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“Work from Home Wizards” and its sister sites:- “Shortcuts to Cash”, “Internetpros”, “Make-n-dollars”, “Work from Home Typing Jobs”, “Typing at Home” Reviews

As per our research, we find many negative points than positive points due to which we don’t recommend anyone to work in “Work from home wizards” and its sister sites “Shortcuts to Cash”, “Internet Pros”, “Make-n-dollars”, “Work from Home Typing Jobs” and “Typing at Home”.


You can find Sari Balhi as owner of these companies within any comments or public forums, but according to official Youtube video and WHOIS record, these sites are belong to Thomas Foley.

Even if these companies are legit, then also we don’t recommend anyone to work in it as it is worthless to pay that much amount just for doing data entry job for other companies. If you can invest that much amount, you can find much more better site such as Wealthy Affiliate (Click here for detail review on Wealthy Affiliate) where you can learn every aspect of online work, become expert in any kind of online work, can make your own website free of cost, do the data entry jobs like typing, writing, ad posting etc for your own website and earn a very good income from your own website doing same job which you have to do in these companies for other. If you can earn from your own website, then you never need to worry about scam as you will be your own boss in your own website. Wealthy Affiliate will also teach you to earn from genuine companies such as Google AdSense, Youtube, eBay, Amazon, Facebook etc. It also teaches you to make your own product from your own subject of interest and make money by selling that product online. You can also earn very good income within Wealthy Affiliate as well. So, click HERE in order to find more details about our No.1 recommended company known as Wealthy Affiliate.


Following are the negative points about “Work From Home Wizards” and its sister companies “Shortcuts to Cash”, “Internetpros”, “Make-n-dollars”, “Work from Home Typing Jobs” and “Typing at Home” :-


1. Legit company will never disabled their comment section under their official Youtube video. Only those companies disabled comment section who is afraid of negative comments from maximum number of people. It means they have something to hide.


2. They are spamming people by selling their email address. In some of these websites, you can find – “Hurry! Positions Are Limited!” under the box where you have to fill your email address. Once you filled the email address, you will be directed to the page where you will know that you have to pay in order to earn from their system. But, that time you had already provided your email address to them. None of these kind of sites have limited offer. That is there only to attract visitors so that some of them may put their email quickly and they can collect as many email address as they can and sell it to 3rd party and make money from that. Providing false information by mentioning people have to hurry to grab their opportunity is also one kind of scam.


3. Payment proofs are fake. By observing their Paypal screenshot of payments, it seems that they are sending money from their one Paypal account to their another Paypal account and showing those transactions as payment proofs. Even when we check traffic number of these sites, none of them have significant amount of traffic. So, how are they paying to so many members as they are showing in their payment proofs if they don’t have significant number of traffic/members? The number of members for which they are posting payment proofs seem to be totally fake compare with their traffic number.


4. There is not much more discussion about these websites in the internet. There is almost zero payment proofs and genuine testimonials about these sites around the internet. So, it is hard to find out both positive as well as negative comments about these companies. So, it proves that there are not many members in any of these companies. Till date, we find only one member is posting positive review about them and her name is Marcy Token. So, we think that she may be from their own team. There is also only one negative review about these companies from one member claiming that he didn’t earn as they claim after he sign up in one of their sites by paying registration fee. So, he is claiming back his investment, but it seems that he didn’t get back his money. 


5. We have found that they are using picture of one scam company in one of their site (workfromhometypingjobs. biz). First of all it is very bad to copy picture or any content from other website and it is even more bad to copy pictures and contents from the scam website. They have copied the picture of scam site known as Probux. There is only two reasons to do this. Either they belong to that same scam group or they just don’t care about the reputation of their website. For us both reasons are bad. You can see the picture as below which matches with the picture of closed scam company known as Probux (Click here in order to see the picture of Probux and detail about it)

Picture of home page of workfromhometypingjobs. biz

6. It is hard to believe some company which claim to pay you $1000 per month and even can’t make their own quality website. More than that, they are either too lazy to do the research or too lazy to make their own picture due to which they just copy paste picture from one of the popular proven scam site. If they doesn’t care about their own website, how can we trust them? Even there are many designs and technical faults in all of their websites. It seems that they want to save money to make their own website. 


7. Why do they need a registration fee if the members can earn just by doing works like typing, ad posting etc within their system? If fees are necessary, then they can deduct those fees from the earnings of member after they do the job. We don’t mean all sites which ask for investment are bad. The sites which is in the format of investing scheme such as MLM, Training, Revenue Sharing, PTC, Shares sites also provide you the platform to join and test the system first and then only invest if you feel comfortable with the system. Actually most of legit sites are free to join. So, site like data entry where you can earn by doing jobs of other companies, why anyone have to pay fees for that. If those jobs are from real companies and advertisers, then they will pay for it when job is done. For that there is not any necessity to pay fees during the registration.  The only reason for which they are asking fees is to pay to the first member from money of second member, which means those jobs are not from real companies and they are just posting those jobs in order to engage the members so that system will have flow of investments from members. So, we think this is unsustainable HYIP program with face of data entry job. Instead we better invest in HYIP companies because although HYIP are unsustainable business, at least they didn’t hide they are HYIP and at least people can choice whether or not they want to take a risk by investing in those HYIP programs.


8. Why do they need to open several sites with different names offering same type of job offer? We don’t see any reason to open different sites with same format by same group unless they want to take investment of same members multiple times so that they can always round the money between the members and take out some benefits in the middle for themselves.


9. In their “about us” page they write that they are in this business from 10 years. Don’t you think it is weird that some company who claims to provide such good earnings from 10 years have so less traffic and still don’t have any positive review from any members of those sites anywhere around the internet? 

We don’t mean these sites will not pay. Even they are paying, then also there is always risk to lose money in these kind of companies because they can shutdown anytime if they didn’t get enough investment from new members to pay to their old existing members. So, now it is totally upto you to decide whether or not you want to invest and work in these companies. From our point of view, it is has high risk to spend time and money in these sites. So, we don’t recommended anyone to work in these sites.


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