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Global Domains International Review, Scam? – NOI

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Global Domains International Review, Is it Scam?

We don’t recommended anyone to buy products of Global Domains International, also known as GDI or or because the product which GDI offers is not good. So, obviously we also don’t recommend to work within this company either. We don’t mean this company is scam. It pays you if you can sell their product.  But it is worthless if we compare it with other companies like Jimdo and Wealthy Affiliate because the product which they are selling is totally worthless. They are selling domain with full hosting under their “.ws” extension. But, “.ws” extension is very hard to get indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. So, what is the use of your website if you can’t get traffic into it. Only making website is worthless if you don’t get visitors to see your website and if search engine doesn’t index your website properly, then for you it will be very difficult to get traffic within your website and compete with your competitor. More than that, they are selling those “.ws” domain @$10 per month which is very expensive because there are other lots of companies which offer domain plus full hosting under top extensions like “.com”, “.net”, “.org” etc. @ lower than $8 per month and those companies will also provide you commissions for selling their products. So, why we pay more money for low quality product or waste our time and money to promote it if we have high quality product in the price lower than that low quality product. 


As below, we are going to provide detail comparison of GDI with those kind of companies which offer high quality product (domain and full website hosting under top extensions like “.com”, “.net” etc.) in lower price and which also provide good affiliate commissions.

GDI is online from 2000 and till now (2015), it is very difficult to find any top website under “.ws” extension which prove that it is very hard to get good ranking of your website under “.ws” extension.


There are too many companies which are far better than GDI as GDI offer much lower quality product than any other company within the same field. However, among those companies, we are describing you about two best companies which offer very good services and facilities for website domain and hosting with online money making program. Those two companies are Jimdo and Wealthy Affiliate (WordPress).


 Comparison of Global Domains International (GDI) with Jimdo:-

1. GDI offer only 7 days free trial where as you can make free website for lifetime under Jimdo hosting under its “” extension due to which people can test the product fully before they purchase it and you will always have high chance to sell the products if your affiliate can test it fully and get positive service from it. Only those companies which provide good quality products will let their clients to test their products because they are sure that most of their clients will fully satisfied from their products and will buy their products, where as GDI doesn’t offer more than 7 day test time which is very short time to test any website as only to index by Google, it take around 15 days for new website. So, it proves that GDI is not confident about their own product.


2. The website domain under “.ws” extension offers same quality which website under “” extension serve at free of cost. 


3. GDI offer domain under extension “.ws” @10 per month which is very difficult to sell in the market as it is very difficult to index by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. as well as visitors also don’t trust in website  with extension “.ws”, where as Jimdo offers website under “.com” extension with full website hosting @90 per year which means just $7.5 per month and it is easily indexed by search engine in the similar manner as other top websites in the market.


4. If the product is not worthy to buy, then it will be difficult to sell as well. If you put same time, effort and money to promote the products of Jimdo, you will get lots of affiliates commissions than in GDI. More than that, you will earn only $1 per sale from GDI where as you can earn one time commission from $20 to $120 or recurring commissions upto 20% per sales if you promote Jimdo. For more detail about the commissions provided by Jimdo, please view the cart as below:- 

Jimdo Affiliate Comission

5. In GDI people can buy website on per month basis due to which it has high chances that your affiliates doesn’t resubscribe next month when they know that quality of website is not good, where as Jimdo only offers yearly membership because of which if you make sales, you can make at least one year commission altogether with which you can easily cover the expenses and time which you put into advertising Jimdo where as in GDI  you will loss your money most of time because you can’t earn more than what you have invested to advertise GDI to get affiliates and sales.


If you are interest to visit Jimdo site, you can click the sign up button as below:-

Create a website

6. In comparison to GDI, it is very easy to make website with Jimdo as their themes are easy to use which is similar to using Microsoft office word documents or using Facebook.


