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Traffic Monsoon Review – Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam or Genuine?
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Final Update:- The court case of TrafficMonsoon is taking very long time. It seems it will not end even after some years. However, during this period of time, we test many other similar kinds of revenue sharing sites which don’t have any other income sources than the advertising revenues, means the sites same like TrafficMonsoon which failed on their own, for example My24HourIncome, MyPayingCryptoAds, MyPayingAds and so on. So, the SEC did right decision by seizing TrafficMonsoon and declaring it Ponzi scheme because it seems this business model will not have enough income source to pay all the members at the end.

Anyway, before also we never have promoted revenue sharing sites like TrafficMonsoon and now we will definitely not promote them. So, now we are listing TrafficMonsoon within our Scams and Not Recommended sites list.

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Following is our previous review on TrafficMonsoon where you can find we never has recommended it from the starting.

NOTE:- We are here only providing our review on TrafficMonsoon based on our own research. It doesn’t mean we are promoting or recommending this site to you. We are only providing the truth about TrafficMonsoon so that you will be aware of the facts about this site. Our No.1 recommended site is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find out our detailed review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the link as below:-

Attention:- TrafficMonsoon site is closed at the moment. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has filed the complaint against TrafficMonsoon on 26, July, 2016. All assets of TrafficMonsoon and its owner has been frozen as per the order. The official site of TrafficMonsoon has been replaced to communicate with public, which you can find by clicking this link:- www.trafficmonsoon.comIn order to understand the situation better, we suggest you to look at “FAQ” and “Key Court Documents” section within a website by clicking the link of official TrafficMonsoon site which is right now under the control of Receiver. 

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TrafficMonsoon complaints. Traffic Monsoon reviews. TrafficMonsoon legit or scam?

Before we begin with our review on TrafficMonsoon, we like to make you clear that TrafficMonsoon is a revenue sharing site and there is always risk involve to work and purchase products in revenue sharing sites.

What is Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon is Traffic Exchange + Revenue Sharing site. It is a sister site of Adhitprofits which has almost the same business model.

Traffic Monsoon doesn’t only sell advertising services known as AdPacks from where members can earn back 10% profit, but it also sells banner ads, credit ads, cashlinks ads and so on. But, we don’t recommend anyone to purchase those AdPacks and also other advertisement services because the advertisement quality of this company is very bad and if you purchase those AdPacks to make money, then there is a high risk to lose because these kinds of companies can be collapsed anytime.

Background of Traffic Monsoon – Is TrafficMonsoon a Scam?

Admin of Traffic Monsoon - Charles Scoville

Traffic Monsoon was launched in October, 2014. However, Traffic Monsoon is not a legit site.

So why we can’t declare TrafficMonsoon as legit site?

Because of the background of owner and its risky business model.

The business model of TrafficMonsoon has not proven to be legal and it is not registered with any legal authorities to run its business.

Admin/Owner of Traffic Monsoon is Charles Scoville. He has bad reputation of running several scam PTC sites in the past. One of the good example is InfinityBux.

So, we don’t recommend anyone to work with TrafficMonsoon.

Conclusion about Traffic Monsoon:-

All in all, we conclude that it is better you not work with Traffic Monsoon because we can’t trust its owner and its business model is also not proven to be legal.

However, If you are searching for online work from which you can earn for your lifetime, then we suggest you to join our No.1 recommended online work company which has been established from 2005 and paying on time. You can find the detail review of that No.1 online work company and the link to join that company by clicking this link:- 

Best of Luck!

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We love to hear from you. So please feel free to leave your comment below if you want to report anything about Traffic Monsoon or want to provide any feedback for us.  

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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