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News Online Income Complaints Forum – NOI

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News Online Income Complaints Forum, Your Comments

It seems that some people are just looking for the platform to place the complaints against us, means against or because we find out few complaints against us providing lots of lies around other websites and forums.


Actually in total there are 5 complaints till the time we are writing this post, if in the future we got more complaints, we will definitely update here. It seems those 5 complaints are just from 3 people because the nature of complaints are same, so we have categorized those 5 complaints within 3 unit as below.


Now, for those people who want to file a complaint against us, we have opened the forum within our own website where they can simply use the comment section below in order to file a complaints against us and we will definitely not delete those, instead we will reply each of those. If you think we will delete those complaints, you can just take a screenshot of those complaints after placing here in the comment section so that if after we delete those complaints, you can place that around the internet anywhere in any other forum.


The main motto of making this post to file a complaints agains us is due to the two reasons.


1. We don’t want people spread a lie against us because from the complaints that we find in other forum are full of lie. However, that lie can be either due to the misunderstanding or intentionally. But, if you file those complaints here within our website, at least we can get them on time and can explain you the situation. So, this is the first reason for creating this forum.


2. Through this forum, we also want to clarify those complaints which we have found around the internet against us so that people who are looking for the NewsOnlineIncome complaints, they can find this page as well and see both sides of the story.


So, following are the screenshots of some complaints that we find out around the internet and below those screenshot, you can find our explanation to clear the doubts of people due to those complaints.


NewsOnlineIncome Complaint No. 1 complaints in Consumer Complaints

News Online Income complaints in Scam Book

As you can see we have post two complaints as complaints No.1 as above because you can see that those two comments have similar nature and seems from the same person. Well now let us clarify how much that complaint is a lie because first of all they are talking those things happen in India and even claiming to send money in India. Now how can that be anyone from NewsOnlineIncome because none of our team members are from India, we are from Nepal and China about which you can find clearly mentioned within our About us page which you can find by clicking >HERE<


On top of that, we never encourage anyone to contact privately and more than that we never do any phone conversation. So, if any of you get the calls from anyone claiming to be from NewsOnlineIncome, you must know the fact that is not by us.


So, above two complaints may be from the people who just hate us, possibly be someone whose companies we have listed as Scam in our website or may be those complaints are real and some other people are pretending to be from NewsOnlineIncome and ripping off people. So, we again warn everyone not to believe any calls made by anyone claiming to be the staff or founder of NewsOnlineIncome because we never call anyone. We only reply comments openly or just reply emails and that is also when someone contact us in first place. We never bother anyone first of all from our own side. On top of that, we earn money from this website by displaying ads in our website or affiliate commissions by referring people to the good and trusted online works when they work or pay the fees on those sites on their own, not by sending money to us. We never do any direct transactions. So, we never need to ask anyone to send money directly to us. So, if you get email from some people pretending from NewsOnlineIncome and asking to send money to earn money or doing something like that, never believe that because we never ask money directly. 


For those who report these two complaints as above, we believe this is the same person, we request him to provide the full detail of the person and the account number in which he send money and the phone number from which he contact that person in the comment section below and report about that to the police so that police can catch the culprit if this is the real case. Otherwise, if these complaints are made up, then we don’t have to say anything.



NewsOnlineIncome Complaint No.2

NewsOnlineIncome complaints in Complaints Board

As you can see in the complaint No. 2 as above, he just think we are scam because we earn money by displaying ads in the middle of our post when you read the reviews in our website. Well, how that can be scam? What anyone will lose by viewing ads in our website. If showing ads and earning money from ads is scam, then all media industries are scam who show ads in the middle of contents like news, movies, drama and so on. So, we agree that we earn money from our website by displaying ads, but in honest way, not by providing fake reviews. We don’t know why he say don’t trust our reviews, but we have always tried our best to deliver the real truth about any online work companies through our reviews. 


However, if some people really feel we did some injustice on the reviews of some companies, then they need to explain in detail in which review we have provide false statement so that we can clarify the misunderstanding. So, if anyone find any faults within our review, then please feel free to use our comment section within this page or within respective reviews to report us. Then we will explain you further.



NewsOnlineIncome Complaint No.3 complaint in RipOff Report complaints in Rip Off Report

NewsOnlineIncome complaints in RipoffReport

Above three screenshots are just from one forum thread, but was very long to capture in one screenshot, so we make that three. You can find the complaints from two people there and in those complaints also, you can find the one who is filing complaint against us, even don’t bother to research about us because he claim that we are from India. As we have mentioned before, the founders of NewsOnlineIncome is from Nepal and China about whom you can find the details by clicking >HERE<


In above complaint we can find that he/she is just claiming we spread lies, our reviews are bogus, we just make lies and so on, but didn’t provide any details where and in which review we have lied? We want to make it clear here that we are experienced expertise in online work field working from 9 years and our this website form where we are doing the reviews on different online work companies and listing them as scam or legit, is also online from 2014 which ads lots of value in our expertise to do the more accurate reviews on online work companies.


