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Your Job Space Review, Is it scam or legit? – NOI
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Your Job Space Review, Is YourJobSpace scam or legit?

Your Job Space Review, Is YourJobSpace Scam or Legit?

When you look the home page of “Your Job Space”, you may feel you find a very good legit company. But sorry to inform you that YourJobSpace is not a legit company. Instead it is another scam company. “Your Job Space” is from the same group who are scamming people by opening unsustainable Ponzi scheme programs in the past. They are opening this kind of site time to time and close down when they get enough money from the investment of members. One of their previous scam site is  which was already shut down without paying to their members. They always open new site with new registration detail. If we check their WHOIS, the owner of Yourjobspace is Steve Martin and address is from United States. However, according to WHOIS record, owner of Adminings. com was Roger Brandon and address was from United Kingdom. Like this, they always open different site with different name.


So, how do we find out all these scam sites belong to same people?


We find it because they are very lazy. Although they make different site with different address and name, they always copy paste almost all content from their old sites and more than that they even not bother to correct their grammar and spelling mistakes ever. The one of the example describing about their copy paste mistake within the CEO profile of Your-Job-Space is as shown below in the screenshot.  

Your Job Space is Scam

In above screenshot, you can see their grammar mistake which they have done in their previous site. They have just copy paste everything from their previous site known as Adminings. In that previous profile of owner, they only cut name of Roger Brandon and replace it with Steve Martin and they even not bother to correct the grammatical and spelling errors which they made in their previous site. 

Now, another blunder they have done is that they forget to replace the address of owner and put it same as in Adminings. As we mention before, they have registered “Your Job Space” under the name of Steve Martin and they put his address from United State in the WHOIS record, however they forget to replace it in the CEO profile page of “Your Job Space” which you can find as above in the screenshot. 

Agent and staffs which you can find in videos and pictures within Yourjobspace are fake. Those all are hired actors. None of them belong Yourjobspace. 

Another drawback of this company is their business model. It is MLM company without any product. There is not any product than membership. They make confuse people by showing travel packages in their home page. But those travel packages are not related with MLM business opportunities. More than that, those travel packages are totally funny. They even not have mention the price of each packages which means if someone contact them, they will first of all ask package rate with other travel company and then add some amount on that price and sell packages to their clients. 

Yourjobspace claims that when you invest $50, you will get back $100 and sponsor will also get $5. But how they can pay that amount if they don’t’ have any additional income stream. As per our investigation, no one is buying their travel packages as those are totally unprofessional. They don’t have any other income stream to pay back that much amount to their members. And in reality they are not paying to all members. You can see lots of complaints from many people around the internet for not getting payment from them after they invest into the system. It seems that they are paying to one member out of 10 so that it looks like they are paying and they can lure more people into their system. In the past, in Adminings also they did same and at least they close that company without paying to their members. At the moment also if you don’t get your payment and send them email, neither they pay you, nor they reply you. There are many members who are waiting for more than 3 months to get paid for them, but we are sure they will not pay them.

Conclusion about Yourjobspace :

As per our explanation as above on “Your Job Space”, it is clear that Yourjobspace is pure Ponzi Scam. So, we don’t recommend anyone to work in this company. 

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It is our pleasure to hear from you. So please feel free to leave the comment below if you want to report anything about YourJobSpace or want to report about any other online work companies.

We are happy to help you.

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