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Personquiz Review, It is scam or legit? – NOI
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Personquiz Review, Is Personquiz scam or legit?

Personquiz is one of those sites which is open with intention of scam. These kind of sites are scam from the making. There were many these kind of sites in the past which had already turned into scam. The main motto of these kind of sites is to attract people by showing easy method to earn money online. So, many people try these kind of programs even they feel those are scam. Most of people think if answering 4-5 questions can earn more than $18, then why not. They feel even these kind websites turn into scam then also no need to worry because they have nothing to lose than the time they have given to work in these websites which is just around 3-5 minutes per day. But, we must know that due to this feeling we are helping these scam sites. If we just work in these kind of scam sites, then we are increasing their traffic number due to which they will be able to increase their website ranking. When the ranking of their website rise up, then many people will join their program due to which they will simply earn money from Youtube videos views as they posted in surveys because more people watch those videos, they can earn more money from Youtube as well as from other advertisements. Like this, there are many ways they can earn money if they can gather more people within their website. But, they will not earn even upto 10% of the money what they have claimed to pay to their members for completing the surveys. So, these kind of websites are open with intention of not paying to any members which means pure intention of scamming the people. They just want more people visit their website and they can earn some money.

Personquiz Review, Is Personquiz Scam or Legit? Personquiz is Scam

The main big scam done by these kind of site is cheating money of members. May be you are thinking how they can cheat money from members when you no need to pay to work in this system. But, in reality they are cheating money of people at time of payment. As you know these kind of website put their minimum cashout threshold more than $1000. So, in order to reach that amount, members need to do work for many days. After doing work for such a long time, members get excited to cashout. But, members start to worry when they don’t get payment for more than 15 days and they will email them. When they email them, they will reply to them that according to their terms and conditions it is not sure how long time it takes to pay for free member, but they will pay to paid members on time. Like this they will make up many story in order to cheat money from members. Due to the excitement of getting $1000, some people think paying them $10 to $20 is nothing and will pay them. However, either you pay them or not, these kind of sites will never pay to their members and at last they will run with money of members instead of paying them. So, never go after these kind of scam programs. Money never come easy like these kind of companies claim to give you. 

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Another reason to declare Personquiz as scam is the way they register their website. Personquiz had registered their website privately so that no one can identify who is the real owner of the site and from where do they belong. In online work industry, only those hide their identity who have link with scam sites in the past or who want to scam in the future. So, we should not believe any sites which have registered by hiding the real identity. In online work industry, in the past all those sites have turn into scam who had registered privately. So, we don’t recommend anyone to work in any site which have registered privately.


Conclusion about :

As per our explanation as above, it is clear that Personquiz is 100% Scam. So, it is better you stop work in this site if you are working at the moment. We never recommend anyone to join this site or any other site of similar kind. You must know that money never come easy like this kind of site claim to give you. There are not any company which can afford to pay that kind of amount just for answering the questions. They have put the surveys about the products of big company with video and advertisement of that company. But don’t go after that. None of those big companies know that they are using their name and video. Once those companies know about it, these kind of sites can be banned and shut down anytime. But, sometime those kind of companies also not care about these kind of sites as they think they are getting free advertisement of their product without their input.


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