He/She said that we spread lies to show ads in our website, but why we need to lie to show the ads. Yep we agree that we earn money from ads by displaying in our website, but for that we don’t have to lie, we can simply earn money by providing factual reviews. So, instead of providing real reviews so that we can grow our business day by day and increase our advertising revenue, why would we want to spread lies and lose the trust of people in our site? What benefit we can get by lying if we are really earning money by displaying ads in our website? On top of that, the time when he did this complaint, even we didn’t have any ads within our website, because at first we want to grow our site and then only put the ads which we did by now. And we don’t think displaying the ads in website is by any means is a scamming process.


On top of that, he/she even didn’t mention which of our reviews have provided lies? If you check our website in different section, such as the list of our good and trusted online work companies where we have recommended the companies like Google AdSense, Amazon, WealthyAffiliate and so on to earn money online, how that can be lie. Everyone knows Google and Amazon is very reputable companies. However, you may don’t know about Wealthy Affiliate. It is actually a platform where you can learn to earn by establishing your own business online in your own subject of interest. So, how can that business be scam which show you the way to earn money by establishing your own business online. Even Wealthy Affiliate is online form 2005 and there are lots of satisfied members who are earning very well from Wealthy Affiliate. So, recommending such companies. how can that be scam? He/She mentioned that Wealthy Affiliate teach people to write bad reviews on other companies and recommend Wealthy Affiliate only. That is completely a false statement. Wealthy Affiliate even ask you to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Instead, when you join the program, you can find the training and tutorials which explain in detail very easily how to establish your own business online in your own subject of interest, not by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Even you can try Wealthy Affiliate as a free member to see what that offers. So, instead of believing those lies, try Wealthy Affiliate free of cost yourself. If you don’t like what Wealthy Affiliate offers, even you can quite the company anytime and you even don’t have to pay a dime by quitting as a free member. So, if you are interested to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate or want to join it to try it by yourself, then you can  find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate with link to join it by clicking this link:-


Now let’s talk about the sites which we have listed within our Bad and Scam Online Works. All sites that we have listed within our Bad and Scam Online Works section, none of them pay to their members and waste their time and money. So, listing those kinds of sites as scam, how can that be scam? You can find our detail list of bad and scam online work companies by clicking this link:- You can’t even find a single site which is legit in that list. You can check that yourself.


Another section in our website is for Not Recommended sites list which means those sites which are paying at the moment, but have some issues or problems or don’t pay later. May be this is the section people misunderstand with us. Well, when we find some Ponzi scheme sites which are paying at the moment, but which will not pay in future, we list that within our Not Recommended sites list because everyone knows the Ponzi scheme sites never can sustain for long time. That is why Ponzi schemes are declared as illegal business model. If we find any illegal businesses, we don’t care either they pay or not, but we just list them within our Not Recommended sites list because if some companies are operating illegal business model, sooner or later they are going to have a trouble either on their own or by concerned authorities. And if we find some sites which are paying, but very hard to earn money, such as there are some sites we have listed within our Not Recommended sites list which are paying, but we even can’t earn more than $10 per year. So, we feel that is complete waste of time and have listed them in our Not Recommended sites list, but not by declaring them as scam, but by providing the real truth, means by mentioning those sites are legit, but you can’t earn more than $10 per year, so from our side we don’t recommend it, but final choice is yours. So, what is wrong with that? You can find the list of our Not Recommended sites by clicking this link:-


So, we completely deny any of the above complaints because none of them are true. If anyone do deep research on our website and try to find out the reality of companies that we have done the reviews, then they will find out none of our reviews are lie and we do the deep research before claiming any companies as scam or legit. We think those complaints are either from the people who are the owner of the companies which we stated as scam within our website or may be from the people who are making some profit from the companies which we have listed within our Not Recommended sites list and think that we stated paying companies as a scam. But, in reality, they don’t know that after some months those paying companies will turned into non paying companies, means turn into scam. Most of those kinds of companies are Ponzi schemes. If you don’t know what is Ponzi schemes, then you can find the details by clicking this link:-


Or may be those complaints are form those people who just hate us for no reason. Anyway, truth is truth and anyone who will do deep reserach on our website, they will find out we have never spread the lies. Even you can find we guide people free of cost to work online in proper way through our News Online Income Blogs which you can find by clicking this link:-


So, we suggest everyone to navigate our website properly and understand everything before place a complaint. However, if you think we have provided false statement anywhere within our reviews, then please feel free to use our comment section below pointing out our mistakes so that we can clarify the misunderstanding or amend our review if we really have done some mistakes, but we think we haven’t.

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