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Review on Vans Scam Sites like Vansxc, Vansgg, etc.

Vansxc review, Vansgg review, Vansbk review, Vans scam sites

These days you can find lots of similar kinds of sites such as Vansxc, Vansgg, Vanskf, Vansq, Vanske, Vansbk, Vansnn, Vansvt and so on claiming to sell the products of Vans brand. However, in reality, those sites are scams.


This post is not only just a Vansxc review or Vansgg review or Vansbk review, Vanskf review etc., but this post is more about spreading the awareness about Vans scam sites.


Through this post, we are explaining to you why and how those Vans sites are scams and how to differentiate those scam Vans sites from the genuine ones.


How to identify the scam sites claiming to sell products of Vans:-

  • The most common thing that we have found among the Vans scam sites are their email addresses. Almost all scam sites which are claiming to sell the products of Vans are using similar email addresses which are “Support@Jdonline.Info”, “”, “Shoesservice@Ycsale.Com” and “” and so on. So, if you find any online stores which are using these email addresses, you should know they are scams. This also proves that almost all Vans scam sites are operating by the same scammer. However, this scammer may change the email address on upcoming scam sites. But also if you find any email address which looks similar to the email addresses mentioned before or which email address is not domain-specific but completely different than the domain address of the website, then you should be suspicious about those sites. You should be also careful with those scam sites which provide free email addresses like Gmail, Outlook and so on instead of the paid domain email addresses.
  • Some of these scam online stores even are showing the fake trust seal logos on their websites. So, if you find any online stores with McAfee or Norton and so on trust seals, then try to click those trust seals. If they can't be clicked, then you must know those are fake trust seals. If they can be clicked but don't send you to the official verification pages of respective trust seal providers, then also those are fake. The real trust seal logos should be clickable which should send you to the official verifiable pages of respective trust seal providers to verify those trust seals. You should avoid all online stores with fake trust seals.
  • Almost all scam online stores are not secured properly. So, you should avoid all those online stores which are not secured properly such as not having any good trust seals or SSL security and so on.
  • Scam always stores make their website in a hurry. So, they never make those websites perfectly. Mostly all online stores look very untidy. Most of them have copy-pasted details from other websites such as their Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Return Policy, About Us details and so on. Most of the Vans scam sites even haven't made any desktop version of the websites but only the mobile versions. Most of the Vans scam sites haven't provided any contact information such as their company's address or warehouse's address or phone number, nothing. However, legit online stores definitely provide detailed contact information.
  • Besides observing the above four points, you can also check either any sites claiming to sell the products of Vans are a scam or not by contacting the main company of Vans and ask them to check the site. This is the official website of the Vans main company:-

Now you know about the Vans scam sites like Vansxc, Vansgg, Vanskf, Vansq, Vanske, Vansbk, Vansnn, Vansvt and so on. So, we have listed these sites within our Bad and Scams category.


Most of these scam online stores are found to be advertising on various online platforms, especially on social media sites and reputed advertising networks. Although social media sites and those advertising networks are trying very hard to filter their ads, still they have failed to do that since there are too many scam sites. On top of that, these scammers always close their previous sites and open the new one, so it's very hard for any platforms to filter these scam sites properly from their advertisements. So, don't fall into any online stores just because you find them on reputed advertising networks or on reputed social media sites. Think twice before purchasing any stuff from unknown online stores.


Many people fall into the scam online stores due to the very low product price that most of the scam online stores offer on relative products. Vans scam sites are also offering a huge discount on products of Vans. However, instead of falling for that, avoid them. If you find something too good to be true, then you should know that may not be true. So, don't fall into the trap of scammers just because they attract you with flashy design, attractive products, and very low price. Instead, you must know that is a sign of bad online stores.


Please feel free to share this Vans review about Vans scam sites with your friends and families through your social media accounts so that they can find out about Vans scam sites:-

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