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Is the Empower Network a Scam? – NOI
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Although with lots of unsatisfied Empower Network members, lots of bad Empower Network reviews and loads of Empower Network complaints, Empower Network is most probably the only one site which has managed to survive from years (from 2010), but it does not prove its legitimacy at all. What we mean is those bad reviews are actually the true sides of this site. It’s for sure that many of its members are not satisfied with its over pricy business model as they cannot make good income from this one even after spending quite a lot (about $ 5000+ investment in total). Even the worst part is that they hide the truth that you have to invest additional amount to complete the training which is even not worth pursuing.


Straight point is why anyone pays that much money if the same things, in fact much better than those are available in much cheaper price? Meaning you don’t need to pay a lot to create and expand your own business over the time. And we get the point that Affiliate Marketers are always looking for less investment with high return because they know online affiliate business most probably be the right platform for that. That is why we always suggest everyone to work in genuine company like Wealthy Affiliate where you will not only earn from its Affiliate Program, but will also learn to earn by creating your own website within your own subject of interest and will also learn to earn from the big companies like eBay, Amazon, Google AdSense etc. You can find our detail  review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the link as below:-

Empower Network Reviews

Can you make money with the Empower Network?

Well, this is the real concern of all at the end of the day. We have found no real success stories of the clients from Empower Network except the owners of the company. Till date we have found only 3 Empower Network top earners, David Wood and David Sharpe, Tony & Jessica Rush and Shaqir Hussyin. Among these 3 team, David Wood and David Sharpe are the admins and owners of Empower Network and other two are those who are heavily promoting Empower Network. So, actually through Empower Network, you can’t be successful unless you can promote products of Empower Network in large scale for which you need lots of investment for advertisements as well as to buy their all products which will cost you $5000+ in total. After that also, it is still not guarantee you can make money out of it because the same strategy of marketing the Empower Network may not work for you as there are already lots of competition for doing so.


In fact, you are wasting your time and money in making other people rich, indeed millionaires. You need to buy all their products of about $5000+ (called “all in”) when you go through Empower Network which ultimately goes to your uplines and their uplines. You are their money making machine, so if you don’t buy their series of videos and audios, you will be evaded from your uplines simply because they cannot make money out of you. Actually the affiliate business work when you buy products and your upline/sponsor get commissions from it. That is actually not a bad thing. But the product which you purchase should work for you as well. It should not be only money making platform for your upline.



What is the Empower Network? – Empower Network Review

Empower Network is a Pyramid scheme in which you need to create your downlines/referrals like you have joined through your upline/sponsor, your upline earns from your purchase likewise you earn from your downlines. For that you have to work really hard to get people under you and you have no choice because you can’t make money until you do so. So, you can find lots of marketers promoting this lousy product pretending it to be the best one just to make you sign in through them to create downline and make money from you. The business modality is such that you have to promote Empower Network itself to other people and have to create a downline. So, one who get stuck with this product have no choice but to move further with its module as one has already invested a lot or quit it forgetting the money invested in it. But in both cases, you will lose. You won’t make much if you continue also because there is nothing to promote more than Empower Network products itself which are promoting by lots of its members already and it will be very hard for you to get into the competition with other members and get affiliates sign up under you which will buy Empower Networks products.


Ya, they will say that you will get a blog, a website hosting as a product of your investment through which you can promote anything you like. It is not necessarily you need to promote Empower Network. But all the lessons only teach you to promote Empower Network and on top of that the blog which you get from Empower Network is exact same blog that everyone else gets in which the website theme and template is only suitable for promoting Empower network. You will only have full control on the home page of your blog. The rest of the content is controlled by Empower Network. So, you will not have enough flexibility to use your website.  You will also have videos of Empower Network on your site which is not good for the promotion of anything else. If you start to promote other things through these sites, you won’t get any results because these blogs are not optimized in well manner for SEO and they all contain duplicate contents which is a huge SEO 101 blunder which can even blacklist your website from Google Search Page. So, Empower Network is completely Multi Level Marketing Platform where there is not any real products than promoting Empower Network itself.


So now think, is this be the kind of the product you want to work on?


