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Is Facebook Cash Code a Scam? – NOI

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Facebook Cash Code Review, Is Facebook Cash Code a Scam?

Are you searching for Facebook Cash Code reviews in order to find out either Facebook Cash Code  is scam or legit? If so, then you are absolutely in right place. So, what do you think? Is Facebook Cash Code scam? Sorry to say, but yep it is. The reasons you can find in detail within our FacebookCashCode review as below. However, before begin with our FB Cash Code review, if you want to find out the list of “Good and Trusted Online Works” companies, then you can click this link:-


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OK now let’s begin with our FBCashCode review as below in order to find out why FB CashCode is scam.

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What is Facebook Cash Code and why do we think it is a scam?

Facebook Cash Code is a scam company because this company doesn’t provide any legit information like from where this business is operating, who is the owner of this company etc. Instead Facebook Cash Code makes us attract by claiming lots of false statements like we can earn up to $397 in a day and for that we don’t need any experiences to work, we can become millionaire within 60 days etc., which all are just big fat lies. On top of that we have found the Facebook Cash Code is from the same group who has site known as Explosive Payday which is already proven as a scam because lots of members had already lose money by joining that program by paying $29.99 and then at last earn nothing. Once you join the program, they will just let you join other programs by paying more money and you will keep on losing and never gonna make a dime for them.


There are lots of signs to prove Facebook Cash Code is a scam even before joining it such as when you landed in their website, they give you limited time discount offer, but if you again check next day, same offer will be valid, actually will be valid forever. It is just a tactic to let you join in their program quickly without thinking too much because if they tell you that they have limited space available and if you become late to join the program, then you can’t join it after, then you will be feel hurry to join their program due to which you will not do much more research on it. They have also provided lots of fake payment proofs. They have also used well known brand names such as CNN, BBC, Facebook etc to make it looks like those companies is promoting their website which is actually a big lie. None of those big brands are associate with them and the video of CNN news which they show in their website is not related with their website, but with other online work businesses.



Can we really earn money from Facebook Cash Code?

To register in Facebook Cash Code, first of all we need to provide our name and email and finally we can enter into their sales page where we need to pay $47. Actually they claim this program cost is $197 and currently giving discount offer @ $47, but this discount offer exists always within their sales page, it is just to attract the people so that they quickly register into the program, old scam techniques. 


After you join, you can find a video in their sales page and the videos claim that we can earn money at Home Club, means from another company, neither from Facebook or FBCashCode itself, so there is just another big lie. However, they claims that it is the short way to be rich and it sounds really crazy and in reality you can’t make even a dime by following those programs and you will end up just spending more.




Aforementioned, it is confirm that Facebook Cash Code is a scam company. So, we have listed it in our “Bad and Scam Online Works” section. It’s better to save your money rather than invest your money in these kind of scam company.


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