7. Jimdo pro priovides 5 GB (5000 MB) storage space and Jimdo Business provide unlimited storage space where as GDI provide only 100 MB storage space which is much less compared to present market.


8. Jimdo provides all kind of eCommerce website facilities where as it is hard to make eCommerce website under GDI platform.


9. GDI website builder offers very limited amount of things to shape up your website pages where as in Jimdo you can shape up your website upto professional level.


Comparison of GDI and Jimdo with Wealthy Affiliate:-                                Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is No.1 Online Work Company with No.1 solution to make quality website with top hosting WordPress)


If you are searching to make serious money online plus to make top quality website with step by step guide to gather traffic within your website and make your own money making website, then Wealthy Affiliate is the only one choice. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking “Get Started Here” button as below in the picture:-

Actually Global Domains International (GDI) is not even worthy to compare with Wealthy Affiliate (WA) because WA offers much higher quality service than any other online money making or website hosting companies can offer. However, we are explaining some points to compare GDI and Jimdo with WA so that we can introduce you the opportunities provided by WA:-


1. You can get free website under “” domain within WA as free member for unlimited time which is fully functional and easily indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. where as only limited amount of pages of free website offer by Jimdo get indexed by search engine and even the paid website which is offered by GDI is very hard to get indexed by search engines. So, just think, if your free website which you created in WA will get indexed easily in search engines, then your own paid private domain such as “.com”, “.org”, “.net” etc. will give you how much benefit if you create it within WA.


2. Hosting provided by WA comes as free package within your membership and those websites will be from top hosting provider WordPress’s theme due to which you can do everything what anyone needs to do in their website. Jimdo hosting also provide every service that you need for your website to be successful. However, GDI website builder offer very limited amount of service.


3. You will get unlimited data storage within WA hosting even for your free website which you created as free member in WA. In Jimdo, you will get 5000 MB data storage as Jimdo Pro membership and unlimited storage as Jimdo Business membership. But, in GDI you will get much more less data storage (only 100 MB even as paid member)


4. WA provides free basic courses for its free members with step by step video tutorial from which members can learn to make their website very easily and will get idea to make their website indexed within search engines and get traffic into it. In Jimdo also you can find such kind of tutorials in written format, but it will be difficult for you to find out if you don’t know what you are searching for. In GDI there are not any courses which is even worthy to learn.


May be now you are thinking that if WA provides such a huge service free of cost, then why anyone need to upgrade in WA and pay for membership?

OK, we are describing about it as below within point number 5.


5. People don’t buy premium membership in WA just to make website. They buy that membership in order to learn advance courses in WA which covers almost all detailed strategy to make money online by doing real online works such as making top quality website so that you can earn from it, gathering huge amount of traffic free of cost to your website so that you can increase sales and earn huge amount from your website, if you have nothing to sell, then also you will learn to earn by posting advertisements within your website, you will also learn to make your own product and sell it online, you will learn to earn from the big companies like Google AdSense, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Google, Youtube etc., you will learn to sell any kind of products online (even the website from GDI if you want to sell it) and much more. You can also earn by selling the product of WA and earn huge commissions from it (50% commissions for each affiliates sales) which is very high than any other companies can offer you. This is the reason why “Wealthy Affiliate” is still a number one company to make website and to earn money online. If we compare WA with Jimdo and GDI through this point (point number 5), then WA is far more better than both companies.


For more details on WA, please view our detail review on it by clicking following link:-


For more detail comparison of WA with Jimdo, please click the following link:-


Conclusion about  Global Domains International:-

As we mentioned above, there are more negative points about Global Domains International than the positive points. If there are much more better companies than Global Domains International which offers high quality product than GDI in lower price and provide more commissions that what you can get by selling similar kind of product as in GDI, then why we go after GDI? So, we don’t recommend anyone to buy or promote the products of Global Domains International.

Your comments are valuable for us. So please feel free to leave the comment below if you want to report anything related with online work field.

We are happy to help you.

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