainable, but is the model of the business, which is not sustainable in the case of Investment Dragons. More than that, it is not a big deal to register company in HongKong. Anyone can register company in HongKong for which it is not necessary to have a real physical location in HongKong. There are lots of companies in HongKong which sell virtual address to register company in HongKong. On other hand, the registration document of Investment Dragons is not the license to run an investment company, but is only the document for tax purpose.


Even there is a doubt that Investment-Dragons is really from HongKong or not because when we check their WHOIS details, we have found that they have provided address of an owner as Nassau, Bahamas and also have indicated the website is located at Russia. Even you can find some of their website’s features like chat section, news section are in Russian language. So, any company which is operating from HongKong, why they need to provide the owner address from Bahamas and then use Russian language in some of their website’s features and even mention website location from Russia in WHOIS. This makes us sure that they are hiding their real information. 




Aforementioned, it is clear that Investment-Dragons is neither a legal, nor a sustainable company. So, we have listed it within our Not Recommended sites list. So, we suggest you to stay out of Investment Dragons. Instead, you can find lots of legit ways to earn money online some of which we have listed within this page:-


Like we have said before, our No.1 recommended online work company is Wealthy Affiliate because from Wealthy Affiliate, everyone can earn good amount of money for their lifetime on regular basis so that they can quit their job. If you don’t know what is Wealthy Affiliate and want to find out the details on Wealthy Affiliate, then you can click this link:-


However, if your choice is only the risky companies like HYIP, revenue shares, crowd funding and so on and you know the risk to work in those sites, then you can find some of those kinds of popular sites within this page:-


Please feel free to share this Investment Dragons review with your friends and families to warn them about it:- 

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