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Uvioo review, Is Uvioo Scam or Legit – NOI

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  • April 12, 2020

Uvioo Review, Is Uvioo Scam or Legit

Are you searching for Uvioo reviews in order to find out either Uvioo is a scam or legit? If so the you are absolutely in right place. We hare to deliver the truth about Uvioo, both pros and cons and provide you upto date review on Uvioo, 2016. However, before we begin with our Uvioo review, if you want to take a look at our No.1 recommended online work company known as Wealthy Affiliate, then you can click this link:-


OK, now let’s begin with our review on Uvioo as below and find out either the Uvioo is scam or not.

Uvioo Review

We don’t believe in Uvioo because it is one of those website which is Scam from the making. We say it is scam from the making because Uvioo .com has registered their website privately so that no one can identify who is the owner of the website and from which location this website is operating. In online work industry, whoever register website by hiding their real identity had always turned into Scam. So, it is clear that Uvioo is hiding something either to hide their previous record of scams or want to scam in future. Either way, it is not good sign.


More than that, there are already lots of complaints from the members of Uvioo for not getting payment as they suppose to be even after their hard work as guided by Uvioo.


Not only that. The whole business model of Uvioo is totally questionable. They say that you will earn money when you share video and you will also earn money for views of those shared videos. So, they claim you can earn much more money if your shared video get viral. In addition to that, they say that they will pay you for per free member sign ups, reach and acquire check points, gold positions and upgrade to pro. 


It looks like that Uvioo is keep on paying, but the turning point is that no one had make money from it. Everyone is getting paid for what they have invested into the system and even sometime much more less than what they’ve already invested into the system. Most of members had lose money in this system, no one had make any benefit till date from it.


The minimum cashout threshold is $100 which is almost impossible to get just by sharing videos as you can only earn in cents for doing that. So, they will let you buy check points in order to advertise your video so that you will get additional views. They claim that the money which you invest in check point, you will get double benefit like if you invest $5, you will get back $10.


Later on you will feel check points is not enough to grab the cashout threshold and you will end up buying gold positions or pro upgrades like $27 per month or $97 yearly. 


As a free member, there is no chance that you can make $100 even you work for more than years. So, in order to cashout, they always make you believe that if you invest into the system, you will get the cash. But, at the end when they pay you and you do your calculations, then most of time you will find out that you have invest much more than what you’ve earned from it.


So, Uvioo is totally a Scam because:-

1. As a free member, it is impossible to reach cashout threshold.

2. In order to reach the cashout threshold soon, if you start to invest, then you will invest much more than what you will earn from it.

3. They has hide their real identity during the registration of website.


So, there is not anyway you can make money by working with Uvioo. So, it is better not to work in this company.


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