There are much more better affiliate programs than Empower Network in which you can purchase and market the real products. You will have completely professional website and even you will get step by step guide to earn money from that website by creating your own content from your own subject of interest. You will be the full owner of your website and will have all access to your website. Among those kind of Affiliate Programs, Wealthy Affiliate is at No.1 position. You can find the detail review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-



Empower Network Support and Help is Irresponsible

There is not any support forum for you without a payment, and even with a payment, you won’t get a help from a proper coach or owners themselves or any other established Affiliate Marketers. You will only get a series of audios and videos which will tell you how to promote Empower Network. Moreover, you cannot find any community forum in Facebook or Youtube because it is completely banned in those.



Empower Network Info. Summary

We strongly recommend not purchasing any product from Empower Network if you really want to make online career as an Affiliate Marketer. Especially starters must stay away from this kind of product as they are the real targets. Once you get into this product, you cannot get into the other creative ideas which will ultimately ruin your career. The product which you purchase in Empower Network is a website in which you will not have your full ownership and control and will be only useful to promote Empower Network. Even the worst part is that you have to pay them to be getting paid. You have to buy their useless products first by yourself and then need to sell those useless products and series of upgrades to others to make money from it. Now aren’t these enough to avoid this site?


Well if you are making enough money from other products online or if you can take a risk upto $5000+ or if you are an expert Affiliate Marketer, then you can dig your nose into Empower Network by all means because at the end, you can make some money. Otherwise we suggest not to bother yourself.


If you are interested to learn real online affiliate marketing business in depth and want to find the best affiliate program online as per the market trend, Wealthy Affiliate is the most trustworthy platform which provides you huge opportunities to establish your own business online and grow with time. It will provide you detail tutorial on online affiliate marketing business and guarantee you for your awesome earnings with small investment. For more details, click this link:-



Comparison between WealthyAffiliate website with EmpowerNetwork website

1. Ownership of the website:-

The content you develop within your website at Wealthy Affiliate will be your own content. You will have full control to your website for lifetime at Wealthy Affiliate where as at Empower Network you will never own the content and all rights will be under Empower Network and you will lose all access to your website if you stop paying $25 per month.


2. The way of earning money from the system:-

In Wealthy Affiliate, you can build website in any subject of your interest, in your own niche. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you to build a successful business from your own subject of interest and earn very good income from it. You are not tied to promote Wealthy Affiliate. But in Empower Network, you don’t have any other option than promoting Empower Network. The only one way you can earn money from Empower Network is by purchasing crappy products of Empower Network and selling those products to others.


3. Optimization with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc:-

The website which you build in Wealthy Affiliate will be fully optimized with search engines and will work completely for any subject. Search Engines like Google will view the Wealthy Affiliate websites as their own domain. However, the website which you will buy from Empower Network will have limited access to the directory of your website and if some members of Empower network submitted bad quality content, that can have an impact to your website as well because Empower Network website directory is treated as a part of the main domain, Even lots of contents within Empower Network websites will be same as it is provided by Empower Network as a default due to which search engines like Google will downgrade or even completely blacklist your website under duplicate content issues. In short, Empower Network websites are completely bad websites to rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.


4. Templates and Add Ons features for your website:-

In Wealthy Affiliate, you can choose over 1400 templates due to which it will be very easy for you to make your website visually appealing as the way you like. However, in Empower Network, you will have only 1 template, means there is no options for any visual editing for your website. Wealthy Affiliate websites also allow you to choose over 10,000 “add ons” where as in Empower Network you can’t modify anything because everything is totally control by Empower Network.


5. Free website of Wealthy Affiliate Versus Paid website of Empower Network:-

Wealthy Affiliate also provide two free websites for free members and those free websites will also have access to everything and will be fully optimized for search engines. You can use those free websites of Wealthy Affiliate in the way you like to make website in any subject of your interest. However, you can’t get free website in Empower Network and even when you pay $25, you will get only one website where you can’t do anything than promoting Empower Network itself.


So, now it is completely upto you whether or not you want to join Empower Network. If you ask us – Is the Empower Network a Scam?, then we can’t say it is a scam because it is paying its members as per their terms of services. But, it is very hard to earn from Empower Network. More than 97% people have failed to earn from Empower Network. It will be more worse when there are more members and everyone is competing each other to get referrals under them within Empower Network due to which success rate will be decrease day by day. If you really want to established successful business online and earn good income from it, then we suggest you to join Wealthy Affiliate. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate and link to join it by clicking this link:-


It can make lots of difference in the world between success and failure. Hope you choose the right path.


Best of Luck!

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