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Advertzer Review - Is it Scam or Legit?

NOTE:- You must know that we are only providing review on Advertzer as below based on our research. This doesn't mean that we are promoting or recommending Advertzer. Our No.1 recommended company is Wealthy Affiliate and you can find our detail review on it by clicking the following link or by clicking red banner as below:-

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Final Update:-

After testing Advertzer for several months, we come to conclusion that Advertzer is not making any real profit and paying existing members using the money invested by new members. So, we are sure that this company is running as a Ponzi scheme which is an illegal and unsustainable business, means it can't pay for long run and will ultimately collapse. Actually from starting we haven't recommended it and now we are sure we did the right decision.


Following is our previous review and previous updates on Advertzer.


Update (2015/10/05):

Advertzer was in debt just one month before. During that time they were unable to pay the members on time and even some payments get delayed upto 1 month. However, now they have once again recovered that issue and paying as per schedule. They are also opening their another sister site soon known as RevAdburst. You can follow this link in order to find out their new sister site:-

It seems that they had opened this new site in order to cover up debt of Advertzer. Sometime this strategy work. But sometime it won't work. If their new site also start to create debt, then they will be in huge trouble and it seems that their new site also don't have enough back up income stream in order to cover ROI to pay back to their members. So, lets see how they will run their sites in the future.


Update (2015/05/07):

Within one and half month from launched date, Advertzer did the debt swap which is totally unprofessional move. Anyway, Advertzer had added new income of stream such as shares, YTads, offerwall etc. which can add some sustainability within the business. However, still Advertzer is unsustainable and more than that their registration data is still hidden. 


Following is our previous review on Advertzer:- 

Advertzer Review, Is it Scam or Legit?, Is Advertzer Same like Paidverts?

Advertzer is launch at 19/03/2015. Advertzer had registered their website privately due to which no one can identify the real person who is operating Advertzer and even their location is also hidden. In online work industry, it is not a good sign if some company has hide their data. Actually only those companies hide their data who have either link with scam sites in the past or want to scam in future. This is why we don't recommend anyone to invest in Advertzer.


The most common questions we get about Advertzer are:-


1. Is Advertzer same like Paidverts or not?


2. Is Advertzer Scam or Legit?


3. Can we invest money in this company or not?


So, instead of replying to each of them, we decide to make one post on Advertzer so that everybody can find it easily by using search box on the right hand side of our website.


1. Advertzer only look like Paidverts, but the business model of Advertzer is totally unsustainable. They don't have any additional back up income stream from which they can generate profit in order to return 144% to their member. In Paidverts, they had various income stream like shares, games sales and developments, cheap traffic and banner advertisements, software developments, casino games etc. However, still Paidverts need to clear their debt time to time by doing BAP swaps. So, in case of Advertzer from where they will generate additional 44% to back to their members? At the moment it seems like ponzi scheme in which they will pay to first member from money of second member and each time they pay to their members, they will create 44% debt because at the moment they don't have any good income source or investment source from which they can earn profit to pay to their members. However, they are adding new features like YT Ads, Offerwall etc., but also it is still not enough to cover up 44% debt. 


2. At the moment Advertzer have more bad points than good points. As we mention before, another big drawback of Advertzer is that they had register their website privately so that no one can identify who is the owner of the website and in which location it is situated. In online work industry, only those websites hide their identity if the owner of those companies has link with scam sites in the past or they want to scam in the future. Either way, it is not good.


3. At the moment we don't recommend anyone to invest money in this company. 


Anyway, this is new company, so at starting they will pay to their members. So, everyone can work as free user. But only invest that much money which you can afford to lose. After 2-3 months we will post our detail review on it. So, keep on checking our website for latest updates.


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