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Tribepro Review, Is Tribepro Scam? – NOI

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Tribepro Review, Is Tribepro Scam?

Before begin with Tribepro Review, we like to inform you that this review is not to promote the Tribe Pro, but to deliver the truth about it. Our No.1 Recommended Online Work Company is Wealthy Affiliate where you will not only earn, but will also learn every aspects of online business such as making your website top rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing search pages, methods to earn from the renowned companies like eBay, Amazon, Google AdSense etc. If you are interested to find out more, you can find the detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


Ok, let’s begin with the Tribe Pro Review as below in order to find out TribePro is scam or not.

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What is TribePro Network?

TribePro is a social media content syndication network which is used to syndicate the content by connecting with group of people in the network. In layman voice, it’s simply a social media bookmarking tool to create organic backlinks for your webpage.


However, the interest of every member in TribePro is to increase the social media sharing of their own website than others. When you view one post and share it, in return other member will view your site and share it in their social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. So, most of the members in TripePro are not interest to read the content of other sites at all, they just want to share those sites through their social media accounts so that they can get social sharings for their own site in return. So, it doesn’t help at all to increase the Google Ranking of your website because Google doesn’t only care the sharing of your content, but will also care the pattern of those sharings. If all the sharing traffic in your website is coming in the same manner, means obviously the traffic sharing your post will sure will use in same IP, then Google will definitely start to notice it and even if you observe the good results at starting, then also after some days or months you will find drop in your Google ranking because Google will check each and every behaviour and searching pattern of the traffic you are getting to your website. Natural traffic which like to share your post will at least stay in your website for more than 10-15 minutes in order to read your article and then only share it. But in the case of Tripepro traffic, they will just land in your website and within some seconds will share your post. So, you just think how unnatural sharing it will be recorded by Google Bot? This is the reason why you can find many mixed TribePro Reviews because those who have just started using it, they will find out it is working for them. It is because when some post will start sharing, Google will take it into account. But if the sharing type is in the same manner and on top of that within some seconds after traffic landed to your website, then ultimately Google will downgrade the rank of your website. So, we should never use these kind of tools. It will harm more than doing good.


If you want your website to be top rank in Google, then you should take detail Internet Marketing training which you can take by joining Wealthy Affiliate. You will not only learn about Internet Marketing or ranking of your website, but will also learn the every aspect of online business so that you can make handsome money from your own website. You can find the detail review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-



What’s the effect of using TribePro on Google Ranking?

Well this could be a fair answer if we say don’t take a chance by using TribePro. We are saying this on the basis of various cases we have observed during our research. There is a mix result on using Tribepro as for some cases it may work and for others may not. So, we have studied in detail about those websites who claims they get higher ranking using TripePro. As per our study, they actually get higher ranking for some days, but eventually their site start to drop sooner and even some of them are completely downgrade by Google in very bad manner. It happens because Google ultimately find out the source of those social sharing and traffic.


The effect of using Tribepro in Google ranking is actually uncertain. What Tribepro can help you is get people view your content. Meaning this backlink technique will make your blogging content noticeable through Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc., but it can highly increase the bounce rate of your website as all traffic are not interested to read your content but only to share it. However, once those contents are shared by the TripePro members, then it may have chance that some of their friends will actually like and view your content and share it naturally. If that happens, it can entirely rank your webpage higher on Google search engine. But the chances of having such scenario is very less, so do you think is it worth to take a risk?


Using mechanisms like Web 2.0 properties, forum blog commenting, forum posts and article directories are proven to be more reliable sources for ranking as it will help you in getting natural backlinks. But the best way to get good ranking is by writing quality content using low or average competitive keyword phrases and interlinking your pages with each other as far as possible


Google itself has confirmed data of social sharing are considered as one of the key factors for ranking website in search engine, but only if it has been done naturally and not by using some techniques like Tribepro. And remember that Google will definitely going to notice such simulated and unnatural backlinks that you have created over the night.


So, we want to suggest you not to use some uncertain technique for your webpage ranking. After 2012 Google update, unnatural backlinks days are gone. If you want to get the full training to get your website rank top in Google and learn the techniques to earn from your own website as well as from the big companies like eBay, Amazon, Google AdSense etc., then we suggest you to join Wealthy Affiliate. You can find the detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-



Conclusion:- TribePro Ranking Fails

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