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What is Exitus Elite about? Exitus Elite Review – NOI

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What is Exitus Elite about? Exitus Elite Review

You may be searching Exitus Elite Reviews because you may have questions like β€œIs Exitus Elite a scam ?” or “What is Exitus Elite about ?” etc. If so, then we want to inform you that Exitus Elite is very risky business because it may collapse due to its non sustainable business model. But also we can’t declare it as scam because it has been paying its members on time till date, but also, we have listed it in our “Not recommended” sites list because of its risky business model. Therefore, if you are looking towards to earn the good amount of money without taking huge risk and want to establish that income for lifetime then, it is better you join other genuine companies instead of Exitus Elite. For that you can take a look at our “Top Online Work Company” section by clicking this link:-


The tools and trainings for which you need to pay around $1299 in Exitus Elite for Genesis Product Package and annual fee can actually get for free or, at least not more than $49. On top of that, genuine companies will teach you every expect of online business such as making money from your own website on your own subject of interest by providing platform for creating the website with same membership fee which includes full hosting. Those kinds of companies also teach you to earn money by working with reputed companies like eBay, Amazon, Google AdSense etc. where are Exitus Elite main focus is to teach you to make money by making referrals within Exitus Elite and in order to earn from those referrals, they need pay the same amount of fees that you have paid to join Exitus Elite. Don’t you think it will be very hard to find people who will be willing to join and pay such a huge amount for the product which is overpriced and for which there is another good alternative in much more less amount? One of the good alternative, actually the top rated one is Wealthy Affiliate. In order to find out more details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link:-

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Background of Exitus Elite

Exitus Elite is created by Mr. Paul Stevenson, currently living in United Kingdom. He has been in internet business for really long periods of time. As being in internet business, he got success from many of his businesses, but most of those businesses has been failed and he is the only one in the end who actually earn a lot from those businesses, which is also one of the drawback of this company. For example: Stevenson was a co-owner of the company known as Property Cash Machine where people had to pay $175 just to lock down the matrix position. After that he created Exitus Network where people had to pay $500-$1200 only for the membership fee to become an affiliate. Many people did join Exitus Network and most of them failed to succeed from that system as the only way to earn from that system was to make referrals which would be willing to pay same amount of money that you had paid to join the system. Now, Exitus Network has been already shutdown and no longer exits. So, you can guess how many people loose their money there. And the business model of Exitus Elite is not so much different with Exitus Network as here also you have to recruit people who will be willing to pay $1299 to earn money out of it.



How to earn from Exitus Elite?

You may have queries like what is Exitus Elite about? How can we earn from it? Is Exitus Elite scam or legit? Aforementioned, it is an MLM company. To earn from this company is simple, you have to pay around $1000 for “Genesis Product Package” and then $299 for annual fee which you need keep on paying every year and need to refer other people to do the same. The product that you got from those purchases is nothing other than the membership and some trainings which even we can get free of cost and even much more better than that by searching in Google or by paying as low as $19 in other genuine companies. So, in order to earn from Exitus Elite, you just have to make more affiliates who will be willing to pay huge amount for membership and for those overpriced training materials which actually can’t be considered as products or services. So, we can say it is another MLM where there is not any retailed product or services. By making more amount of referrals/affiliates, you can earn more amount of money. If you have less amount of the affiliate, then there is less chance for you to earn the good amount of money and most of time lots of members ended up having zero referral as it is very hard to get referrals who are willing to pay above $1000 for non retail products and services which even can get free or in very cheap price compare with what you pay in Exitus Elite.


The compensation plan in Exitus Elite is based on the one-up structure which means you will get paid if you recruit someone which is the warning sign because same kind of company known as Exitus Network from same owner has been already collapsed in the past. Actually this kind of MLM with low quality service to label as product and with high price to join had been collapsed all the time in the past.


Another bad point in Exitus Elite is the way you need to give the earnings from your first referral to your sponsor. Imagine you try so hard to get one referral because it is very hard to find 1 referral who will be willing to pay $1000 for something that not worth and then also you will not earn even a dime and that first referral commissions directly goes to your sponsor. So, you have to wait till you get second referral. So, sometime even you can end up spending your money here instead of earning from it. Actually more than 95% people will fail from this kind of system and we can say it because we have seen these kind of companies come and go from many years.


Yep, we know you may have seen some people posting they are earning $35,000+ in their first month, or someone even have claimed upto $200,000+. But those are only few people who have lots of internet marketing knowledge and have ability to convince people to buy something that is not worthy. Even they will earn that amount only one time, after that market will be definitely saturated. Only 5% members will earn from this system and 95% will definitely gonna loose or gonna make little profit, but for that we need to risk a large sum of $1299 which is really not worthy and we can say it as per our own experience in online work industry.



Drawbacks of the Exitus Elite


  1. Company claims that there is not recruiting, not selling in order to earn from Exitus Elite, but at the end that is what you have to do in order to earn from Exitus Elite. First you have to pay large sum of $1299 for worthless product and then need to make at least 2 referrals who will be willing to pay same amount in order to get commission from your referral to earn from this system.
  2. We hate those companies which lie and Exitus Elite is lying just at their home page by saying “No Cold Calling, No Explaining, No selling”, but that is all what you have to do to earn from Exitus Elite.
  3. The background of the owner of this company is also one drawback because he had already opened company known as Exitus Network in the past where also you have to pay from $500 to $1200 as membership fee and only can earn by recruiting people. Exitus Network has been already collapsed and Exitus Elite is almost same and even here you need to invest upto $1299 which is more than what we have to invest in Exitus Network.
  4. The companies which use to had same business model as Exitus Elite has been always failed in the past.
  5. The rate to join this company is very expensive, which is $1299. If we can prepare that much investment, we can easily make money from lots of other companies with very low risk, so why we risk $1299 here even the only way to earn from here is by making referrals who willing to pay same amount which is very hard to get.

Overall the drawbacks of Exitus Elite has been listed as above. But, still if you want to join this company by paying high rate of membership for worthless product then that is completely upto you. However, we will not recommend you this company because there are number of the other online business where you can earn good amount of money by investing very less amount than what you have to risk here. One of the top example is Wealthy Affiliate where you can join free and even to upgrade, you have to pay only $49 for which you will get full hosting for your website, you will get full training to make website in your own subject of interest and make money from your own website, where you will learn the ways to earn from genuine companies like Google AdSense, eBay, Amazon etc. For more details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link:-


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