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News-Doc Review, News Doc Scam or Legit – NOI

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News-Doc Review, Is News Doc Scam or Legit?

We have listed “NEWS DOC” in our “Bad and Scam Online Works” section because it is a scam site owned by the same owner of many scam sites like: Quest of news, LuckiNewsAllnewsroundStatofNews, Till News etc.  Like other mentioned sites News-Doc also has the similar appearance and he/she hides his/her location and opens such scamming sites which makes it difficult to trace him/her and pin point his location. However, he/she uses some of the same data which makes it easier for us to find that he/she is the same person owing those scam sites and his/her strategy of gaining clients is also same. He/she ensures that he/she pays his/her client huge amount just for reading news online which is clearly impossible and unbelievable. 


To get more client, he/she is making an attractive offer of paying money if you’re able to involve as partner. No company can pay $35 for just involving as partner. He/she is just making this offer to attract more client. Some members are ready to even pay money and give their bank account along with some valuable information in order to get paid fast. But, in reality no one has ever got paid from this company. 


News Doc Review, Is News-Doc Scam or Legit?

He/she has been using his/her sites to scam people freely and rapidly. His/her offer of paying money is undeniably attractive but the fact is he/she hasn’t paid a single penny to any of his/her clients. He/she is earning money by traffic and selling email address that is asked to you during processing of membership to other companies that are ready to pay him/her.


He/she targets people who wants to earn money by doing nothing. But there’s no gain without pain and hard-work. And there is no such thing as  easy money in online work or any other physical field. But if you work hard and be devoted to your job, online job is a very good field which pays you enough. Not all the companies are scammers, there are lots of other trusted companies you can work under that will pay you well. Our company works to guide you to work in such trusted companies and aware you from scammers.


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